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PKR New Line Up-Is there any Place For Iban Dayak in PKR?

Iban Dayak has been losing our political platform since the deregisteration of PBDS 0n 21st October 2004, by few selfish Iban Dayak leaders within PBDS such as Jemut Masing, JE, Mong Dagang, to name a few. Those leaders in one way or another were responsible for the deregistration of PBDS when they challenged Daniel Tajem and Joseph Salang and their faction for control of the party at the 2003 triennial delegates conference. After the PBDS deregisteration, one faction led by Jemut Masing formed-up Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) whereas another faction led by few Iban Dayak intelectuals (numbering about 100,000) wanted to form Malaysian Dayak Congress, but the ROS (Registrar of Societies) rejected the application submitted on May 6, 2005 on grounds of security under Article 7 of Societies Act. But many believed it was due to Tok Uban and Jabu influence. Now appeal is still on to the Home Ministry. With the 12th General Election(12th GE) or PORU12 result shown that Parti Keadailan Rakyat (PKR) won few seats in Peninsular Malaysia especially in the Indian and Chinese majority constituencies, now more of the ex-PBDS members are joining PKR.” It first attempt to stand on PKR ticket failed when its Candidate ex-YB Jawah Gerang lost to novice BN Candidate Mussen Lamos in the Batang Ai by-election held last April following the demised of PRS Vice President Datuk Dublin Unting. Some political analysts believed that Jawah Gerang lost the election because of a rift between the two dayak factions in PKR, hardcore ex-PBDS members that used dayakism as their moto and the more liberal fiction which is more inclined toward multi-racial approach. The new appointment of Sarawak PKR office bearers recently, had clearly shown that PKR at Federal level was not happy with the "dayakism" fiction as none of the Iban Dayak leaders were entrusted with the important appointments. The appoitment of Chinese and Malay to the important posts in the new line-up clearly indicated that PKR will concentrates in the Chinese and Malay majority areas in the next general election. With this new development, Iban Dayak leaders in PKR should think carefully now whether to continue our struggle under PKR or to form our own party......?
PKR Sarawak Office Bearer 2008/2009
Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim PENASIHAT
Datuk Hafsah HarunDatuk
Michael Bong
YB Dominique Ng Kim Ho PENGERUSI
YB Gabriel Adit
Baru Bian
Nicholas Bawin Anggat
Granda Aing
Wan Zainal Wan Sanusi
Baharuddin Mohsen
Dr Micahel Teo
Jawah Gerang
Augustine Liom
Jimmy Donald
Abg Zulkifli
Abg Engkeh (Setiausaha)
Setiausaha : Piee bin Ling Timbalan SU : Mexlian Gombek, Zulhaidah Suboh Bendahari : Wong Huan Yu Timb. Bendahari : George Chen Penerangan : See Chee How (Ketua), Norhanim Mohsen, Zulrusdi Hol Wanita : Ibi Uding Angkatan Muda : Rahmat Aidil Biro Pilihanraya : Mustaffa Kamil Ayub (Ketua), Hj Baharuddin, Voon Shiak Ni, Boniface Willy Tumek, Munan Laja, Dr Mansor Husin, Loo Chao Min, Harrison Ngau,Granda Aing, Zulrusdi Hol Biro Strategi : Granda Aing (Ketua), Wan Zainal Wan Zanusi Biro Pendidikan : Mansor Husin (Ketua), Stanney Embat, Zurinawati Zaidel Biro Latihan : Lokman Aba Ibrahim (Ketua), Mumbang Hillary Mukit, Zulhaidah Suboh, Bobby Wiliam, Tan Tian Miine Biro Integrasi : Paul Raja (Ketua), Dr Francis Ngu, Dr Idwar Bakkarudin, Lawrence Dick Sakalai Biro Polisi : Dr Christopher Kiyui (Ketua), Angela Baginda, Frankie Bendindang Manjah, Abg Zulkifli Engkeh, Dr Lau Liak Koi, Mohamad Said @ Beti Gapur Biro Kebajikan & Kesihatan : Abang Oothman Abg Gom (Ketua), Dr Michael Teo, Lina Soo, Vincent Sijem, Hung Soon Huo, Ceceilia Stannery Biro Hak Asasi & Tanah : Augustine Liom (Ketua), Ali Basah, Henry Joseph, Desmond Khoo, Arif Ameran, Ahmad Nazib Johari Biro Alam Sekitar & Sumber Alam : Harrison Ngau (Ketua), Simon Tiong, Mexlian Gombek, Ong Fook Fong
After looking at the PKR Sarawak line-up for year 2008/2009 above, personally I felt that PKR is not a right platform for Iban/Dayak. We should form up our own party , truly and purely represented by the Iban Dayak. Let's learn from our brothers in Kalimantan Indonesia. Dayakism shouldn't be stopped. Let's rejuvenate dayakism by formimg our own party-Be it MDC or Sarawak Borneo Dayak Congress (SBDC) .
Mupok aku
"Let's Rejuvenate Dayakism On Our Own Platform"
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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3 comments to “ PKR New Line Up-Is there any Place For Iban Dayak in PKR? ”
Anonymous said...

Kalau sudah tahu bahawa dayakism cannot work for the dayak, mengapakah kaum Dayak masih mengharapkan bantuan PKR ?
Ingat bagaimana Sukarno menyeru rakyatnya agar menentang dan membebaskan Indonesia daripada Belanda ?
"Tidak ada tentera daripada Turki yang akan membebaskan Indonesia daripada perintah Belanda melainkan rakyatnya sendiri!"
Maka rakyat Indonesiapun bangkit dan membebaskan Indonesia daripada Belanda.
Mengapa tidak kaum dayak bangkit menentang perintah BN yang kejam dan pembula menggunakan cogankata yang sama???

Terima Kasih
Pembela Dayak abad Ini.

Anonymous said...

Dayak leaders and intellectuals must thinking seriously to form our own party as suggested MDC.
We have been economically marginalised by the BN therefore financially we are still not capable to work alone , and still need the support of Pakatan.
I agree with you Remaung6Renjer that we dayak should sail on our own boat. Just like our brother in kalimantan that we should form our own party and unite under dayak term...

Thank you


Anonymous said...

PBDS - Pati Begempung Demokrasi Sarawak
PBD - Pati Begempung Demokrasi

How does it sound? Multi-racial isn't it?....


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