Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dayak Leaders Can Fool The Dayak But Not PAKATAN RAKYAT

Dayak leaders need to accept the fact that they cannot fool their own people as Pakatan Rakyat are watching them. Their latest blunder was highlighted by Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng. Lim Guang E ng during his visit to Sarawak suggested for the formation of Dayak Endowment Board (DEB) to help the marginalised and the poor Iban-Dayak. According to Lim, with the board in place, the government would not only be helping in terms of money, but also opportunities.
“I’m just saying that we want to help those who have been marginalised. So I do not see what is wrong in helping them. Are we going to allow them to continue to be marginalised?” he said to The Borneo Post during a DAP gathering called “A Night With Guan Eng” at Batu Kawa here on Thursday.
His proposal with DEB has been wrongly intrepated by majority (if not all) of the Iban-Dayak leaders from Barisan Nasional. They did not want to accept the fact that Iban-dayak are being marginalised and amongst the poorest in Malaysia. Some of them even went on and dared Lim Guan Eng to visit the longhouses.
YB Snowdan Lawan, the State Assemblyman ( YB) for N25 Balai Ringin (where Bukit Tunggal is located) disagreed with Lim opinion, and said that the households in his constituency earned a monthly income of RM500 or more (less than 25% where as another 75% under poverty).
“I know my area very well. Many of the children are working overseas earning RM10,000 or RM15,000 per month. I do not think it is true that rural families earn RM200 or less a month. At least, not in my constituency, otherwise they will not be able to have a car or a van to transport their crops to the market,” .
Reported in Borneo Post yesterday, Friday, 31st July 2009.
YB Snowdan Lawan should cut the crap and wake up from your sleep and Stop dreaming. I dare you if you can proof to me that 5% (just 5%) the people from the longhouses in your contituecy can afford to buy Kanchil or van as claimed by you, I will sacrifice by closing this blog,and if that is not enough, I'll throw my vote to you forever.
When I read this YB statement in Borneo Post yesterday, I laughed. How could, a YB of the most poorest contituency in Sarawak dared Lim Guang Eng , a Chief Minister of one of the richest state in Malaysia to visit the longhouses in his contituency. Was it a joke ? To YB Snowdan, do you want me to take the photograph of some of the longhouses in your constituency like Sg. Tenggang, Aping, Dadak, Abok, Empaling, Tekuyong, Ubah, Isu..etc, and put them here in my blog so that the whole world know that you lied to them?
I would like to remind you to STOP using the size of Sarawak as an excuse for not developing the Iban-Dayak. You and your band of f*cking Iban-Dayak leaders in BN have been cheated by Taib Mahmud to use this excuse agains your own people.
We all knew that all of the Iban-Dayak leaders in BN are not clever, but please do not show to the whole world that you all (the Iban-Dayak leaders in BN) are stupid.....
Instead of asking Lim Guang Eng to visit the longhouses, you and the rest of your STUPID and F*CKING Iban-Dayak leaders in BN, should organise a working visit to the two States under Pakatan Rakyat rules , Selangor and Penang. See the developments in the kampong there with your own eyes. Came back from there, and if you are not happy with the development of the longhouses in your contituencies , send a petition to Tok Uban and Alantuya lover request for more development for Iban-Dayak areas.
All the F*cking Iban-Dayak Politicians in Barisan Nasional must now realised that the era where the leader can bluff the voters in the longhouses has past......Please be careful with what you said in the future...
Mupok Aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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