Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cow Head Protest In Shah Alam Can Happen in Sarawak If The Non-Muslims in Sarawak Having A Short Minded Mentality

I was shocked to read in the english portals on how about 50 muslim in the watchful eyes of about one section strength of (incompetence) policemen marched into a State Secretariat building in Shah Alam with severly cut and still bleeding cow head. The group also threatened the state government that there will be a blood shed unless their demand to relocate the construction of a Sri Mahamariamman temple to Section 22 are met.
The action of the group can provoke racial tension between the muslim and hindu in the state. In condemning the action of the group, Khairy Jamaluddin the UMNO youth head said the action will anger the Hindus, adding those who organised the protest should consider their actions if others protested the building of mosques in non-Malay areas by burning and stepping on the Quran. “Won’t the Malays be enraged. If yes, isn’t the cow head protest equally insulting?” he asked, adding he would equally defend Islam against its detractors and other religions too. According to Hinduism cow is a sacred animal.
And about the comment of Selangor Police Chief , that the police only going to take action if someone make a police report. I could not believed that such an excuse came from the head of Selangor police force, the man who is responsible toward the inernal security of the state. Dont the police have done the Tactical Appreciation on how and what to do in any situation?. Tell us if an by a group of people that can cause racial tension and happening infront of a section strength of policemen has to wait for a Police Report before they can spring into action. I'm doubt whether our policfemen are compentent enough? or they are part of the group.
And ACP Noor Azam Jamaludin the Shah Alam OCPD (see photo) said they cannot take police action in votile situation as its may spark more anger.....well just let thesituation deteriorated or racial tension than the police can take action, i.e using tear gas or water canon?
To the group that participate in this cow head protest, please come to Sarawak, and see it yourself how the non-muslims and muslim live peacefully with each other. Few long houses especially in N25 Balai Ringin (as an example) , where only less than 5 families are muslim, the mosques are built side by side with the churches or longhouses. And in some of the housing estates, with 90% non-muslims of whose majority are Christians, they never protest what to say stepping on the Quran. Another good example is where a big mosque was built in an army camp (Penrissen Camp) where majority or about 80% of the population within the camp vacinity are non-muslim.
If we all love this country, the Muslims must learn to understand and to co-exist with the Malaysians from the other faiths.
Our past leaders had sacrificed a lot in order to make Malaysia as one of the successful multi-racial nation. Malaysian image has been tattered by one of the most wanted terrorist, a Muslim from Malaysia. Don't make our image in tatters further with such an action which can destroy this lovely nation Malaysia. I strongly believe that many Muslim in Malysia disagreed with the action of the group that call themselves a Section 23 Resident's Commitee.
To the police force, please be fair and to be seen as fair when executing your noble duties. Be proactive in doing your work.
The Christians, Hindus and Buddhism leaders had issued their statements and condemned the action of those 200 muslims, What about the muslim ulamas in the country. Islam must be seen as a religion of telorance not only in words but also in action.
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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Lo said...

i full agree with your opinion bro. The police needs to be more sensitive on issues like this.Sarawak is a great example of many religions exist in harmony together

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