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Sarawak Cabinet Reshuffle To Lure Iban and Bidayuh Voters

Sunday, 9th November 2009

Cabinet Reshuffle Nov 2009- To lure Iban and Bidayuh Voters!

Accompanied by his two deputies Jabu and George Chan, Sarawak Chief Minister Pehin Seri Abdul Taib Mahmud announced his cabinet reshuffle.
The reshuffle saw changed portfolios for some ministers while six new faces were appointed as Assistant Ministers. The new cabinet line-up will take effect on December 2009, and the sworn in of the new appointees will be made at a later date, according to the reliable source.

Switching Portfolios

Deputy Chief Alfred Jabu has been given his old Ministry of Modernisation of Agriculture (MOMA) as well as retaining his Ministry of Rural Development. Jabu’s Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Communication has been given to Michael Manyin who was then the Minister of Urban Development and Tourism.
Deputy Chief Minister George Chan is now the Minister of Tourism and Heritage as well as the post of Minister of Industrial Development. Abang Zohari is now the Minister of Housing and Urban Development.

The new faces

The new faces are 3 from PBB, 2 from PRS and 1 from SPDP. There was none from SUPP. These new faces are :-

Abdul Wahab Aziz - Assistant Minister of Rural Development and Assistant Minister of Housing and Urban Development

John Sikie Tayai -Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department and Assistant Minister of Rural District Council;

Mong Dagang -Assistant Minister of Agriculture (Research and Co-ordination) and Assistant Minister of Tourism.

Datuk Peter Nansian Ngusie -Assistant Minister of Environment

Dr Stephen Rundi Utom  -Assistant Minister of Public Health and Assistant Minister of Public Utilities

Datuk Talib Zulpilip -Assistant Minister of Tourism

The Clash of the PRS in P202-Mong Appointment Better Late Than Never!

YB Mong Dagang appointment as Assistant Minister will cause further split in PRS between James Masing and Donald Lawan groups. According to the political scenario in N202, there are two groups in PRS. One group is aligned to Alfred Jabu/Donald Lawan while another group is  aligned to PRS President James Masing. The group that aligned to Alfred Jabu/Donald Lawan which is more powerful than JJM group, preferred with Snowdan Lawan to be appointed as an Assistant Minister, to fill-up the post that had  vacant since the demised of late Dublin Unting. But James Masing prefer Mong Dagang. With Mong appointment it seem that JJM group had won over Donald Lawan/Jabu Group. Or could it be that Mong appointment as an Assistant Minister was just to enable him to recieve the Asst Minister pension because he will not be elected as the PRS candidate for Bukit Bangunan in the coming state election ..

None From SUPP being appointed

Eventhought state BN still owed SUPP ministerial posts but none was appointed for the post yesterday. Many believed it was due to SUPP poor performance during the previous GE in 2008, and also due to the current crisis in SUPP.
But to a question, Taib said he did not appoint any assemblymen from Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) as assistant ministers due to insufficient representation from the party.
“If I appoint two, all or 100 per cent will be in the government. If I do that, PBB will ask for 10,” he said.
SUPP lost two assistant minister seats when Datuk Sim Kheng Hui and Datuk Alfred Yap lost in the 2006 state election.

Why Taib Mahmud still retained Larry Sng?

When asked on Larry Sng, a partyless assemblymen inclusion in the new cabinet, Taib Mahmud said :-
“We don’t have enough young Chinese ministers. I allow him to work for a couple of years and let him make up his mindon how he likes to play his role as a young Chinese leader (Assistant Minister)”
But many believed the main reason why Taib still retained Larry Sng was mainly due to the later relationship with Ting Pek Khiing.
No matter what the reason of the cabinet reshuffle as said by Taib Mahmud, but majority of the people in Sarawak believed the reshuffle was meant to lure Iban and Bidayuh voters in preparation for the coming state election.

Mupok aku

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