Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sarawak Government Did More to Ex-Communist Compare to the Ex-Army

In 1973 when Abdul Rahman Yakub then a Chief Minister of Sarawak, signed a Peace Agreement with Bong Kee Chok (PARAKU), all of the ex-PARAKU members were given a land and substantial amount of fund to start their lives. If one travel from Kuching to Serian, on the right side of Kuching-Serian highway (not far from Kpg Panchur), one will see the blue roof banglo. This banglo is belong to Bong Kee Chok. This is very much contrary with the condition of the houses belong to about 30,000 members of ex-army in Sarawak.
In the past few members of the ex-army had tried their luck to apply for a small piece of land from Sarawak government but rejected by Awang Tengah (Sarawak government) without any reason given.
The action of the Sarawak government above for rejecting the application by ex-members of the armed forces for a small piece of land, is a clear indicator that they had done more to the ex-PARAKU members compare to the ex-army members.
Another point to ponder......ever heard that any members of Sarawak MP especially from the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) express their opinion publicly or reject the return of Ching Peng to Malaysia ?
This will never happen simply because most of the SUPP members in late 60s were Communist members. They CCO infiltrated and covertly took over SUPP. The top leaders of SUPP, Ong Kee Hui and Stephen Yong, may not be CCO sympathisers but below them, almost all the branches were controlled by agents of the CCO. Weng and Bong Kee Chok became founder members of SUPP. Another half a dozen CCO members also joined as founder members. By this time, the early 1960s, the British Special Branch were well aware of the threat posed by the CCO. The trigger to open hostility occurred in 1962 when AM Azahari launched his ill-fated attempt to take over the Brunei sultanate. Azahari had deep links with the SUPP/CCO and when the military uprising failed just before Christmas 1962, the Special Branch took the opportunity to launch an all out campaign to crack down on the CCO. All the key CCO leaders including Weng and Bong were round up.Many were deported back to China while other were banished deep into the interior. Many SUPP branches were proscribed.
Well , what is the different between SUPP and Chin Peng. If we can accept SUPP why can't we accept Chin Peng.
To all the ex-army in Sarawak, Next election DO NOT VOTE FOR BN..VOTE FOR PAKATAN!
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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