Sunday, June 14, 2009

Non-Performing Sarawak BN MPs In Parliament - Datuk Peter Chin and YB Nancy In Denial

Dewan Rakyat Deputy Speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Tunku Jaafar revealetion on non-performing Sarawak BN MPs for seldomly participate in a debate in parliament recieved a negative response from majority of the MPs especially from Datuk Peter Chin and the novice MP, Nancy Shukri.

Datuk Peter Chin , Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water

Datuk Peter Chin when talking to reporters agreed with Deputy Speaker statement that Sarawak MPs seldomly speak in Parliament but added that debate is only one of many yardsticks to measure the performance of a BN MPs who could articulate the aspirations and problems of their constituencies. But in the opinion of the rakyat/voters, if MPs do not speak-up in Parliament how can the problem faced by their contituencies be known by the minister concern? In order to speak in Parliament, the MPs must really understand the topic that they are going to raise , and they must do a proper preparation and homework otherwise they will be caught with their pants down by the Pakatan Rakyat MPs. This has happened to Taib's Son when he answered the question raised by thye Opposition just by reading from the prepared text.

YB Nancy Shukri - "We don't shout. You don't expect us to speak like the Sabahan MPs, that is their nature.We did not speak in aggressive manner because we have our own way.." . Or Sarawak MPs are lazy to do their homework or they Just Master Yes Man !

Denial statements from Sarawak BN MPs in responded to Datuk Wan Junaidi Tunku Jaafar comment which said that Sarawak MPs Seldomly speak in Parliament ....
To all Sarawakian voters like it or not, these are the quality of MPs that all of us voted for. We have no one to blame except for ourselves.
In order not to choose the wrong MP in the future, make sure that you Vote Wisely by Voting all the coward BN MPs Out....
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Comments :

Anonymous said...

In denial syndrome-Always thinking that they are good and always opposed to criticism.
They are all lazy politicians that why they cannoy talk in parliament...
Teach them a lesson...


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