Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Iban Dayak NCR Lands Robbed By PELITA and Malay

Monday, 6th July 2009, I went to Land Custody Development Authority or abbreviated as PELITA, to accompany one of my relative to collect his Cash Incentive for his NCR Land that has been developed under JV with Tetangga Akrab Pelita Pantu Sdn. Bhd.
(Most of the NCR Lands that involve in this JV were planted with rubber plantation ....The JV cost NCR Land owners of losing few thousands RM )
The divident was part of the RM 150 per acre per year payment to all the participants as mentioned in the Agreement in which according to him had never been shown to them. The office was located on 8th floor of Satok Building. When I reached at the office, I was surprised to see despite the majority of the NCR land owners being developed by PELITA are Iban dayak, but I only saw few Iban Dayak faces inside. Majority were Malays.
( Majority of the owners of the NCR Lands being developed by PELITA are Iban dayak, but only few are employed by them...Where is 1Malaysia) Based on this observation, I concluded that 1Malaysia is not applicale here, in PELITA ? How can our NCR lands be managed properly and the NCR land owner be fairly paid if they are not managed by Iban dayak themselves? Jabu and Masing, Say something Please! Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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5 comments to “ Iban Dayak NCR Lands Robbed By PELITA and Malay ”
Anonymous said...

1malaysia does not apply to PELITA. Their hidden agenda is to rob NCR land from the native and to take all the non-occupied land(in Taib Dictionary) and gives these lands to the Malays.
mark my words, in less than 30 years to come, Iban dayak will have no land to cultivate our foods.
The condtion of PELITA office as written by Unggal Remaung should not be taken likely by the dayaks. If our stupid politicians cannot do anything for us than we should turn to dayak NGO.

All the best to you Remaung for brave enough to highligh your observation in this wonderful blog....

Keep up a good work!
Dayak JB

Remaung Enam Renjer said...

I am in the agreement with your comment Dayak JB. If we look at the Org Chart, from top to bottom only two dayak are there.
I hope that SDNU look into this matter. If this is the srtucture of the organization that manage our NCR Land, one day I am not surprise that all og the NCR land develop by Pelita will go to the Malay.
I am not racist but I am very concern over the future of the NCR Land.
Mupok aku

Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban

Anonymous said...

Kati bala sida Masing bangat buta mata benggal pending.
Peda saiz tanah NCR ti dimaju PELITA, enti kitai nadai bejimat berati ke pengawa sida tu, one day tanah kitai Iban deka abis.

Terima kasih

Bujang Simanggang

Anonymous said...

Apoo namanya divident ke advance divident ?
Iga meh bangat advance divident aja ? Nyampau meh kelapa sawit kitanya tau ngeluar ke hasil ti maioh. Peda sapa ti bekerja dia.
Bekas ASP Polis nama iya bisi belajar nanam sawit.
UjongX kita nya bankrap laban iya ila.


Orang Sebuyau

Anonymous said...

First and foremost the Ibans must understand the causes for all these and the we can plan the steps that we need to take to ensure that we are given a fair share of the cake. The causes are numerous and I below hereunder I will attempt to list a few.

1. Its is in the interest of the BN and other races to keep Iban disunited in Sarawak so as to sustain the Chief Ministerialship of Taib Makmud.

2. Its in the interest of Taib Makmud to ensure that the Ibans do not progress so that TM and his cronies can sustain their stewardship.

3. The Ibans are exactly where we were 48 years ago - poor, disunited, no leadership, no opportunity, no help from the Government, occupies no high post in the Government etc. Barisan National ensures that this stay that way.

4. The Ibans are mere tools to serve other people's political, economic and financial interest. They know, given RM a few Ringgit during every election, the Ibans will vote for BN - just look at all those Ibans people in Pasai, Sibu - a bunch of drunken morons, still stuck in the jungle.

5. Lack of leadership - Jabu, Masing et al - what have they done to fight for Iban's right . ZIl, ZERO. Our Iban MPs in KL are mere moron who are under the thumbs of BN and Taib.

I can sit down here and relate of these facts till the cows come home.

The final insult is when Taib even recruited all the Malays to look after the NCR. But these are mere sine quonon of the above.
Having the Malays administering the NCR are just one of the examples to ensure that the Ibans are forever marginalised.

The question is - what are the Iban going to do about it? We have no leader, no single political party to unite us, no voice in the Parliament, no voice in Sarawak, no forum in which to discuss our plight and so on and so forth.

Sapa agi oleh di ano kitai ila? Kitai Iban empu pun enda oleh setuju, enda oleh se ati.


An Iban from London, England

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