Tuesday, November 10, 2009

NCR Land Robbery At Kampong Gua Sri Aman

Monday, 9th Nov 2009

Despite the document that they have, they Still failed to stop company from robbing their NCR Land.

Despite sufficient documents that support their claim over their NCR land, but until now their plight had not been responded to.
According to Lebi Impin, his land located at Kg Gua at the vacinity of KM36 Sri-Aman-Kuching Road had been cleared for oil palm plantation by the JV company since year 2001.
They have made several complaints to Land Survey Department and even to the Chief Minister but until now no concrete action has been taken by the authority.
Lebi said before the land was cleared for oil palm plantation it has been planted with rubber trees and other crops.
Lebi further said that he will take legal action against the company soon.

Iban Ministers and Assemblymen of Taib Cabinet Failed To Protect Our NCR

Despite the fact that Iban has enough Ministers and Assemblymen in sarawak cabinet but so far they failed to protect the NCR Land. In the past many NCR land encroachment occurred in this area but so far none of the Iban ministers and assemblymen ever came forward and took appropriate action to protect Iban most valuable belonging the NCR land.

Iban Should Forget BN and Join Keadilan

With current situation whereby Iban representative in BN failed to protect  our NCR land there's no reason why we should still hang-on to BN. The only hope that we have now is in PKR, therefore I would like to urge all Iban to abandon BN and Join PKR......

Mupok aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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