Monday, August 24, 2009

UMNO Will Lose Permatang Pasir With Bigger Margin Because Of The Wrong Candidate They Put!

A big relief came for me last weekend after completing my long overdue Project paper. So last Saturday, at about 1000am my wife and I went for breakfast at one of the popular coffee shop in 7th Mile town (or known as Pasar Batu Tujuh by the local). Well that morning after finishing my breakfast I went to the gent to wash my hand. From a distance the toilet looks clean and cozy (Malaysian standard) but the moment I reached the toilet I was so pissed off. I saw a toilet cleaning brush was placed on the sink.. really out of place.
"Placing a toilet brush on a sink is just like UMNO putting Rohaizat as their candidate in Permatang Pasir....Both are out of the place"
But today I am not going to write about this subject in Bukit Tunggal. But that awkward looking reminding me on what happen in Permatang Pasir by-election. The biggest party (and also the most racist party) in Malaysian like UMNO can rely on someone with such a low moral like Rohaizat to represent it in Permatang Pasir to fight a much popular PAKATAN RAKYAT candidate? It is a suicidal moved by UMNO. But for what reason? And I personally would like to salute PAS election Committee for brave enough to expose Rohaizat scandals. As expected UMNO is accusing PAS of using dirty politic..F*CK THEM OFF and EXPOSE IT ALLS! They have played the most dirties politic on this entire globe. Look at what happened in Perak, Selangor and the latest one in KEDAH? They used their dogs to frightened Pakatan leaders?
"PAS made a great decision for exposing Rohaizat low moral and scandals. Being a leader one must not be burden with scandal". All knew that Najib was full of burdeens when he took over from Tun Abdullah..BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..No more scanadal leaders!
To all the voters in Permatang Pasir, election only comes once in 5 years. Your decision tomorrow will determine whether you’ll be represented by a low moral leader like Rohaizat or a leader without any burden on his back as demonstrated by PAS candidate. On behalf of all the “Chawat” mentality Ibans in Sarawak, I would like to WISH Hj Hadi and PAS candidate a best Wishes and Good Luck. Mupok aku

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