Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Land Seminar By Naroden Is a Planned Strategy to Rob Dayak Of their NCR Land

Tactical Planning By Naroden and Taib Cronies in Robbing the NCR Land

Yang Berhormat Naroden Majais, the Simunjan State assemblyman  has suggested that mini seminars or dialogues on land need to be organised in all constituencies in Sarawak. According to him the purpose of the seminar is so that people can have better understanding of the state land code and policies.
Naroden who is also known as the "Simunjan King of oil palm", who owing more than 48,000 acres of land including NCR land of oil palm in Simunjan area.In March 2009, DD Plantations and Pelita Holdings Sdn. Bhd. has signed the agreement  with 46 longhouse chiefs to develop their NCR land but failed to persuade six longhouses in the Kpg. Samalatong/Kepayang area  to join the JV as they prefered the JV with SALCRA.
Speaking at the Sarawak Land Seminar for southern zone in Kuching yesterday, 27 Oct 2009, Naroden claimed that many village headmen, longhouses chief and politicians lacked understanding of the land policies and NCR.
This is the strategy by Taib cronies and Malay/Melanau to rob Iban/dayak of their NCR lands. The JV so far has been very successfully  in disempower the natives by taking away their basic asset - land - in order to reduce them to a situation where they would be forever depending on them. One day , if effort is not made to stop Taib and his cornies from taking their NCR land, one day the Iban/dayak will lave as a landless ctizen on it own motherland.
Being the new generation of Iban/Dayak, I urge everyone to come forward to fight under PKR flagship. If we fail in PKR, let's fight in what we are known for...Let's Ngayau....!

Mupok aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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