Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bau Police Station "Forbidden City"-Another PKFZ Scandal By Barisan Nasional Government

12th January 2009. Bau Police Station was worst hit by flood on 12 January 2009. The police station was flooded because of the corruption practice by BN representative in selecting the site and also due to poor planning (incompetent) of government servants involved in the project.
Saturday, 5th September 2009.
On my way back from Serikin this afternoon, I saw the contruction of the retaining wall for Bau Police station flood mitigation project was still in progress.Out of coriousity I went to the construction site to see the construction work . Being the train Safety Officer myself, going into the construction site without wearing a proper PPE and without escort is a serious safety violation and if caught can be excluded from the area immediately but for the sake of tax payers monies, I took a risk. Upon reaching the conntruction site, I parked my poor Kembara by the roadside. Equipped with my Sony Ericsson digital camera, I managed to take few photographs of the construction work without any problem.
The level of the road to the police station is being raised to avoid flood -Poor Planning and corruption practice by BN Politician
Is this Pehin Taib 13th Dam?
Since its completion, the new Bau Police Distric has been hit by flood for so many times. Many believed the problem was due to the corrupt practices by the Barisan Nasional politician for choosing the wrong site, and secondly due to the incompetent government officers that involved in the project.

The first of its kind in the world!

Because of a corrupted politician and the incompetent government officer, the government has to spent RM 34 million of the tax payers monies (eventhough it was estimated earlier at RM 31.9 million).
Once completed, the RM 34 million retaining wall that sorrounding Bau police station will becoming the only police station that is guarded by more than 12 feet height concrete wall in the world. Thus will make Bau Police Station as the “ Forbidden City" of Malaysia .
This is not Bakun nor Taib 13th Dam!
Gigantic Flood Mitigation Wall..this was where our monies gone to!
To cover-up Barisan Nasional blunder,Douglas Ugah, the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, told the reporters when visited the project yesterday said :
“This project is costing RM34 million and is expected to be completed by end of November. I am very pleased with the project that went ahead of schedule proving that Bumiputera contractors are capable of doing a very good job. This project would be able to protect Bau town from flash flood at highest rate of rainfall in 100 years – 300 milimeter” .
Bukit Tunggal would like to Congratulate all the Barisan Nasional Politician for their brilliance in siphoning off the tax payers monies...just like their mentor Tok Uban. Let’s wait for the MACC to investigate this yet another BN blunders in Sarawak.
Mupok aku
Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

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