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Iban Dayak Under the Reign of White Haired Rajah Of Sarawak

Sarawak was ruled by Brooke family or White Rajah of Sarawak from 1841 until 1946. Under James Brooke the dayak or the natives were treated fairly and the most importantly our most value asset, our NCR lands were recognised and respected by the White Rajah.
But under Taib Mahmud or the White Haired Rajah of Sarawak,  who has been reigning Sarawak since year 1981 (According to Malaysia  Book of Record, he is the longest serving Chief Minister in Malaysia.WOW!) the dayak/native has been badly marginalised and their NCR lands robbed.
Taib Mahmud the last White haired Rajah of Sarawak,  is a Melanau, one of the minority native of Sarawak. Coming from the minority, his capability  in marginalisd the dayak the majority and the most successful native in sarawak during head hunter period, is a successed  story that cannot be treated lightly by the dayak. Looking at the strategies  of  the White haired Rajah, lately he has been preparing himself to control Sarawak economy before stepping down. This can be seen clearly at PBB decision to retain him for another three years to lead PBB. But Afraid Jabu is still sleeping and afraid to claim what is his (Remember Ming Court Crisis ? White haired Rajah promised to handover the Chief Minister post to the most senior deputy should he step down ).
PM najib must visit the longhouses. All this while Federal government has been decieved by White haired Rajah with the biggest DUN Building but people in the longhouses are living without road, electricity and clean water
If one read any article on Sarawak developments, with the biggest State Assembly building in Malaysia, the biggest and the most number of hidro-electric dam in Malaysia, one may think that Sarawak is one of the most developed state in Malaysia. But despite all these facts , Sarawak in reality is one of the poorest state in Malaysia, with more people living under poverty, more people live without the access road, electricity and cleaned water in Malaysia.

Kampong Empaling -Under P202 and N25 Without Proper Road, Electricity and Clean Water  ( BN Politic Of Development)
Kampong Empaling

Today I am going to write about Kampong Empaling, one of the longhouse located in Pantu, Sri Aman.
Geographically, Kampong Empaling is located at upper Pantu, and politically it is under P202 Sri Aman and N25 Balai Ringin. Their MP and Assemblyman are YB Masir Kujat and YB Snowdan Lawan respectively.
There are about 35 families living in Kampong Empaling, and they are led by TR Ngulu, who has been their headman for more than 15 years.

Their Plights

Let the World See What BN Politic of Development Really Is

People of Sarawak believe that , if you vote and support Barisan Nasional, many development will come to your longhouse. But unfortunately for the people of Kampong Empaling, even though they have been supporting and voted for Barisan Nasional,  but the development like proper access road, electricity and cleaned water still far from reaching their longhouse. They really hope that government provides them with the basic amenities like proper road, electricity, cleaned water and the communication like telephone and internet!.

TR Ngulu - YB Snowdan and YB Masir Kujat Please listen to our Plights

When talking about the proper access road, TR Ngulu said :-
“We hope the BN politicians that we throw our support to; will help us by providing gravel for our road. We want them to fulfill their promises, especially Tan Sri Jabu and YB Snowdan who had pledged to repair our and give gravel for our road”.

Encik Dunggat Pengabang (JKKK)- Pelita must explain to people on the Progress of the JV

The fails JV With Tetangga Akrab has caused them all their rubber trees. James Masing must comes forward and explain to people that affected by the JV.
In term of the NCR Land issues, according to one of the JKKK met by Bukittunggal, in 2004-2005 without proper explanation, the people of Kampong Empaling were forced to sign a JV agreement with Tetangga Akrab Pelita (Pantu) Sdn Bhd . The JV was to develop their NCR lands, the land that they inherited from their forefathers. The report made in the Edge on 2nd December 2009, the plantation had been in the red for the past three financial years ended June 30, with 2007, 2008 and 2009 losses amounting to RM119,000, RM1.32 million and RM2.6 million, respectively really made them worry.
They hope that the two BN YBs that represent them will help them to get back their lands. But according to one of the participant in the JV , the two YBs have never been visiting them. He further added that the BN politicians will normally visits them or thir longhouse when the election is near.

To another plight, TR Ngulu said:

“Our longhouse is already old,  and with the failed oil palm project, it is impossible for us to build the new longhouse without government help. In July 2007, we had submitted the Long house loan application to Perbadanan Pembangunan Perumahan (Housing Development Cooperation), but until now we have not received any feedback from the cooperation. We hope that the government, especially our Prime Minister will look into our problem and approve our application immediately”.

What alternative do they have

After 46 years under BN, the people of Kampong Empaling must now realize that they have been neglected and marginalized by Barisan Nasional politicians. Forty six years is a long time. If the BN really sincere to develop the Iban, by now kampong Empaling should already has all the basic amenities. But BN is not sincere and always find excuses for not to bring development to the longhouses.
Sarawak is a democratic state where the government of the day is selected through a democratic process. If BN government still do not listen to the above plights, the people of kampong Empaling must consider seriously whether to vote them in or to vote them out in the coming election.

Mupok Aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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4 comments to “ Iban Dayak Under the Reign of White Haired Rajah Of Sarawak ”
Anonymous said...

I have read your articles and I believe and know for a fact that this is just another examples of how BN has marginalised the Ibans.

The most important thing that we must do now is to know the causes and do something about it.

Iban ari London, UK

Anonymous said...

Bila lagi Dayak nak ambil alih Sarawak yang majoritinya orang Dayak?????

Anonymous said...

Habis lah kitak orang di sri aman, laban Masir kujat Dah menang serta sesuka hati ya mengunakan kuasa BN ngau akan bermaha Raja lela di Sri aman ngau makai duit Wang Kerajaan serta rakyat Sri aman Mayuh Mayuh secepat ya mungkin akan lari ke menua Australia untuk business ngau masa hadapan keluarga ya. Akai indai, rakyat Sri aman udah pilih salah Orang di undi, Sri aman akan mundur habis habis ngau serta akan nadai bisik pemaju sekali pun akan datai. Abah AK Taik Ugi pun sama makai duit free atau nipu rakyat ngau serta master mind, laban utai nya nang sigik amat nadai bulak.

Anonymous said...

U bangsa Laut kah??

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