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Reasonn For Ridhuan Tee Abdullah Attacks His Own Race

Ridhuan Tee Abdullah - The Malaysian Chinese Traitor!

What I Know About This Chinese Converted

I am not his fan but I choose to write about him in Bukit Tunggal today because I want to expose who this man really is.

I started to know about this ethnic Chinese muslim converted about 15 to 20 years ago when he hosted the islamic program aired on RTM .After a while his name disappeared but resurfaced again in mid-90s when he was invited to host a religious forum organised by 9th Brigade in Sibu. At that time I was still serving in the Armed Forces and   when my brain was still under BN-UMNO brainwashed.

And in 2009 his name appeared again but this time as a guest writer  with the most  racist newspaper in Malaysia,  the Utusan Malaysia. When he appeared on RTM and later as a freelance religious speaker he normally talk about religious matter. But with  Utusan Malaysia he became an agent for UMNO to discredit  the Chinese . He condemns the Malaysian Chinese, especially those who are in the opposition mostly the members of  the DAP party or what he describes as the  ultra kiasu 

Who is He According to his Blog.

According top his blog, Dr. Mohd Ridhuan Tee Abdullah is a  Senior Lecturer at National Defence University Malaysia cum Secretary General of Islamic Chamber of Commerce Malaysia. But no matter what he describe about himself, but  for me he is more fit to be called the traitor to the Malaysian Chinese, just like in Sarawak we have Alfred (Afraid) Jabu Numpang as the main traitor to the dayak!

His Thoughts

Some of his thought that condemned the Chinese and the other faiths in Malaysia such as Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism are :-

  1. Utusan Malaysia Labeled as Racist By Opposition Parties. He defends Utusan Malaysia by accusing the ultra kiasu party and its group as not only evil, but have an evil intention by not accepting the social contract and rejecting the federal constitution and also challenging sensitive matters that have long been agreed upon. He further added that the partners of the ultra kiasu party do not dare to speak directly for fear of loss of support. 
  2. His Attacks On Opposition Politicians. He condemns Teoh Beng Hock (Suspected murdered while still under the custody of MACC) for staying with his fiancé without proper marriage. He also condemns Pkatan Rakyat for still Retaining executive council (exco) known for their evil deeds ( refer to YB Elizabeth Wong whose nude photos were circulated in the internet.
  3. UMNO Labels as RacistHe condemns the opposition for raising   the sensitive issues such as the  demand of equal rights and opportunities for all Malaysians. He further tells the opposition that the sedition act can be used against them.In defending his thought , he argues that  the special privilege given to the Malay   was a social contract that has been agreed upon by the Malay, Chinese and Indian past leaders.
  4. In Defending Islam Privileges Compares to Other Religions in Malaysia. He points that  Islam is the religion of the majority community of the  country and has a very special position in the constitution.The advantage in Islam according to him is not discrimination because as the majority Malay Muslims, they have the rights, which includes using government funds to develop the growth of Islam. 
Bukit Tunggal Opinion

I regret to say, he was preaching something totally out of his area of expertise. Worse still, he was doing it in the wrong place, wrong time and in front of the much wiser audience...George Lee
If one follows what has been written by this Malaysian Chinese traitor, his thinking has been brainwashed by UMNO, and most of its only confines to what happening in Peninsular Malaysia. His ideas never consider Sabah and Sarawak. But I don't blame him because his doctorate is not specialised in Malaysian History.
Talking about the position of Islam in these two states, I would like to tell this Malaysian Chinese Traitor that muslim is not the majority here, and under the 20 point and 18 point agreement , Islam is not the official religion in these two states.

What Motivates Him

When I was still in the armed forces last time, one of the merit system for the non-muslim officers was their conversion to Islam. Throughout my service as a commissioned army officers, I knew two officers that promoted to the rank of Lt Colonel without attending the Staff College. Those two Iban officers converted to Islam prior to their promotions!
As for this Ridhuan Thee Abdullah..he will stops writing bad about his own race after he has no longer  working at National Defence University. Belive me, he is writing for his own SURVIVAL.

Mupok aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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