Friday, June 5, 2009

Gawai Dayak Celebration - MP and State Assembly Members Under Performing Prevails

Gawai Dayak is supposed to be celebrated in a very jovial and happy mood. But this only can be achieved if the basic amenities such as electricity and water are met.
This year Gawai Dayak, the first and second day were celebrated in my longhouse, and then continued with the celebration at my in-law house in Sri Aman on third and fourth day of the gawai .
In the longhouse where there is no electricity, during this hot weather, the celebration was like hell. The one panel solar energy provided by ex YB Jimmy Donald about 10 years ago was far from enough to provide 24 hours power to the household. Therefore to provide enough energy, some of them have to buy the generator for themselves. The cost to operate the generator for 24hours electricity is about 16 litres of petrol per generator/household. Because of the high cost so the generator is only operating from 6.30pm to 10.30pm daily. And they have to live without electricity for the rest of the day. Just imagine during this dry and hot weather without fan (what to say air-cond.) ??? Can the Vision 2020 be achieved nationwide. Jabu and Masing must be day dreaming...
At my in-law house in Sri Aman where there is no electricity problem, but the people here have been affected by water woes for the past 10 years especially during Gawai Dayak and Christmas. Just wonder, which one is more important is it the Water Front project or the basic amneties such as water?
Another problem whic has been faced  by the people in Sri Aman especially the Anglican followers is a place of worship. Since St Luke church was destroyed in fire (about 8 years ago, sorry I could not remember the exact year it was destroyed) the government still could not provide fund to re-build the church. About 80% of the voters in Sri Aman are christian. Why can't the government help to rebuild the church? Why there is a double standard between religions in term of government Assistance ? Why are assistances only to be provided to Islam only? Aren't we all Malaysian ?
To all the Dayak Leaders or representatives such as the followings, if all of you feel that you are not capable to work for your people, do not seek for re-election in the coming election.

YB Masir Kujat
Be yourself. All knew that he is a proxy for Donal Lawan. Don't waste people monies and times to vote for You. If you still cannot handle Electricity, Water and St Lukes Church in Sri Aman, DO NOT SEEK for re-election.

YB Snowdan Lawan
N25 Balai Ringin
Business Politicking. Keen in playing guitar only. Not a pure politician but enter politic because of father affiliation with Taib Mahmud.
Rectify electricity woes and Batang Strap Bridge or DO NOT SEEK Re-election.

YB Mong Dagang
N26 -Bukit Begunan
Lacking in all aspects. Must not seek re-election

Datuk Francis Harden Hollis
To rectify water woes and St Lukes Church constructions or DO NOT SEEK Re-election.

To all voters in P202 SRI AMAN, N25 Balai Ringin, N26 Bukit Begunan and N27 Simanngang, remember your representatives/YBs names and photos. Do not vote for them if they fail to rectify the problem of (1) Electricity (2) Batang Strap Bridge (3) Water (4) Construction of St Lukes Church. Remember do not waste your time on the leaders that are under performing.

Mupok Aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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3 comments to “ Gawai Dayak Celebration - MP and State Assembly Members Under Performing Prevails ”

Nadai utai kulih sida tu. Rakyat menua tu ambih migrat ke luar laban nadai utai di anti di menua.

bluehope said...

So sad to hear that! I hear the same problems faced in my aunty's cousin's longhouse too. I'm going to write about that for my coming entry. Visit me soon!

What for become a YB and yet cannot help the people! I agree with that...

Remaung Enam Renjer said...

The problem with the Ddayak politicians is that majority or almost 100% of them joining politic is because of monetery reasons.They have no "people mind" in them. You ask any of the 4 YBs under P202 what sort of project they are planning for all the longhouses under their Constuencies. I bet you the only project in their minds will be thing like "anak manok, atap zinc"...
They cheated us..remember next election we have a power to vote them out.

Mupok aku

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