Friday, August 21, 2009

Misused Of Gevernment Properties and Abused Of Power By BN Politicians Is Rampant

Resting Place for the Corrupted BN Politicians....
If we still remember last March/April 2009 in Lubok Antu, this ghost town of LA was full of cars with SG plat number. These vehicles were used for Barisan Nasional Campaign operation. But until now anyone heard that MACC (Malaysian Authority Of Car and Cow or Malaysian Anti-Chinese Commission) ever open the investigation paper or call-in someone for investigation?
Remember those two traitors from Perak who were charged by MACC for corruption? What happened to the court case..still pending for what??. See the scenario in Sarawak, the cancerous suffering Jabu beloved CM is still actively ransacking and siphoning government monies but has the MACC sprang into action?? The collapsed stadium in Trengganu, the PKFIZ scandal which cost millions or even billion of people monies, is there anyone been caught or even murdered so far??
In contrast to what happened in Pakatan ruled states such as Selangor. One blog, whereby the credibility was not certain can caused few state reps being questioned. How much monies were they alleged misappropriated? So far one casualty and one serious injury recorded.
Let's see what happened in Permatang Pasir by election. In which currently both parties are intensifying their campain to win the election. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi when reponded to PAS Vice-President Datuk Mahfuz allegation that he has been using the Armed Forces personnel and logistic for campaign, said that the armed-forces members were there for a "Project Jiwa Murni" and not to canvass votes. He must be DAMNED STUPID....why in Permatang Pasir and Why Now?. Even my primary school children know the answer why they are there....VOTE BUYING!
BN politicians all this while have been using government agencies and logistic to fulfill their political agenda, especially in Sabah and Sarawak. They can lie to people but not to god...Mahyuddin has been given the final warning...the rest of the Corrupted BN politicians, your warning might be final so DO NOT CHEAT people...
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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