Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Iban Leader Join James Jemut Masing the Bacu (JJMB) and Jabu the Passenger and Balls Player (JP&BP) to Condemn Peninsular Based Party

Datuk Francis Harden who is also Assistant Land Development Minister yesterday condemned Peninsular Malaysia based party for competing in the coming Batang Ai by-election. Francis Harden who inherited the Simanggang Parliamentary seat from his father, the late Ex-YB Hollis Tini on SUPP ticket since 1996. Datuk Francis is a low profile Iban politician who seldom talk about the interest of the dayak. The reliable sources said that he is the proxy for SUPP. Yesterday, 22nd Feb 2009, when officiating at a River Cleaning Program for the three long houses under his constituency said :- “The people (Sarawakian) know that only Barisan Nasional can assure Development in the state and country” You and the other Iban crooks in the BN have reminded us and the long house heads enough on the politic of development. Well we all knew that after 35 years under BN rules , over 80% of the long houses in Sarawak are still without basic amenities. Is that what you and the other Iban politicians in BN mean by politic of development. In this posting I am not going to talk about development because the whole Malaysians (except for our poor and illiterate long house heads - as they have been brain-storm by you and the other Iban politicians in BN) know that we are far behind Peninsular Malaysia in term of development. Today I would like to talk about these three important issues that all the BN politicians are alfraid to talk or to share with their supportes in the longhouse as follows:- (1) He (Harden) and the rest of Iban leaders in BN are part of Tok Uban strategy to divide our strength. Just look at the composition of Iban MP and DUN in Sarawak . We count for 30% (8 of 28 seats) MP and 25% (16 of 62 seats)DUN members. Please check your history book and compare the number of constituencies between Iban and Malay ? How many percents different ? What have all the Iban politicians in BN done ? NOTHING. Because they are afraid of Tok Uban. (2) Iban are the highest number among the races in Sarawak that live in poverty line and hardcore poor. According to the data provided by Economic Planning Unit (EPU), the number of Iban living under poverty and hardcore poor household in year 2004 – 10,300 and 1900 respectively ( Poverty line –RM 765 & Hardcore Poor RM 482. What have the politice of development done. Please continue reading on where have all the monies gone to. (3) NCR Land Issues. BN Assemblymen for LA Nyallau said in Borneo Post that NCR should not be surveyed and given the land title (One of the stupid Iban leader in BN) . Did he know that the NCR land is remained a state land even though the code allowed the native to apply for the land title (Section 18(1) of the code ).Of course this will subjected to approval from Tok Uban. Another point that Harden need to explain to the long house heads is on the owner ship of “pemakai menua” and the “reserved virgin forests” within their “pemakai menua” locally referred to as “pulau” . Being the minister himself he should also explain to all the longhouse heads on the court case of Superintendent of Lands and Surveys Bintulu vs Nor ak Nyawai & others [2005] 3 CLJ 555 . How many more NCR land will be affected by this ruling? What have you and the othe dayak leaders done to protect the NCR ? Become an agent for Tok Uban just like what Nyallau told the voters in LA the other day . Continue reading and continue reading here.. YB Datuk Francis Harden , late is better than never and it is still not too late for all of us to change. Like you, majority of Iban members in PKR were a strong supporter of BN in the past. But we changed after realizing that BN is not sincere in helping our people, it is in the nick of time that we , the Iban should follow a correct path by joining PKR.
There are tons of reason why Iban should no longer throw our support to BN. BN is no longer a right platform for us to protect our rights. As for the issue of Peninsular Malaysia party coming to Sarawak, please do not use this point anymore. But if the three of you (the 3 stooges) insist to use the point, first of all Remind your colleague from UMNO to GET OUT from Sabah, otherwise the three of you better KEEP YOUR STINKY MOUTHS SHUT! Mupok Aku “Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban”
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