Monday, August 10, 2009

Najib and Mahyuddin Leadership is a Leadership Of DOOM

PM Najib and Mahyuddin is only good partner that will bring disaster to this nation. PM Najib 1Malaysia concept is just a  Slogan. Since took over power from Abdullah Bodohwi about four months ago, he failed to boost the confidence of the population.
Where as Mahyuddin, he is only fit to become a Malay leader but not to the multi racial nation like Malaysia. His action lately is seen as instigating the feeling of hatred amongst the Malay toward other races such as Chinese and Indians.
In summary, Najib and UMNO leadership in Malaysia ;

Najib and UMNO cannot work for Malaysians or Malaysia

During the British occupation of Malaya, we had oppressive laws created by our colonial masters not only as a check against communism but also Malaysians generally.When you are a colony, laws protecting citizens are unimportant-laws protecting the colonial masters are important.
After the so called great Independence and Merdeka, we have the same people who purportedly bravely fought against the British sitting ruling Malaysians.Now common sense would suggest that they would start having open transparents newspapers, strong laws enforcing the Rule Of Law, stringent laws for corruption, good Police, anti-corruption, excellent civil service,good schools, universities etc etc-to Malaysian utter dismay-we have now

(a) UMNO who runs and calls all the shots for the past 50 odd years without any public participation.It has created Malaysia which is neither a" functioning democracy" or a "functioning dictatorship" but a tottering state structure controlled and exploited by parasites".UMNO is filled with zoombies type politicians who are sucking the blood of hardworking enterprenuers who are usually of Chinese origin who pay them for licenses and they happily in reurn are entertaine with "dancing girls and cash".
(b) Besides (a) above-UMNO is a RACIST ORGANISATION. It spares no abuse on Chinese and Indians who are citizens of this country.It threatens other races, plots and schemes how it can underdevelop the Chinese and Malay population.This is the direct result of the creation of the NEP.The NEP makes Indians and Chinese children poorer,less educated and suffer more generally.It is racism that is the policy of UMNO.It thrives in corruption and has a policy that undermines democracy in Malaysia.
(c) The UMNO policy of Segreation is the most dangerous of all.All young Malay youth are being told about this fairy tale story of "Keturunan", which is a big fabrication-its like telling us that the Malay contractor put up most of the buildings in Kuala Lumpur-thie is a TIPU.A country that has a national policy of seggregation will fail.
(d) As for najib, its bad enough to be the leader of UMNO and embrace (a) to (c) above-what is worse is that he is a PM who is implicated ina MURDER and CORRUPTION. How can we have a PM with all this over him-he is not vindicated.he should have an open inquiry so that we know that our PM is not above the Law.
A leader like these two zoombies who are racist should not be made a leader of a multi-racial nation like Malaysia. Or being a Sarawakian myself, they only fit to become the PM and DPM for MALAYA but not MALAYSIA. Or both of them should be detained under ISA.

Mupok aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban" 

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