Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Best Way For Daniel and Marina to get their Bumiputera status is to Convert to Islam

Saturday, 31 October 2009 04:16

Sorry Daniel...Semi-native is not bumiputera!

KUCHING – Another family in the same boat as Marina Undau has spoken up about the plight of mixed parentage students.
Ding Juh said his son - Daniel Ibau - was a Science stream student and had scored 10As and 1B in the SPM examination last year. But he failed to get into the Labuan Matriculation College despite being “one of the top students of SMK Wira Penrissen in Kota Samarahan.”

“Out of nine applications from the school, only my son’s was rejected,” said Ding Juh.
Ding Juh said he had appealed to the Education Ministry in the hope it would reconsider its decision.

Plea for all in same boat

The father of three said he was worried for the future of his offspring who are facing big hurdles in gaining access to higher education as a result of being “locked out” of bumiputra membership.
“We are not rich and can’t afford to send our children to private colleges.
“My plea is not just for my son, but also for the others who are in the same situation as he is. We are Malaysians. How can the government talk about achieving unity when we have to go through obstacles to provide education for our kids?
Ding Juh and his son spoke to Malaysian Mirror on Friday after Marina’s case was highlighted in the news portal. The story originally appeared in Borneo Post.

Point of reference

Earlier this week, schoolgirl Marina Undau who has an Iban father and a Chinese mother was informed by the education department that she could not be admitted to a matriculation course because she was not a bumiputra.
Both Marina and Daniel are struggling against the full weight of the Federal Constitution, which spells out the state of affairs for Sarawakians: “If the father and mother is a native of Sarawak as defined under Article 161A(6)(b) of the Federal Constitution, the child is considered a bumiputra.”

In other words, both parents must be natives to qualify.

Daniel understands the Constitution’s viewpoint.
But he wonders why he could still continue to buy the Amanah Saham Bumiputra if he was not a bumiputra.
Could it be that a Kayan is a bumiputra in one set of circumstances but a non-bumiputra in another? Mr Spock of Star Trek fame would see this as “illogical.”
Such hazy interpretation and execution of the laws has naturally led to a section of the citizenry feeling shortchanged and a gnawing sense that the authorities are toying with their future.

Sorry, no go

Daniel’s application to UiTM to pursue a civil engineering diploma course is still up in the air as the institution has yet to reply.

Like Marina, Daniel sees his only recourse now to minimise costs is to proceed with Form Six and eventually hit the university trail two years later.
“As the eldest, I feel it is my responsibility to pave the way and set a good example for my siblings,” said the SMK Tapang Sixth-Former.
“I will do my best in any way I can and wherever I might get the chance to pursue my studies in the near future.”
Daniel said it had been an ordeal for his family in trying to get him recognised as a bumiputra so that he could reap the benefits from it.

The effort has so far been in vain.

“We have tried everything from lengthy e-mails, facsimiles and calling the ministry repeatedly but to no avail. After a month, the only answer we got was ‘Sorry, your application is not approved.’”


In order to get the bumiputera status, both of the pupils must convert to Islam. This is the reality of Najib's 1Malaysia Slogan!
Therefore Sarawakian...throw your Vote to BN/Najib and I am not surprised that Native will not be considered as bumiputera unless you are muslim....1MALAYSIA

Mupok aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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