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12 Most Evil Persons In Malaysia- A Survey By SeaChange Malaysia

From Srawak Talk.

Who are the most evil and corrupt men and women in Malaysia? Here is a listing of the Dirty Dozen. Besides the top dog, the list includes his dark knights, from the Attorney-General to the Chief Justice, judges, the head of ACA, the Election Commission chief and inspector-general of the police force.

1. Mahathir Mohamed

The Father of Corruption/Usurper of Democracy

He had practically destroyed all the institutions of democracy in Malaysia. Corruption and cronyism flourished under his rule to an extent never before seen. Like a leader who corrupted all those under him, most of the people holding high office in the country were corrupt and beholden to him. Slowly but surely Mahathir's rule of corruption, cronyism and public-milking privatization had lowered the standard of living in Malaysia and making life harder for the ordinary citizen who would have to pay the ever increasing corruption tax. He is undoubtedly number one in our countdown as the most despicable man in Malaysia even though he has retired.

2. Daim Zainuddin

A rapacious robber baron whose greed is boundless.

His low profile belied the immense power he wielded in his hands as the former finance minister under Mahathir and he had used his power to amass fabulous wealth. A brazen attempt to force merge the country's banks to increase his share of banking assets to dangerous levels was aborted only because Umno needed Chinese votes to win the elections. However, billions of ringgit in frozen Clob shares fell prey to his greed when badly treated foreign investors had to pay him a cut to get their shares released. His economic plunder helped to keep the Mahathir regime in power and fueled the money politics that the party machinery was running on.

3. Mohtar Abdullah

A legal thug best describes this totally repulsive man.

For sheer gusto in carrying out Mahathir's nefarious designs, Mohtar Abdullah had no equal. He turned the office of the A-G into a dictator's tool of oppression to drag to court perceived political critics and enemies. With the Chief Justice to select the proper judge to hear the case, he just couldn`t lose. Lim Guan Eng felt the brunt of his legal thuggery for merely criticizing his non-action over the statutory rape of a schoolgirl by powerful politician Rahim Thamby Chik. This evil man was not above fabricating evidence to secure convictions when real evidence was hard to come by in cases where innocent people were dragged to court. He has since died. Will his soul rest in peace?

4. Eusoff Chin

He sat on the bench to ensure its subservience to Mahathir

When the country's Chief Justice is corrupt what can you expect of the judicial system? Eusoff Chin had been photographed holidaying in New Zealand with highly successful lawyer V.K. Lingam who had never lost a case in Eusoff Chin's court. Eusoff' was used by Mahathir to select suitable judges to hear important cases and to lean on judges to deliver the 'correct' judgement. Any judge whose judgement displeased Eusoff was bound to find himself packing for a posting in a backwater place and his career immediately stunted. Under this shady perverter of justice, the judiciary had won a smelly reputation locally and abroad as being thoroughly compliant to the executive.

5. Kadir Jasin

His newspapers were the propaganda machine of the ruling party

As Group Managing Director of the New Straits Times Press and running dog of Mahathir, his role in corrupting minds was far-reaching indeed. This sycophantic editor who once called for foreign journalists to be arrested under ISA for reporting the truth tried to mould public opinion by hiding the excesses of the ruling party and heaping undeserved praise on corrupt leaders to keep them in power. The strategies used included biased opinion pieces, omission of all negative reporting of the establishment, public airing of unsubstantiated allegations against political opponents without right of reply, sycophantic adulation of the prime minister, reporting only the negative points of the opposition and playing them up, outright lying and filtering foreign viewpoints for the favourable comments only.

6. Augustine Paul

A monster judge rode roughshod over all principles of jurisprudence to convict Anwar.

Augustine Paul was handpicked to do a specific dirty job, that is to find Anwar Ibrahim guilty of some fanciful trumped-up charges. Anxious not to disappoint his political masters on his first important assignment, he proceeded to trample truth and justice in his courtroom in the crudest possible manner. He ran a banal kangaroo court which was so blatantly biased that it will forever shame the nation in the eyes of the world. The way that Paul bulldozed the flimsy prosecution's case through while suppressing material evidence from being aired speaks of a pure unadulterated evil. He held the future of the nation in his hands but he chose to sell his soul to the devil for a pittance. What a wrethched man!

7. Omar Mohammad

With a corrupt man at the helm, the last bastion of democracy fell to Mahathir

He was the Chairman of the Election Commission which is tasked with the job of conducting the general election every 5 years. When all checks and balances have been removed in the administration of the nation by a corrupt and abusive government, the general election is the last bastion of democracy and the final check and balance to a power hungry dictator.
This is in theory but the sad reality is that even the Election Commission had been corrupted by Mahathir. The 1999 election was anything but free and fair. A massive 650,000 newly registered voters who were generally perceived as critical of the government were not allowed to vote on the shaky premise that it took the EC a mind boggling nine months to register them. The EC also failed to correct the stirring of racial and religious fears by Barisan Nasional politicians to garner votes. It was simply subservient to Mahathir.

8. Ahmad Zaki Husin

An agency to flush out corruption or to clean the corrupt?

Ahmad Zaki was the Director-General of the Anti-Corruption Agency. Under Mahathir this body had become severely degraded and impotent in the eyes of the public as a blindfolded toothless tiger when going after the big fish was concerned. The ACA then and to date has frequently been abused as a weapon to investigate and pull down political opponents apart from not initiating cases of corruption in high places.
The ACA's most celebrated failure was its inability to conclude investigations into the Perwaja Steel case and bring charges against Tan Sri Eric Chia who lost frightening billions of rinngit for the steel giant under suspicious circumstances. This is despite a devastating auditor's report which detailed fraudulent financial transactions with dummy companies. It also sank into a listless stupor over Anwar's four police reports with documented evidence against political bigwigs. On the other hand, the ACA suddenly sprang to life over Datuk Murad's unsubstantiated allegations of billions in Anwar's 'master accounts' although it had managed to dig up nothing.
The ordinary citizen pays the price of big time corruption in higher prices of utilities and goods and the wastage of public funds.

9. Ling Liong Sik

He is the epitome of a village headman bought over with money and whisky to keep the natives in line. Simply a disgrace to the Chinese community.

This political hack and lackey was only interested in maintaining the status quo while he went about the serious business of gathering wealth. And what an embarrassment of riches it has been with his son coming from nowhere to be an instant multi-millionaire at the age of 27. On issues affecting the Chinese, you will not find this timorous leader speaking out whether it was the Nipah virus devastating the pig industry, non-acceptance of Chinese High School Certificates or criticism of too many Chinese movies in Astro. In fact, he was ready and willing to accept erosion in Chinese rights to maintain his personal position. A fine example being his declaration that TAR college would not be upgraded to university status. It must be a bitter irony to the Chinese that this bogus leader who claims to represent them was always elected from a Malay dominated electorate. Subsequent leaders too within the MCA have always stood in rural majority Malay heartland constituencies riding on the BN banner and yet unashamedly claim to represent the Chinese. What a farce!

10. Samy Vellu

Architect of the MAIKA Telecom shares scandal,
 Samy Vellu proves that corruption pays in Malaysia, so does crime.

After 28 years of Samy Vellu at the helm of the MIC, Indians continued to remain economically backward and left behind in Malaysia's economic growth. Trapped in a vicious cycle of poverty, they have no financial, commercial or industrialized structure, marginalised in every economic field and in danger of becoming an underclass. His shinning achievement was the extension of Kamunting Berhad's concession to collect toll at Jalan Kuching despite expiry of the concessionery period and the company having recouped many times its original investment. And let's not forget Samy Vellu's role in hijacking MAIKA's Telecom shares to three unknown companies controlled by his proxy in 1990 thus depriving the agency entrusted with uplifting the economic well being of the Indians of an estimated RM70 million in profits.

11. Rahim Noor

The Chief of Police turned out to be a lawless thug but he beat one prisoner too many

Rahim Noor was the Inspector-General of Police serving Mahathir faithfully by misusing the police force until he was forced to resign after beating up former deputy prime minister, Anwar Ibrahim, in prison. After shaming the police force and the nation he did not resign until his repulsive action was about to be exposed by a Royal Commission of Inquiry. Under him the police were high handed and oppressive, sometimes summarily executing criminals and beating up people in detention to the point of death. The Special Branch was in charge of fabricating evidence from the dungeons of their confession factory with Muslim intellectual Munawar Anees as their most famous guest. Throughout Munawar's affidavit we were given a horrifying glimpse of torture Malaysian style.

12. Ummi Hafilda Ali

She plays a virgin in the light but needs no urging in the night

Disowned by her family and revealed as a scheming, manipulative, evil woman, she was the ideal person to
be used by corrupt politicians in their conspiracy to destroy Anwar. Totally without conscience, she was a cesspool of immorality which made her the darling of like-minded Umno politicians. She is nothing more than a modern day Delilah.
So here we have a rogue's gallery of the worse that Malaysia can produce. Working in co-operation with each other under the tyrant, they ensured that Mahathir, his family and his cronies continued the feast of corruption, cronyism and nepotism at the expense of ordinary Malaysians. 'He who conceals his sins does not prosper, but whoever confesses and renounces them finds mercy.' Proverbs 28:13.

Next episode I am going to include the 10 most evil people in Sarawak. So keep tune for my next posting.

Mupok aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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Anonymous said...

Spot on!...Bravo, these are the evils in the guise of national saviours indeed they are the most evil corrupters ever have their sins written in the book of Bolehland! The no. 2 ranking in this post is still the most cursed and condemned corrupter who played the role of money bag boy for the most hypocritical dictator, and who has caused the rakyat grave grievances till date!

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