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Malayan gained its independent from Great Britian on 31st August 2009, about 52 years ago. With this opportunity I would like to wish all of my Malayan/Peninsular Malaysia readers a Happy Independent Day. To all Sarawakians and Sabahans, please joining me in Wishing our Malayan friends a "Happy 52nd Independent day". Mupok aku
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cow Head Protest In Shah Alam Can Happen in Sarawak If The Non-Muslims in Sarawak Having A Short Minded Mentality

I was shocked to read in the english portals on how about 50 muslim in the watchful eyes of about one section strength of (incompetence) policemen marched into a State Secretariat building in Shah Alam with severly cut and still bleeding cow head. The group also threatened the state government that there will be a blood shed unless their demand to relocate the construction of a Sri Mahamariamman temple to Section 22 are met.
The action of the group can provoke racial tension between the muslim and hindu in the state. In condemning the action of the group, Khairy Jamaluddin the UMNO youth head said the action will anger the Hindus, adding those who organised the protest should consider their actions if others protested the building of mosques in non-Malay areas by burning and stepping on the Quran. “Won’t the Malays be enraged. If yes, isn’t the cow head protest equally insulting?” he asked, adding he would equally defend Islam against its detractors and other religions too. According to Hinduism cow is a sacred animal.
And about the comment of Selangor Police Chief , that the police only going to take action if someone make a police report. I could not believed that such an excuse came from the head of Selangor police force, the man who is responsible toward the inernal security of the state. Dont the police have done the Tactical Appreciation on how and what to do in any situation?. Tell us if an by a group of people that can cause racial tension and happening infront of a section strength of policemen has to wait for a Police Report before they can spring into action. I'm doubt whether our policfemen are compentent enough? or they are part of the group.
And ACP Noor Azam Jamaludin the Shah Alam OCPD (see photo) said they cannot take police action in votile situation as its may spark more anger.....well just let thesituation deteriorated or racial tension than the police can take action, i.e using tear gas or water canon?
To the group that participate in this cow head protest, please come to Sarawak, and see it yourself how the non-muslims and muslim live peacefully with each other. Few long houses especially in N25 Balai Ringin (as an example) , where only less than 5 families are muslim, the mosques are built side by side with the churches or longhouses. And in some of the housing estates, with 90% non-muslims of whose majority are Christians, they never protest what to say stepping on the Quran. Another good example is where a big mosque was built in an army camp (Penrissen Camp) where majority or about 80% of the population within the camp vacinity are non-muslim.
If we all love this country, the Muslims must learn to understand and to co-exist with the Malaysians from the other faiths.
Our past leaders had sacrificed a lot in order to make Malaysia as one of the successful multi-racial nation. Malaysian image has been tattered by one of the most wanted terrorist, a Muslim from Malaysia. Don't make our image in tatters further with such an action which can destroy this lovely nation Malaysia. I strongly believe that many Muslim in Malysia disagreed with the action of the group that call themselves a Section 23 Resident's Commitee.
To the police force, please be fair and to be seen as fair when executing your noble duties. Be proactive in doing your work.
The Christians, Hindus and Buddhism leaders had issued their statements and condemned the action of those 200 muslims, What about the muslim ulamas in the country. Islam must be seen as a religion of telorance not only in words but also in action.
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Cow Head Marching By Muslims in Shah Alam-Stirred By UMNO and Supported By PDRM Said HINDRAF

Ibrahim Haji Sabri,deputy chairman of the Sec 23 resident's commitee
This is the guy that chanting :“I challenge YB Khalid, YB Rodziah and Xavier Jeyakumar to go on with the temple construction. I guarantee bloodshed and racial tension will happen if this goes on, and the state will be held responsible,” !
Let's See Whether he will be detained under infamous ISA.
Saturday, 29th August 2009.
HINDRAF condemns the latest incident involving the act of placing a severed cow’s head outside the gates of the state secretariat building in Selangor.HINDRAF believes UMNO and their cohorts in the Royal Police Force (PDRM) organized this act that is inflammatory with an intention to incite and create racial hatred and feelings between the Muslims and Hindus.These perpetrators were able to walk over 300 metres in open public and conduct their seditious speeches calling openly for bloodshed, and racial chaos without any interference from the police force. So far nothing has been done by the PDRM or the AG’s department other than issuing lip service statements.Selangor Police chief Khalid Abu Bakar states “If a report is lodged, we will definitely take the necessary action". Here we are talking about an outright and outrageous act in fanning racial hatred that could threaten the public security and he claims he needs a police report before an action can be taken.The police had on many previous occasions brutally arrested and questioned peaceful protesters without any reasons for fear of public security, but they would need a report before they can take any action for those incitingviolence and parading in the public with a severed cow’s head to undermine the sensitivity of the Hindus. This is absurd and nonsensical.Who else could practice such double standard other the UMNO led government and its stooges and that is why HINDRAF believes that this is the work of the UMNO government to create unrest in Selangor.There is no distinction between a Muslim dominated areas and non-Muslim dominated areas as Malaysia is one multiracial and multicultural society living together side by side in co-existence in respect of each other’s race,religious practice and beliefs.Instead of promoting harmony amongst Malaysians, UMNO is fast becoming a public threat by protecting such devious and extremist acts.UMNO should curtail such irresponsible acts rather than seeding and sowing hatred, bullying extremist elements and fascist mindset amongst the fanatical Muslims for their own political survival.PM Najib has to immediately issue a statement and make a firm stand on the subject and not delegate this paramount duty to his “mandores” and eventually hoping for the whole issue to be swept under thecarpet.If the AG’s department fails to charge these perpetrators, HINDRAF would proceed to formally lodge complaints with the UN Human Rights Council, European Parliament, UK Foreign affairs select committee andthe Global Human Rights Defence based in The Hague.In solidarity for a harmonious Malaysia Hindraf calls upon all peaceful citizens who respect and cherish Religious Freedom and the right to co-exist to join us on a peaceful candle vigil at Dataran Merdeka on 5th September 2009 at 6.45pm.Thank you.
P. Waytha Moorthy
Courtesy Malaysia Today

Friday, August 28, 2009

Datuk Idris Jala Appointment As Full Minister Hope Will Help Penan To Fight Robbers Of Their Forest Products

Blockade negotiations: Penan refuse to meet Sarawak officials at the proposed meeting point

Being a native of Sarawak myself, I am proud with Datuk Idris Jala appointment as a full Minister without potfolio in a Prime Minister Department. Hopefully his appointment will act as a bridge between the native of Sarawak and the Prime Minister. For all this while, the grouses of the natives of Sarawak particularly in matter related to their lands, have been fall on deaf ears by Taib Mahmud, the dying Chief Minister of Sarawak.

The latest saga happening in Baram, where the Penan mounted the road blockade as a show of protest.

Continue reading here:

Native Penan leaders from the East Malaysian state of Sarawak are refusing to meet a high-ranking Sarawak government delegation at the proposed meeting point in Long Bedian, a Kayan long-house in the Tutoh river region. According to Penan sources, the meeting is to take place tomorrow, 28 August 2009. "We are open for talks with the government, but we refuse the proposed meeting point at Long Bedian", a Penan spokesperson commented to BMF. The Penan feel humiliated by a statement of Abang Johari, the former Sarawak Minister of Penan affairs and current Minister of Housing, who alleged in The Borneo Post that foreigners were behind the logging road blockades. "We expect the official delegation to meet us at the blockade sites or at a Penan village. It is essential for the officials to see the dire situation of our villages with their own eyes and to hear the voices of our people." Long Bedian, a Kayan long-house, is a regional centre for the Apoh-Tutoh region, which is strongly influenced by the presence of several logging companies. A week ago, the Penan set up three blockades at strategic logging road locations to prevent vehicles of four logging companies - Samling, Shin Yang, KTS and Interhill - from removing timber from their native lands. In particular, the Penan aim at stopping plantation projects that would involve the conversion of large tracts of secondary forests into oil palm, acacia and eucalyptus plantations.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Teoh Beng Hock Inquest-Tell Me If You're Still Not Convince that MACC is indeed a BN's Tool

I would like bring for the attention of all Malaysians and the the rest of the people in this world on how Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC or can be meant Malaysian Anti-Chinese Commission or Malaysian Authority for Cow and Car) working it all out to oust Pakatan government in Selangor after they used the same strategy in Perak.
According to the article written in Malaysian Mirror, the total amount of monies donated to DAP by the four companies were RM 26K . How much is this compared to the RM10M donated by Datuk Seri Tiong to MCA. Did we hear any of the parties (donor and the recipient) being investigated by MACC until the wee hours?
Taib Mahmud the longest serving Chief Minister, was accused by international newspaper and al-jazeera recieving kickbacks and siphoning government monies worth millions of ringgit, but did we hear MACC started the investigation on him? MACC should start the investigation now and Dont wait until the old man died.DO IT NOW BEFORE IT WAS TOO LATE!
Continue your reading below.

(Malaysian Mirror) - The inquest into the death of Teoh Beng Hock took a political turn when allegations surfaced that four companies had given kickbacks to the DAP and some branches in Selangor. Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission officer Mohd Anuar Ismail testified that the information was obtained from four documents printed from Teoh’s laptop and his recorded statement with Selangor MACC officer Mohd Nazri Ibrahim. Anuar, who took the stand again as the inquest entered Day 14 on Wednesday, said this when questioned by lawyer Abdul Razak Musa, who is representing the MACC. Approval allegedly by Teoh and Yong At the outset of the day’s proceedings, coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas had allowed an application made by lawyer Salim Bashir for state executive councilor Ean Yong Hian Wah to sit in the court so that he could listen to the testimony of the MACC officer. The late Teoh was Yong’s political secretary. Teoh, 30, was found dead at the fifth floor corridor of the Plaza Masalam here on July 16. He had been questioned earlier by officers of the MACC, which has its Selangor office on the 14th floor of the building. Anuar told the court that MACC investigations showed the following companies received projects that allegedly went to Teoh and Ean Yong for approval: (a) Fizami Construction (21 projects worth RM147,812) (b) Haris Enterprise (14 projects worth RM88,275.30), (c) MNKN Enterprise (six projects worth RM50,765) (d) MA Bina Melur (seven projects worth RM69, 010). Commissions to DAP and branches

Anuar said the investigation also found that four companies had given commissions to the DAP and its Serdang Aman and Bandar Sungai Long branches. He named the companies as WSK Services, Hong Chee Enterprise, Saharun Enterprise and Sharideen Enterprise. The commissions given totalled RM25, 546.56.
Lawyer Gobind Singh Deo objected to the line of questioning, saying that Abdul Razak had breached what was agreed on Tuesday, which was for the inquest to stay within the statement taken from Anuar by investigating officer ASP Ahmad Nazri Zainal. Gobind, who is holding a watching brief for Teoh’s family, said Abdul Razak was using the inquest as a platform to talk about the entire investigation by the MACC.
“We have nothing to hide. We can bring our witnesses and justify the allegations by Anuar. “His allegations are baseless. It is unfair for my deceased client,” Gobind told the coroner.
'Damage has been done'
However, Abdul Razak told the court that the result of the investigation by the MACC is important to establish Teoh’s state of mind. Government-appointed lawyer Tan Hock Chuan intervened and asked for a short break for all interested parties to have a discussion.
Gobind was not satisfied and again objected. “No! The damage has been done. “The allegations about DAP has been put on record. Teoh did nothing wrong. But this inquest has turned into a corruption trial of Teoh Beng Hock.”
MACC's night interrogations
The court granted a short recess, after which Anuar took the stand again to explain why the MACC sometimes conducts night interrogation. He said some witnesses who hold day jobs choose to be interrogated at night so it will not interfere with their work. He added that some witnesses choose not to be seen at the MACC office for their own reasons so they choose the night time to have their statements recorded. “The MACC office is open 24 hours,” he said. Asked by Abdul Razak why he did not lodge a police report straightaway after finding Teoh’s body, he said he believed the first person who found Teoh had done so. At the time when he saw the body, he said, there were already many people gathering on the fifth floor of the building.
Argument in washroom
To another question by Abdul Razak, Anuar told the court that an MACC officer, Bulkani Paharuddin, had told him that he had seen Teoh arguing with another witness in the man’s washroom at the MACC office at about 2am on July 16. He said the other person was Tan Boon Wah, a Kajang municipal councillor, who was one of the four witnesses present at the MACC office that night.
MACC and Abdul Razak, the lawyer that representing them must be aware that they are against the rakyat and not the Pakatan Rakyat. You are paid by the rakyat and not by Barisan Nasional..this must be made clear to MACC.
One day or less than 5 years from now, I am confident that Pakatan Rakyat will take over the federal government from BARISAN NASIONAL , by then we will re-open the file. To prevent yourself from being charged or come into trouble in the future, just do your work by the book.Dont become a dog for someone whatever the reason. Remember you have lost your credibility and people trust!
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Keputusan Pilihanraya Permatang Pasir - BN Candidate Blamed Chinese For the Defeat

Permatang Pasir, August 25, 2009.
It was officially announced that PAS candidate defeated BN by 4451 majority. Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Rohaizat Othman today hinted that one of the factors that could have caused his defeat was the “failure of the Chinese community to fulfill their promises of support”, in an indication that the racial rhetoric played and used against their rivals by the ruling coalition may have backfired. Rohaizat lost to PAS Penang commissioner Mohd Salleh Man by a 4,551 majority. The former garnered 5,061 votes while the PAS leader more or less retained their majority, considering the drop in voter turnout compared to the general elections last year, by raking in 9,618 votes. Speaking to a press conference here, Rohaizat revealed that his campaign's observation indicated that the support from the Chinese community here was dissapointing. “I am saddened by the fact that the Chinese community here have failed to fulfill their vows of support. They have failed to understand the concept of development that BN is trying to bring to the people of Permatang Pasir,” said Rohaizat. The Umno man, however, refused to elaborate why he thought Chinese support was not forthcoming, saying that he would leave it to the central leadership to conduct a post-mortem to reveal the reasons. “It's premature for me to give any reasons now,” he added. The Chinese make up 27 per cent of Permatang Pasir's population. BN have engaged in a vigorous attempt to regain much of the non-Malay votes that went to Pakatan Rakyat. BN have tried to depict their election rival PAS as a threat to the Chinese by using sensitive issues like the pig abbatoir closure in Kedah and beer sale issue in Selangor against the Islamist party. Analysts believe BN were making inroads among the Chinese here but efforts to translate them into votes faltered after Rohaizat's disbarment apparently became a deterrent. But as for the Malay votes, Rohaizat said the number of votes gained by both sides showed just a slight difference from that of the general elections outcome. The former Permatang Pasir assemblyman, the late Datuk Mohd Hamdan Abdul Rahman won with a 5,433 majority when he gained 11,004 votes against BN's Ahmad Sahar Shuib who managed to garner 5,571 votes. “So today's result show that as far as Malay support is concerned, it is still very much the same,” he said. BN deputy chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin also thought that, in terms of Malay support, their voting pattern remained the same but claimed the ruling coalition had made slight gains. “Our studies have shown that there is not much difference in voting pattern. There are slight differences but are nominal ones,” he said, adding that the ruling coalition accepted the defeat with an open heart.
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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Najib and Barisan Nasional Political Brutality...World Power Please Intervent !

Eventhough he and his party did not get the full support of Malaysians, but because of the political system in Malaysia, making them so powerful and nothing could stop them.
The by-election results so far had proven that Najib and his racist party UMNO popularity are at the bottom level.Since political Tsunami in March 2008, none of the by-elections had been won by his party and Najib.
But the political system in Malaysia, majority alone does not guarantee that one can rule. The most important element is one must have power and money. Look at what happened in Perak, Kedah and Selangor (still in the making).
Najib rule is more inclined toward dictatorship...thye latest brutality by Najib and his party toward a Malaysian is where one of the political humor magazine that mocked him accidentally holding Mongolian flag in it first publication, it license was revoked.
See the report in Bahasa Malaysia taken from Malaysiakini below.
Sindir PM, majalah humor dirampas
kemaskini 3.13pm Sekumpulan pegawai Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) menyerbu pejabat majalah humor terbaru Gedung Kartun hari ini susulan penerbitan edisi sulungnya yang menyindir perdana menteri.
Lapan pegawai itu berada sejam di pejabat majalah dwibulanan itu di Brickfields sejak 10.30 pagi - dipercayai berkaitan kandungannya, antaranya memaparkan gelagat Datuk Seri Najib Razak yang tersilap mengibarkan bendera Mongolia bersempena sambutan hari kemerdekaan negara.Sebanyak 408 naskhah majalah terbitan Sepakat Efektif Sdn Bhd dirampas bagi kesalahan bawah Seksyen 5(1) Akta Mesin Cetak dan Penerbitan atau penerbitan tanpa permit.Ketua pengarangnya Zunar berkata rampasan itu bermotif politik kerana pihaknya telah mendapat kelulusan secara lisan daripada KDN untuk menerbitkan Gedung Kartun.Ditemui Malaysiakini di pejabatnya sewaktu serbuan itu, beliau berkata mencetak majalah tersebut tanpa mendapat surat kelulusan untuk mengelakkan karenah birokrasi."Kita belum dapat surat rasmi tapi sebenarnya sudah ada kelulusan daripada menteri. Pada 14 Ogos, KDN janji untuk hantar surat dalam masa dua atau tiga hari "Sudah menjadi amalan biasa bagi penerbit, bila kita sudah habis mencetak kita akan dapat surat rasmi," katanya ketika ditemui di pejabat penerbit itu hari ini.“Masalahnya tidak ada surat. Sepatutnya mereka keluarkanlah surat, selesailah masalah,” katanya lagi.Selain Najib, isterinya Rosmah Mansor dan beberapa pemimpin Umno, majalah setebal 68 halaman itu turut memuatkan "nostalgia 98", sejarah peristiwa penyingkiran Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim daripada jawatan timbalan perdana menteri dan kemudian insiden mata lebam sewaktu dalam tahanan polis (foto kanan).Edisi untuk awal September, dicetak 10,000 naskhah, berada di pasaran mulai semalam dan dijual dengan harga RM4.Selain kartun, Gedung Kartun turut memuatkan artikel berbentuk satira politik oleh ramai penulis kreatif yang aktif di atas pentas seni alternatif antaranya Hishamuddin Rais, Pyanhabib dan Rahmat Haron.Sasterawan Negara Datuk A Samad Said, yang kini lantang menentang dasar Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains dan Matematik dalam Bahasa Inggeris (PPSMI), turut menyumbang rencana.
Selain tiga penulis rencana, ia disokong 12 kartunis sambilan, antaranya Cabai yang sebelum ini terkenal dengan siri "Tiga Dara Pingitan".Majalah pimpinan kartunis politik terkemuka tanah air Zunar, atau nama penuhnya Zulkiflee Anwar Haque, menyentuh pelbagai isu semasa, antaranya kes kematian Teoh Beng Hock, kenaikan kadar tol lebuh raya, dasar PPSMI dan akta kontroversi ISA (foto kiri). Dihubungi selepas serbuan itu, pemangku pengarah penguatkuasa Bahagian Kawalan Penerbitan dan Teks Al-Quran KDN cawangan Selangor menjelaskan penerbit masih tidak berhak menerbitkan majalah sekalipun telah mendapat nombor rujukan permit penerbitan (PP)."Ini bukan sebab formaliti. Kalau tidak ada surat, janganlah dia terbitkan dulu "Bila dah dapat nombor dan ada kelulusan rasmi, barulah boleh cetak," kata Zainal Abidin Osman, yang turut mengesahkan operasi berkenaan yang turut melibatkan pegawai-pegawainya."(Surat rasmi) ini macam kita ambil ujian memandulah. Kalau kita dah lulus semua dan diberitahu sudah lulus, kita masih tidak boleh memandu selagi belum dapat lesen," katanya kepada Malaysiakini.

World leaders, Please help Malaysian from this brutality....

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Monday, August 24, 2009

UMNO Will Lose Permatang Pasir With Bigger Margin Because Of The Wrong Candidate They Put!

A big relief came for me last weekend after completing my long overdue Project paper. So last Saturday, at about 1000am my wife and I went for breakfast at one of the popular coffee shop in 7th Mile town (or known as Pasar Batu Tujuh by the local). Well that morning after finishing my breakfast I went to the gent to wash my hand. From a distance the toilet looks clean and cozy (Malaysian standard) but the moment I reached the toilet I was so pissed off. I saw a toilet cleaning brush was placed on the sink.. really out of place.
"Placing a toilet brush on a sink is just like UMNO putting Rohaizat as their candidate in Permatang Pasir....Both are out of the place"
But today I am not going to write about this subject in Bukit Tunggal. But that awkward looking reminding me on what happen in Permatang Pasir by-election. The biggest party (and also the most racist party) in Malaysian like UMNO can rely on someone with such a low moral like Rohaizat to represent it in Permatang Pasir to fight a much popular PAKATAN RAKYAT candidate? It is a suicidal moved by UMNO. But for what reason? And I personally would like to salute PAS election Committee for brave enough to expose Rohaizat scandals. As expected UMNO is accusing PAS of using dirty politic..F*CK THEM OFF and EXPOSE IT ALLS! They have played the most dirties politic on this entire globe. Look at what happened in Perak, Selangor and the latest one in KEDAH? They used their dogs to frightened Pakatan leaders?
"PAS made a great decision for exposing Rohaizat low moral and scandals. Being a leader one must not be burden with scandal". All knew that Najib was full of burdeens when he took over from Tun Abdullah..BUT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH..No more scanadal leaders!
To all the voters in Permatang Pasir, election only comes once in 5 years. Your decision tomorrow will determine whether you’ll be represented by a low moral leader like Rohaizat or a leader without any burden on his back as demonstrated by PAS candidate. On behalf of all the “Chawat” mentality Ibans in Sarawak, I would like to WISH Hj Hadi and PAS candidate a best Wishes and Good Luck. Mupok aku

Radzi a PKR State Assemblymen Defection:A One Point Lesson For PKR

Like many other PKR top leaders , Radzi defection did not come as a surprise to me. According to DSAI, Kedah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak had few times reminded him to discipline and to serve his contituency better. YB Radzi and the two PKR YBs defection should become a turning point and one point lesson for PKR top leadership in selecting candidate in the coming election, especially in Sarawak. Please read the news on YB Radzi Defection, taken from blogs based in Peninsular Malaysia. Part 1. Radzi Keluar PKR Bawa Sekali 200 Orang Pengkhianat Sahaja?
Bijak sangatkah adun Lunas ini.. Kenapa tidak bawa hampir 10,000 pengundi yang mengundinya dalam PRU yang lalu keluar sekali? Kenapa tak ajak 4 adun PKR yang lain lagi? Hentikanlah lakonan kamu itu Radzi.. Adun PKR yang lain bukan bodoh. Rakyat Kedah bukannya bodoh. Rakyat Kedah sudah semakin bijak. Umum sudah mengetahui bahawa kamu adalah seorang wakil rakyat yang bermasalah.. Membuat tuntutan perjalanan yang tidak munasabah.. Mempunyai masalah kewangan untuk menyara ramai isteri.. Langkah sumbang kamu rakyat Kedah telah dapat menghidunya sejak awal lagi.. Tak ada sesiapapun yang akan terperangkap dengan tindakan penyelesaian masalah kamu itu. Di dunia ini kamu boleh lepas, tetapi akhirat belum tentu lagi. Kamu belum tentu boleh tidur lena walaupun kes tuntutan melampau kamu itu akan disenyapkan SPRM.. Rakyat Kedah akan terus memandang kamu bagai anjing kurap selepas ini kerana pengkhianatan kamu itu.Catatan langkah sumbang pengkhinatan Radzi Salleh.
Kereta tu masuk Kelab Cinta Sayang. Malam tu MK dan Radzi Salleh ada di sana. Jam 10.30, keta tu ditemui di depan you thurn restoren, dekat Giant. Depa pi cari mamat selambau yang nampaknya tak mau ikut depa. Disyaki depa ajak mamat tu pi jumpa MK di Cinta Sayang.Depa jalan dulu, mamat selambau naik kancil dia. Rupanya mamat selambau yang cerdik ikut depa pi rumah Wei Tsu saja. Lepas depa masuk, pintu pun dikunci....apa berlaku pun tak dak sapa tau.Di Cinta sayang, Radzi didengar dok calling2 mamat kulim dan Wei tsu suruh bawa mamat selambau tu mai situ..lama dah MK tunggu. Jangan tak jadi pulak malam ni. Oleh kerana mamat selambau tak mai, MK dilihat keluar dari Cinta sayang jam 1.30 pagi. Ketua ‘katak’ ni Melayu, dan pernah mengetuai first wave bulan Mei hingga November 2008 yang lalu. Dia ni disyakki terlibat dalam membuat claim terlajak beberapa bulan sudah dan didapati ada kes oleh SPRM. Kalau lompat clear balik laaaa…Depa ni kalau nak lompat kena pi lima sekali, 4 tak cukup korum, 3 lagi la tak cukup! BN ada 14, kalau pi lima jadi 19, terbalik la kerajaan lani, naik kerajaan katak pulak di Kedah macam Perak.Semalam orang Iboi, Baling telefon bagitau sebuah kereta Exco nombor plat KBN 333 ada di rumah Adun Bayu, YB Azmi Che Husin, depa panggil Pak Lang Mi। Apa yang ada di Iboi rumah Pak Lang Mi? Pak Lang Mi ialah bekas Pegawai Khas kepada bekas MB Kedah, MK.Kalau tak percaya depa suruh aku pi tengok, Kalau boleh masuk sergah dalam rumah, apa nak jadi। Dari Sungai Petani ke Baling la ni setengah jam saja. Aku kata biaq pi laa, depa nak buat pelancongan di Lata Celak ka, Air Panas Ulu Legong ka, trek 4X4 baru ka॥Pak Lang Mi pun minat 4X4 juga la ni.Sehari sebelum itu, di sebuah rumah di belakang kompleks membeli belah di Sungai Petani, rumah tukang urut, ada 2 buah kereta milik Exco juga। Pujuk memujuk dikatakan berlaku di rumah itu. Lama juga ia berlangsung sehingga kawan aku penat menunggu, Sampai masuk waktu maghrib, dia pun belah la, depa tu tak payah sembahyang Maghrib.Di waktu tangah hari, beberapa jam sebelum itu, dua orang Adun berjawatan Exco memujuk seorang Adun biasa menyertai mereka। Bila dia menolak, dia dituduh sebagai anjing PAS. Sebelum itu ada orang menyuruh dia tukar nama kepada ‘Ahmad Bin Abdullah’. Kesian dia kerana mempertahankan prinsip, dia dituduh macam-macam. Inilah perjuangan untuk rakyat yang memilihnya
ADUN Lunas Mohammad Radzhi Salleh bertindak keluar dari Parti Keadilan Rakyat setelah diberi amaran oleh Menteri Besar Kedah berikutan masalah displinnya disamping menghadapi dakwaan penyelewengan kewangan termasuk membuat tuntutan berlebihan sehingga disiasat Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia.Ketua Umum Parti Keadilan Rakyat, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim berkata Radzhi bertindak demikian setelah dipancing oleh Umno untuk mempengaruhi beberapa Adun Pakatan Rakyat lain supaya turut meninggalkan gagasan itu dengan imbuhan yang lumayan.Anwar berkata Menteri Besar Kedah Datuk Seri Azizan Abdul Razak telah memberikan amaran keras kepada Radzhi bulan lalu supaya lebih beretika dalam menjalankan tugasnya.“Kita juga mempunyai maklumat beberapa bulan yang lalu (Radzhi) mengadakan rundingan dengan Mahadzir Khalid (bekas Menteri Besar Kedah....sebab itu saya membangkitkan di Parlimen sebelum ini tentang cubaan (Umno) untuk membeli wakil rakyat," kata Anwar.“Ini percubaan Umno untuk menggunakan Adun Lunas bagi menarik yang lain. Kita mempunyai rekod dari Adun sejak beberap bulan lalu mengadu kepada saya bahawa mereka dipujuk Adun Lunas untuk berpindah kepada Umno dengan bayaran yang tinggi,” katanya.“Ada juga hal peribadi di mana isteri ke empat beliau menghubungi kita membantah beberapa isu dan membawa ke mahkamah,” kata Anwar.Menurut beliau, pimpinan Keadilan telah pun menasihati Radzhi supaya meletakkan jawatan kerana masalah-masalah berkenaan dan juga bertindak menggantung PKR Padang Serai dan cabang-cabang parti di situ.Anwar berkata Pakatan akan memperbaiki sistem saringan bagi mencalonkan seseorang untuk menjadi wakil rakyat demi memastikan gagasan itu dibersihkan daripada Adun dan Ahli Parlimen yang tidak berwibawa dan tanpa kredibiliti.Dalam perkembangan lain beliau berkata, sekiranya calon Pas Salleh Man memenangi pilihanraya Permatang Pasir pada 25 Ogos ini, pihaknya akan mencalonkan beliau sebagai Yang diPertua Majlis Agama Islam Negeri.
Happy Reading...Mupok aku
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Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Mystery Letter In Teoh Beng Hock Inquest-May Also Happened in Sarawak

The letter that surfaced during the Inquiry on the death of Teoh Beng Hock did not surprise me because of what happened in Sarawak. In Selangor, its Deputy Director (DD) , PKPj I Hishamuddin Bin Hashim has been implicated in a letter , suspected send by MACC Officers from Selangor. In the letter, amongst others it said that Hishamuddin Bin Hashim has been collarborated with ex-Selangor MB Dr Khir Toyo(l) to topple PKR government in Selangor, and to stop MACC investigation on Khir Toyo(l) corruption cases. Could there be any collarboration between Sarawak CM with local MACC officers or head? Please see the letter translated to English below:- Corrupt practices, misconduct and abuse of power by Senior Officer of MACC Selangor
Respectfully, we would like to refer to the matter above. We, officers in MACC, feel duty bound to expose the wrongdoing and corrupt practices by a senior officer of MACC – Deputy Director (DD) of MACC Selangor, PKPj I Hishamuddin Bin Hashim. He is related to the cases of Teoh Beng Hock and bungalow house at Section 17, Shah Alam, owned by Dato’ Seri Dr Mohamad Khir Bin Toyo. 2. For the information of YBhg Tan Sri/Dato/Tuan/Puan, DD is indeed involved directly with the investigation of misappropriation cases involving Selangor exco YB Ean (Adun Seri Kembangan). DD’s involvement is not only at the level of official instruction, but he actually instructed specifically MACC officers to try to uncover any possible wrongdoings by the current Selangor state government. He acted so because of his collaboration with Khir Toyo to bring down the Selangor state government. Due to his overzealous approach, hence the death of Teoh Beng Hock. There are a few questions arising from the circumstances of Teoh Beng Hock’s death that concern us MACC officers. We all suspect DD to be responsible for the death of Teoh Beng Hock based on the following facts: i) DD has instructed all MACC officers involved in the operation not to implicate his direct involvement in the case. In fact, he is the one giving direct orders in the operation and other operations in MACC Selangor. Actually he fears his involvement will compromise his collaboration with Khir Toyo. ii) The chemistry department has detected finger prints and DNA traces of a mysterious male at the two frontal sides of Teoh Beng Hock’s waist belt. According to our knowledge, DD has his unique interrogation technique, i.e. he would hold the belt of the person under interrogation, lift him/her a few times and shake him/her. iii) The process to extract DNA samples from MACC Selangor officers was conducted in two sessions. In the first session, DD ran away to avoid having his sample taken. However, DD was said to have given his DNA sample in the second session under dubious circumstances, i.e. he gave his sample in his room while all other MACC officers, including the MACC Director, gave their samples in the meeting room together openly. Why did DD give his DNS sample hidden in his room? Is the sample given by him indeed belong to him? We the MACC officers are curious because none of the DNA samples collected matches that of the mysterious male. We suggest that DNA sample of DD be taken again under the watch by trusted people. iv) We have gotten information that DD has instructed his subordinates to erase fingerprints found at the window where Teoh fell to his death. This is proven as the police has failed to find any traces of fingerprints new or old at that window. The question is, why did DD give that instruction? v) Based on the information we obtained, we suspect DD did not punch out when he left office on 16 July 2009 at 6.10am. This is cricial because it would be evidence that DD was the last person to have seen Teoh. The question is, why did you not punch out when he usually does so? For the record, he is a person paying attention to his punch card. 3. For the information of YBhg Tan Sri/Dato/Tuan/Puan, DD is very influential in the investigation operations in Selangor, or even the whole Malaysia. In MACC Selangor alone, he is the most important person to decide whether or not a case is to be prosecuted, even though such power is supposed to be in the hand of the Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP). Decisions made by him favour his own interests or his cronies’. It is no surprise that he has been helming the investigation unit of ACA/MACC Selangor for more than ten years, i.e. since the Selangor state government under Barisan Nasional (Khir Toyo) and until the current Selangor state government. He has been promoted in quick succession from Grade 41 to Grade 54 within 16 years without reassignment and remained in MACC Selangor until now. According to ACA/MACC department policy, an officer who has been promoted or served for more than 5 years in a state will be reassigned to another location to avoid him from being involved in local corruption problem. One of the reasons that he has not been reassigned elsewhere is that he has been tasked to “take care” of interests of Dato’s Seri Khir Toyo in Selangor. Because of this, to reciprocate, Khir Toyo has to “take care” of DD’s interests in Selangor. 4. Due to his comfortable position in ACA/MACC Selangor from then till now, he has been involved with various corrupt acts and abuse of power. Among the corrupt acts and abuse of power by DD that we have detected/investigated are as follows: i) Closing the case of Khir Toyo involving approval of a road construction project, which is the most expensive, spanning bendang at Sekinchan, for a distance of 20.5km, at a price of RM92.5 million to the contractor who was almost blacklisted – Meram Holdings. According to JKR assessment, the cost of the road should not exceed RM50 million. The subcontractor running the project is Cabaran Wangsa, owned by Pua Kim An, who was once the landlord of Khir, while the other director of the company, Ahmad Tarmizi Tajjeury, is Khir’s crony, and he got 100 acres of land giving him a profit of RM20 million. ii) In possession of assets beyond his means, including: a. Owns a few houses for rental, including one two-storey luxurious terrace house which was purchased at a very attractive price from Pemaju Kumpulan Lebar Daun Development Sdn Bhd, as a result of closing the case of investigation against Group Executive Chairman, Dato’s Noor Azman @ Noor Hizam bin Mohd Nurdin. The case was investigated by ACA Selangor a few years ago and he owned a few more houses. As a smokescreen to the public and his subordinates, he has been living in the government quarters at Kg. Atap, Kuala Lumpur. b. Owns a Petronas petrol station located at the left side of Federal Highway at Km 8.6 – Km 8.7, Section 1, Federal Highway, Shah Alam 40000 Selangor (near the Melati roundabout, in the direction of Klang from Shah Alam), registered under the name of his elder brother. The petrol station has just started operation this year (2009), and it is built on part of the land of a Chinese cemetery. He managed to obtain the land to build the petrol station as a result of his power as well as due to the Khir Toyo administration in Selangor. c. Owns a few plots of land around Shah Alam, where one of them is believed to be beside the new SACC Mall, registered under the name of the wife of a driver in MACC Selangor, Abdullah b Azim, she being a full time housewife in her late 30s. iii) Caught in adultery with a junior officer of the rank of Investigator called Nor Azlina bt Mustafa at the lake side of Shah Alam Lake in early 2009 by two police officers. He in turn showed his authority card and informed the police officers that he and the Investigator were in an operation and hence let off by the police. After a few intimate incidents with the Investigator, the affair is known by many, including his wife. The action taken by the department is to reassign the Investigator to MACC HQ at Putrajaya. This action is not effective as Azlina is still seen with DD at the Selangor office. 5. This letter was writen to uphold integrity and challenge injustice, in the MACC specifically and Malaysia as a whole. We at the MACC can no longer stand to observe this behaviour which is approved by higher-ups. We at the MACC have exhausted our options in looking for a department/institution/NGO which can bring forward this issue so that appropriate action can be taken. 6. We the officers in MACC are greatly appreciative and thankful to you all for bringing up this matter to the people and the relevant authorities so that there will be an organisation/NGO that can take the appropriate action or independent investigation until the matter can be brought to the cabinet. The matter is very important because it involves the integrity of an officer serving in a department charged with enforcing law on crimes related to human integrity. DD is now working very hard by instructing his subordinates to do witch hunt on PKR which governs Selangor state now, with the hope that PKR will fall in Selangor and his secrets will be safe. For your information, DD is fearful whenever news of Dato’ Seri Khir Toyo appears in the media and he is fearful that if Khir’s case will expose his own case. 7. Our hope is, there will be party which is courageous to voice out our information here so that our action attracts the attention of authority and just action can be taken against him and put him to justice. We ourselves are not capable of taking action against him because he has “cable” (connection) to the top. 8. Cooperation from YBhg Tan Sri/Dato/Tuan/Puan is very much appreciated and hopefully your action will bring out more information exposing people without integrity so that MACC and its officers are clear of corruption. Thank you very much.
We who follow instruction,

How Credible is the MACC Credibility in Sarawak?

Could there be any collarboration in sarawak also?
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Friday, August 21, 2009

Misused Of Gevernment Properties and Abused Of Power By BN Politicians Is Rampant

Resting Place for the Corrupted BN Politicians....
If we still remember last March/April 2009 in Lubok Antu, this ghost town of LA was full of cars with SG plat number. These vehicles were used for Barisan Nasional Campaign operation. But until now anyone heard that MACC (Malaysian Authority Of Car and Cow or Malaysian Anti-Chinese Commission) ever open the investigation paper or call-in someone for investigation?
Remember those two traitors from Perak who were charged by MACC for corruption? What happened to the court case..still pending for what??. See the scenario in Sarawak, the cancerous suffering Jabu beloved CM is still actively ransacking and siphoning government monies but has the MACC sprang into action?? The collapsed stadium in Trengganu, the PKFIZ scandal which cost millions or even billion of people monies, is there anyone been caught or even murdered so far??
In contrast to what happened in Pakatan ruled states such as Selangor. One blog, whereby the credibility was not certain can caused few state reps being questioned. How much monies were they alleged misappropriated? So far one casualty and one serious injury recorded.
Let's see what happened in Permatang Pasir by election. In which currently both parties are intensifying their campain to win the election. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi when reponded to PAS Vice-President Datuk Mahfuz allegation that he has been using the Armed Forces personnel and logistic for campaign, said that the armed-forces members were there for a "Project Jiwa Murni" and not to canvass votes. He must be DAMNED STUPID....why in Permatang Pasir and Why Now?. Even my primary school children know the answer why they are there....VOTE BUYING!
BN politicians all this while have been using government agencies and logistic to fulfill their political agenda, especially in Sabah and Sarawak. They can lie to people but not to god...Mahyuddin has been given the final warning...the rest of the Corrupted BN politicians, your warning might be final so DO NOT CHEAT people...
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Permatang Pasir By-Election Will Be Another Sign That PM Najib Month in Office is Numbered -RAHMAN Prophecy

A popular Malaysian prophecy holds that the ruling United Malays National Organisation(UMNO) will meet its downfall after the country's sixth prime minister. It is known as the Rahman prophecy, after Abdul Rahman, the first prime minister, whose second name is said to spell out the first initial of his five successors. To the superstitious, it has proved uncannily accurate in predicting the nation's leaders since independence from Britain in 1957. That may be a cause of concern to Najib Razak, who was sworn in as Malaysia's sixth prime minister about 4 months ago.The unpopularity of the man and his party have led many analysts to predict that his government could be defeated in the next elections, due by 2013. Even before taking office, PM Najib has had unusually low approval ratings, with only 41 per cent of Malaysians saying he would make a good prime minister, against 47 per cent for Abdullah Badawi, his ineffectual predecessor, according to Merdeka Centre, an independent pollster.Some of that antipathy can be attributed to vicious rumours circulating about Mr Najib. Some critics link his name to the murder of a Mongolian model and mistress of one of his closest advisers, who has since been cleared of any involvement in the killing. Weapons contracts awarded during his tenure as defence minister have been questioned for alleged corruption. The allegations have dominated campaigning for a by-election seen as a referendum on his administration."There are so many accusations and allegations. God willing, I can manage it. They are not true; they are malicious, slanderous, baseless lies," said PM Najib after immediately after he was elected as the President of UMNO.Malaysia's ethnic Chinese, Indian minorities, Orang Asli (aborigines of Peninsular) and the natives of Sabah and Sarawak, have more substantial doubts about PM Najib. He has been a staunch defender of giving preferential treatment to the ethnic Malay majority in government and business, a policy introduced by his father when he was prime minister in the early 1970s.The discontent among minorities has led them to back a resurgent opposition, led by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim or DSAI as he is well known by his supporters.It fears that Mr Najib will preside over a return to "Mahathirism", the tough and confrontational style conducted by his mentor, Tun Mahathir Mohamad, the long-serving prime minister in the 1980s and 1990s.PM Najib has sought to assume the mantle of reform by promising to clean up Umno, which is seen as corrupt and out of touch with the public. He is also trying to reassure the country's minorities that he will change the pro-Malay policy to benefit other races. That reflects the influence of his brother, Nazir Razak, the head of state-owned CIMB, Malaysia's second largest bank, who said the proMalay policy discouraged foreign investment and created resentment among minorities."Nazir is a well-respected figure and is likely to play a pivotal role in advising on economic policy," says one of the well known , equity research head at one of the biggest bank in Malaysia.Ultimately, however, it could be Malaysia's worst postwar recession that topples PM Najib, says the opposition. "The economy is Najib's Achilles heel. Young Malays are drifting away from racial politics. The economic crisis will reveal that the income gap between rich and poor among all races is the real issue - and that will undermine Najib," said an adviser to Mr Anwar.
One of the issue that can undermine the current peaceful situation in Malaysia is a racial tension. To mitigate the racial issue, PM Najib has intriduced the 1Malaysia concept. But with the pressure from the Malay and Muslim, many predicted that Najib 1Malaysia is just a slogan and is going towards DOOM.

Najib Months in Office is numbered....The Prophecy

Since March 2008 General Election, Barisan Nasional so far has not winning any by-election [to exclude Batang Ai because of Iban Chawat (loin cloth) mentality]. The on-going by-election in Permatang Pasir which will be held on 25th August 2009, a straight fight between UMNO and PAS, many predicted that UMNO will lose with bigger margin. And if the prediction is correct....the Rahman prophecy is about to happen and Najib months in office is numbered.... Mupok aku
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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) N25 Balai Ringin MUST MOBILIZE NOW!

Brainstorm and Discussion in Progress
Last Sarawak State Assembly election was held in May 2006 therefore the next election will be held between 12 to 18 months from now. Surprisingly the PKR N-25 Balai Ringin Branch has not yet mobilize. My chit-chat with one of the active member from N25 branch during the Membership Recruitment Retention Worshop held at Grand Continental Hotel Kuching yesterday, 15th August 2009, there are three members that lobbying themselves to become a candidate for PKR N-25. One of them is Sarawak Women Chief and the other two are the new members who are unknown to Bukit Tunggal.
Being the head of PKR N-25 Balai Ringin branch, it no doubt that Cubbold is the most suitable person to become PKR candidate in N 25. Eventhough Ibie is PKR women head at state level but she is not from Balai Ringin constituency. Beside being the local, Cubbold is very well known in Balai Ringin and has been actively operating there for the past 10 years. I am not instigating any misunderstanding between those who had offered themselves as candidate for N25, but would like to urge everyone to concentrate on membership drive in our branch. During the workshop, I had a chit-chat with some active members from MAS GADING and SARATOK, and was surprised to find out that both of the branches were ready to face the election at any time, which was very contrary to our branch....But probably N25 are operating secretively knowing that BN through all of their village chiefs has been monitored PKR activities in Balai Ringin. Even Bukit Tunggal himself has been marked as a traitor by some of the village heads along Simpang Ubah area... Whether we operated secretively, as the State Assembly election is just around the corner we have no time to hide ourself and we must MOBILIZE NOW or risk losing the opportunity to wrest N25 from BN candidate.
Participant from MAS GADING.....
The workshop that I attended was very informative and useful. It was sponsored by a NGO that operates in over 72 countries worldwide. It main aim is to promote democracy especially in the third world like Malaysia. It started at 9.00am with lecturing and discussion and end-up with group discussion and presentation after lunch. For the group discussion, it was broke into three groups according to the areas of election such as , the Urban, semi-urban and the rural. The workshop was very useful especially to PKR Sarawak. It can be a great help for every branches (cabang) to achieve atleast 3000 membership drive as proposed by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. As for the PKR members in N25 especially its protem Committee, who is also my friend from the Dayak Nation....we have no other alternative. If we want to kick SNOWDAN LAWAN and BN out of N25 we must START MOBILIZE now. Mupok Aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Friday, August 14, 2009

UMNO Must End It Apartheid Style Rules in Malaysia

Apartheid is derieved from Afrikaan “Cognate” means separateness. It was a was a system of legal racial segregation enforced by the National Party government in South Africa between 1948 and 1994. The purpose of the system was to protect the Afrirican white from the black. The Blacks were deprived of their right and the government segregated education, medical care, and other public services, and provided black people with services inferior to those of whites.
In Malaysia, after more than 50 years of independent from Britian, similar policy is still practiced here against the Chinese, Indian and to some extent towards the non-Muslim Native like aborogines of Peninsular Malaysia, Kadazan in Sabah and the Dayaks in Sarawak. But the muslim migrant from Indonesia (jawa like Khir Toyo(l)) and Mamaks from India recieved better treatment from BN government. In Malaysia citizens are not equal-that is the starting point for a country that everyone should be equal. In Malaysia there are the Elite, then the Malay and the rest of the Malaysians. The discrimination of Indians, Chinese and other non-Malays such as aborogines of Peninsular Malaysia, Kadazan in Sabah and the Dayaks in Sarawak must end. If there is to be affirmative policy –there must be a Race Relations Act! All the laws that surround Malaysian are to contain Malaysians from their freedom to speak and to peacefully assemble. The Government and politician are protected. Malaysians are frightened of the Government, the Judiciary and the Police! This is a de facto a Police State. There is confusion in the law; a Malay caught for drinking beer in the East coast can be canned but not in the West coast. Malaysians are afraid that Muslim laws will prevail.
Another point to consider, every Institution that was set up to protect democracy-transparency, good governance, anti-corruption and fraud has been disbanded. There is nothing standing presently to suggest that everything done is bon fide, in fact every day we see in the reports and press releases by the opposition of damaging corrupt practices which is ruining Malaysia. Malaysian live in a culture of secrecy which benefits the government.
Fourthly, UMNO itself is a corrupt organization. The cabinet as the Former PM describes is filled with corrupt Ministers. When policy and decision makers are corrupt, what would you expect from the others below? You reap what you sow! Present Barisan Nasional (BN) Government also practicing descrimination against other races and religions. For example when a non-muslim say something about Islam no matter what,UMNO (plus Malay PM and DPM) will all out to condemn the person who made such comment. But when the muslim insulting the other religion, for example the incidence of two Al-Islam journalists consumed the “Holy Communion” and spat out the sacred host. If that was not enough, they humiliated the Christians by having it photographed and its image published in the monthly Al-Islam. This is a violation of Christians in Malaysia and challenges the nation's Federal Constitution. But the BN leaders were just keeping quiet, inclusive PM Najib and DPM Mahyuddin (For me, I dont recognised them as PM or DPM of malaysia). Another example of descrimination by BN against other religions is about the assistance given to muslim and non-muslim organization. There is one Church is Sri Aman that has been destroyed by fire about 10 years ago, but until now, the church has not been rebuilt due to no fund. Request for fund had been forwarded to government but until now no assistance had been recieved. Just imagine if the same thing happen to the mosque, how long do you think the assistance will be given? Will Malaysians, the message and evident is clear..Abandon BN and join PR.

Mupok aku
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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Racist Utusan Malaysia Reporter Was Shivering When Cornered By the Defense Lawyer In Karpal Singh Court Case

Not satisfied with bias coverage by Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian, I made a decision to boycott those two newspapers in November 2007.This has been going on until now. After reading Karpal Singh Sedition Case coverage by Malaysian Insider this morning, I just realised that I had made one of the best decision throughout my life so far. Those two newspaper especially the Utusan Malaysia is the UMNO propaganda tool (psychological warfare or PSYWAR tool) against the opposition to ensure that the most racist party in Malaysian UMNO will remained in power. The two newspapers will try all out to paint Pakatan Rakyat with bad image by cheating the rakyats with theirs false report. Please read the report below on how one of Utusan Malaysia reporter who wrongly intrepretated Karpal Sing's press statement "ultra vires" to "insulting the Sultan". His wrong intrepretation of the press statement which was then published in Utusan Malaysia , has angered the Malay. Please read the report below on how the Utusan Malaysia racist reporter was cornered by Karpal Singh defence counsel led by his own son Jagdeep Singh Deo during the cort hearing yesterday.
KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 12 — Utusan Malaysia reporter Mohd Nizam Mohd Yatim told the High Court today that he thought the phrase “ultra vires” contained in a press release issued by Karpal Singh meant the DAP man was insulting the Perak Sultan.
Mohd Nizam, the prosecution’s first witness in Karpal’s sedition trial, was subjected to a rigorous cross-examination by defence counsel Jagdeep Singh Deo, and appeared rattled by the lawyer’s questions.
At one point the Utusan Malaysia reporter did not appear to even know what Karpal Singh was being charged with.
The reporter was also unable to show a clear understanding of the barrage of questions by Jagdeep on the four-page press statement distributed by Karpal during a press conference on Feb 6 this year. Based on a report written by him and published by the newspaper, Mohd Nizam had been put on the witness stand by the prosecution to show that Karpal had committed sedition. By questioning him over his understanding of what transpired during Karpal's press conference, the defence was attempting to prove he was an unreliable witness. The DAP chairman and Bukit Gelugor MP was charged with sedition on March 17 for saying Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin's removal as Perak mentri besar by Sultan Azlan Shah could be questioned in a court of law. The veteran lawyer-politician was charged in the Sessions Court in KL before judge Mohamad Sekeri Mamat under Section 4(1)(b) of the Sedition Act 1948. Karpal is further accused of several other seditious statements related to the entire Perak constitutional crisis which began two months ago. He is accused of committing the crime during a press conference at his law firm here on February 6. Mohd Nizam was questioned earlier by the deputy public prosecutor Azlina Rasdi. Azlina had asked Mohd Nizam to tell the court who was at the press conference as well as where it was held, before requesting the reporter read the press release provided. She also asked him to summarize the contents to the court. Mohd Nizam: “If the Sultan still wants to pick Zambry as mentri besar then Pakatan Rakyat government has no choice but to take legal action.” He added that after the press conference there was a question and answer session. He told the court that a reporter asked Karpal if he would be suing the sultan. “Karpal said yes,” Nizam said in his testimony which was later challenged by the defence. During cross-examination, Jagdeep had asked the 38-year-old reporter: “Do you agree that his (Karpal) view on the constitution is sought after?” Mohd Nizam: “I am not sure.” Jagdeep: “Do you agree that he (Karpal) is known as a smart laywer?” Mohd Nizam: “I am not sure.” Jagdeep: “If you still do not know after eight years working then you should start doing your work properly.” Jagdeep then proceeded to ask him if he understood the press release since it was in English. Mohd Nizam: “I only understand it in general and not thoroughly.” Jagdeep then asked the reporter if he agreed that what was said in the press conference was only an opinion of the constitutional crisis in Perak. “I only report and do not give opinion,” Mohd Nizam replied. The answer appeared to irritate Jagdeep who accused Mohd Nizam of being insincere. Jagdeep then told Mohd Nizam to read part of the press release to the court. Mohd Nizam: “Although the orders have been confirmed by the Sultan. If the decision is ultra vires then the decision can be adjudicated by the court.” Jagdeep then asked Nizam to explain what ultra vires means to the court. Nizam looking confused and replied: “To insult.” Jagdeep then told Mohd Nizam that his misunderstanding of the word had caused chaos in the country because the word actually means “beyond the powers”. Mohd Nizam was then asked what questions were thrown at Karpal during the press conference. Nizam explained that reporters wanted to clarify if Karpal meant that he was going to bring the Sultan to court. “So do you agree that Karpal did not say that he will sue?” Jagdeep asked. “Agree,” Nizam replied. After the cross-examination, the defence team requested Judicial Commissioner Azman Abdullah for the witness’s cross-examination to be adjourned until it could question another witness on the transcript of the press conference. Azman then asked the prosecution to call its next witness. But the prosecution could not bring its next witness, an RTM reporter, because he had failed to show up and could not be contacted. The trial was then adjourned to another date.
To all Malaysians, if you love this nation, I would like to urge everyone to boycott these two newspaper the Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian.
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Monday, August 10, 2009

Najib and Mahyuddin Leadership is a Leadership Of DOOM

PM Najib and Mahyuddin is only good partner that will bring disaster to this nation. PM Najib 1Malaysia concept is just a  Slogan. Since took over power from Abdullah Bodohwi about four months ago, he failed to boost the confidence of the population.
Where as Mahyuddin, he is only fit to become a Malay leader but not to the multi racial nation like Malaysia. His action lately is seen as instigating the feeling of hatred amongst the Malay toward other races such as Chinese and Indians.
In summary, Najib and UMNO leadership in Malaysia ;

Najib and UMNO cannot work for Malaysians or Malaysia

During the British occupation of Malaya, we had oppressive laws created by our colonial masters not only as a check against communism but also Malaysians generally.When you are a colony, laws protecting citizens are unimportant-laws protecting the colonial masters are important.
After the so called great Independence and Merdeka, we have the same people who purportedly bravely fought against the British sitting ruling Malaysians.Now common sense would suggest that they would start having open transparents newspapers, strong laws enforcing the Rule Of Law, stringent laws for corruption, good Police, anti-corruption, excellent civil service,good schools, universities etc etc-to Malaysian utter dismay-we have now

(a) UMNO who runs and calls all the shots for the past 50 odd years without any public participation.It has created Malaysia which is neither a" functioning democracy" or a "functioning dictatorship" but a tottering state structure controlled and exploited by parasites".UMNO is filled with zoombies type politicians who are sucking the blood of hardworking enterprenuers who are usually of Chinese origin who pay them for licenses and they happily in reurn are entertaine with "dancing girls and cash".
(b) Besides (a) above-UMNO is a RACIST ORGANISATION. It spares no abuse on Chinese and Indians who are citizens of this country.It threatens other races, plots and schemes how it can underdevelop the Chinese and Malay population.This is the direct result of the creation of the NEP.The NEP makes Indians and Chinese children poorer,less educated and suffer more generally.It is racism that is the policy of UMNO.It thrives in corruption and has a policy that undermines democracy in Malaysia.
(c) The UMNO policy of Segreation is the most dangerous of all.All young Malay youth are being told about this fairy tale story of "Keturunan", which is a big fabrication-its like telling us that the Malay contractor put up most of the buildings in Kuala Lumpur-thie is a TIPU.A country that has a national policy of seggregation will fail.
(d) As for najib, its bad enough to be the leader of UMNO and embrace (a) to (c) above-what is worse is that he is a PM who is implicated ina MURDER and CORRUPTION. How can we have a PM with all this over him-he is not vindicated.he should have an open inquiry so that we know that our PM is not above the Law.
A leader like these two zoombies who are racist should not be made a leader of a multi-racial nation like Malaysia. Or being a Sarawakian myself, they only fit to become the PM and DPM for MALAYA but not MALAYSIA. Or both of them should be detained under ISA.

Mupok aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban" 

Najib 1Malaysia and Taib Mahmud Politic Of Development Both are SCAMS

Najib 1Malaysia Slogan and Implementation These are the 2 scenarios of PM Najib 1Malaysia Slogan, as written by Kim Quek in Malaysuian Insider:
Scenario 1: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor put up a stellar performance at a charity dinner that helped to raise RM2.3 million for a Chinese primary school in Segambut, Kuala Lumpur on Aug 6. Rosmah not only serenaded the audience with a popular Mandarin song (which alone netted RM200,000), her group of ministers’ wives rendered four songs, each in a different language — Mandarin, English, Malay and Tamil — to give full expression to her husband’s “1 Malaysia” motto. She heaped praise on the Chinese community for their unfailing generosity to support Chinese education and urged other communities to follow suit in the spirit of “1 Malaysia”.
Scenario 2: Almost at the same, mass-circulated Malay paper Utusan Malaysia, which is Umno’s mouthpiece, spat racial fire through an incendiary article. Writing under the title “Melayu jangan jadi bacul” (Malays, don’t be cowards) on Aug 4, journalist Noor Azam accused the Chinese and Indians of wanting to “destroy Malay political power held by Umno since independence” with the help of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and PAS. This supposed power grab was pursued with Chinese-dominated DAP manipulating the Malay leaders in Pakatan Rakyat. The writer further claimed that “the attacks and the hatred shown by the opposition and Chinese and Indian political activists towards the Malays have worsened”. To goad the Malays into action, he even went to the extent of calling them “cowards”, saying “the Malay race has become stupid cowards, and people who are cowards will die before even their deaths”.
Such bare-faced incitement of racial hatred and racial clash should have landed the writer in the lock-up and the newspaper’s licence revoked under Malaysia’s repressive laws, particularly if they are on the other side of the political divide, but Noor Azam and Utusan Malaysia not only escaped untouched, but had the honour of being defended by none other than Umno’s deputy president and Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin who ridiculously and inexplicably blamed the opposition for causing such a heightening of racial temperature. That Noor’s racist blast bears the stamp of Umno’s policy is unmistakable.
Taib Mahmud Politic Of Development
Where as Taib Mahmud Politic Of Development the scenario can be summarized as follows :-
During his twenty−eight years tenure as Sarawak's chief minister, there is no doubt Taib Mahmud has used his power, directly or indirectly, to enrich his family's and extended family's fortune. The list of projects, concessions, permits etc, handed over on silver platters to his family−controlled publicly listed Cahya Mata Sarawak Bhd (CMSB) runs longer than a new, unused toilet roll.
CMSB uncannily reads 'Chief Minister and Sons' Business', but whether this is by design or an inadvertent acronym has been a source of much speculation in coffee−shop talk. This privileged conglomerate itself holds a mind−boggling array of subsidiaries that span the length and breath and every nook and corner of Sarawak, besides many other less obvious investments in Peninsular Malaysia and even overseas.
His gargantuan appetite for anything and everything that makes money is legendary − you name it, he's in it: property, banking, timber, shipping, construction, industrial, international schools, plantations, hotels, convention centre, retail, manufacturing, IT, even trash collection. If they don't own it outright, they do it stealthily by proxies or cronies or through a maze of labyrinthian holdings and nominee companies.
Taib holds absolute power in Sarawak over every aspect of development, planning, approval, implementing and running of private or public works. A wave of his hand is enough to send bureaucrats scurrying to attend to his behest, be it the approval of alienation of state land to private corporations or getting the nod for a high−rise building, or giving state land to illegal squatters (usually prior to state elections) and many more.
And to his underlings, he does apportions a section of the cake to keep them drooling for more. It will take the will of a saint not to succumb to such a windfall, which can often means an unlimited flow of paychecks in the hundreds of thousands, even millions for the rest of their lives. Thus, in the court of this 'White Hair Raja', we see a phalanx of lap dogs Big timber corporations, developers, manufacturers etc, pander to his every whim and fancy (like newspapers congratulatory ads on his birthday, anniversary, for example), as timber concessions, licence, permits and so on need to be renewed every years. Errant tycoons ignore this idiosyncrasies at their own peril.
Taib's penchant for donning the Western−style beret and Ray−Ban shaped eye wear on occasion of his rare field visits bespeak of his vanity, while his embrace of hedonism is evident from his palatial home unabashedly adorned with stately furniture and ornate fittings.
Of late, he has been grooming his son Sulaiman to take over the throne, thus ensuring the continuation of the Taib dynasty. A brother, Ali Mahmud, is also a member of Parliament, so is a cousin, daughter of his estranged uncle Tun Rahman Yakub, but now reconciled. Taib Mahmud is of Melanau stock (a minority ethnic race in Sarawak), and has planted a lot of his own clansmen in key positions in government and statutory bodies. Even the present governor Tun Salahuddin, a Catholic converted to Muslim for the purpose of assuming the governorship, is a Melanau, much to the chagrin of the local Malays who are much more superior in numbers.
Taib Mahmud has made a mockery of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's pledge to weed out corruption, but that the latter had tolerate the former is understandable as Taib had always made good his side of the bargain in delivering all but one or two of the parliamentary seats in almost all the general elections he has fought.
The above all the more important in view of the last general election in March 2008, where Abdullah would have theoretically lost the election if not for the clean sweep of all but one of the 31 seats in Sarawak. However, it is easy for Taib as his war chest of millions from his booty and contributions from all the sycophantic cronies makes 'money politics' the 'business as usual' all but a game to play come election time.
That this self−crowned 'Sultan of Sarawak' has earned the spite of Sarawak's general populace is putting it in a mild way. Thus, Abdullah has let Taib Mahmud off the hook, in spite of the latter's continued blatant plunder of the state's resources. Who says there is no honour among robbers? Taib remains the sacred cow, untouchable, untamed and un−topple−able as money politics will almost certainly rear its ugly head again comes the next state election in 2011.
This wily old fox will definitely have something up his sleeve even when the chips are down. In the meantime, still hiding behind the smokescreen of his laughably shallow 'philosophy' of 'Politics of Development', he continues to plunder, unhindered. Nevertheless, the pilots of his private jet are on the standby 24/7, just in case he needs to go 'travelling' in a big hurry.
And above all, the dayaks are remained marganinalised of everythings under the sky....
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Why Sarawakians Should Vote For Pakatan Rakyat-Zaid outlines blueprint for Pakatan government

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 — Datuk Zaid Ibrahim has offered the public a glimpse of a Pakatan Rakyat (PR) federal government by outlining a common platform that includes an anti-discrimination law, abolishing the ISA and relaxing of legislation like the Sedition Act and press laws.

Zaid, who has been given the job of casting in stone common ground for the disparate alliance criticised for having no shared ideology, said a PR administration would also introduce an economic policy with safety nets and a new education strategy to produce more competitive graduates.
“Pakatan Rakyat must firstly unite all Malaysians. We must revive the dreams of Tunku Abdul Rahman and other independence leaders,” he wrote in a posting on his blog yesterday.
The PR alliance has come under heavy attacks from Umno in particular over its lack of a common platform.
Barisan Nasional’s (BN) lynchpin has taken full advantage of open squabbles between PR partners PKR, PAS and DAP to drive a wedge among the opposition parties.
Umno has also stepped up the rhetoric to paint Malay leaders in PR as traitors in well-worn attacks underscoring the right-wing appeal of the ruling party.
With some PAS leaders beginning to blow hot and cold in their commitment to PR, Zaid appears to be also in a hurry now to set down the opposition’s common platform.
In his blog post yesterday evening, the former Umno minister outlined four main areas for PR’s platform:

• To introduce anti-discrimination laws
• To introduce an economic policy with safety nets to protect the lower income group
• To introduce an education policy that will produce competitive graduates, especially among Malay and Bumiputeras
• To abolish the Internal Security Act and the Printing Presses and Publications Act; to relax provisions which give excessive powers to the government in the Official Secrets Act, the Sedition Act and other legislation; to introduce sweeping reforms to the police, courts and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.
“Pakatan must reject the practice of discrimination. This proposal (to introduce an anti-discrimination law) will not affect the special position of Malays under Article 153 of the constitution.
“Do not listen to Umno’s lies. The non-Bumiputeras have never asked for Article 153 to be abolished,” said Zaid.
He said the proposed legislation would ensure non-Malays are not discriminated against, and that Malays are not discriminated against by the non-Bumiputera community. Article 153, he pointed out, would be maintained.
The former minister, who recently joined PKR, said PR should also introduce an economic policy with a safety net in place for the lower-income group.
“We are not a poor country. In fact we should all live in prosperity if we reduce wastage and leakages because of corruption. Pakatan is committed to wiping out graft.”
PR’s education policy, he said, would also be aimed at making Malay and Bumiputera graduates in particular more competitive by revamp the system to ensure quality teachers and identification of key subjects for improvement.
Another key area Zaid identified for reform if PR came to power was to curb what he said was excessive powers that had been given to government institutions.
“A Pakatan Rakyat government must be free and not instil fear in the public. It must have an open attitude and accept criticisms. This can only be done by establishing a free and democratic government,” he said.
He singled out the ISA and the Printing Presses and Publications Act for abolition.
Other laws like the Sedition Act and the Official Secrets Act would also have their provisions relaxed in a PR administration, he said.
Zaid said widespread reforms were also necessary for the judiciary, police and MACC.
“I believe that when Pakatan Rakyat agrees with these basic aims, the confidence of the public will increase. It will ensure the leaders are busy with these aims and have no time to argue over trivial matters,” he said.
Zaid said that if PR were to concentrate on such a common platform, the public would no longer perceive the alliance as just an “anti-ISA party” but as a coalition with substance.
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