Monday, June 29, 2009

Iban Dayak Has No Place in the The Malaysian Armed Forces

"Iban Dayak Has No Place In the Malaysian Armed Forces"
Despite our past and present contribution to this nation especially our perfect record and services in the Malaysian Army, ironically Malaysian Armed Forces still do not have trust on us. This can be clearly seen by the number of Iban Dayak Army Officer being promoted to the rank of General so far is remained none. In the 90s we had one Colonel Dunstan Nyaring but left after being told by Datuk Abang Abu Bakar , the then Defense Minister , that he has no chances to be promoted to the Brigadier General for being an Iban and a non-Muslim. So he left and worked as a Political secretary to the later.

Colonel Stephen Mundau the most eligible Iban Officer to be promoted to a one star general in Malaysian Armed Forces

As of today, Colonel Stephen Mundau is the highest ranking Iban Army Officer that still serving the Malaysian Armed Forces. Some of his squads (military term for peers) who are less capable than him have been promoted to the "two star " general. Col Stephen is a capable and experienced Army Officer. He underwent his Army Officer Cadet Training in Sandhurst, UK (One of the elite Army Officer Training College in the world). But why has he not promoted to the one star general (Brigadier General) ? Is it because of the qouta System which is unofficially practice in the Armed Forces ? (especially in the army) When I applied to discontinued my services with the army about 11 years ago, one of the reason that I gave to my boss was on the chances of being promoted beyond the rank of Leutenat Colonel (Lt Col) . Being the Iban and a non-Muslim, the most one can get promoted in the army is to the rank of Lt Col. For example, in the Royal Ranger Regiment (RRD) there's some qouta system for promotion. This qouta is based on the races and religion such as Iban, Indian, Malay, Chinese and Muslim. But any Army General if you ask them about the qouta system, I am confident that none will be able to provide you with the positive answer , because the system is practiced secretly.
The Malaysian Army should abolish the qouta system. Every serving army officers must be given the equal opportunity for promotion.
Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) will create history on 1st July 2009, when for the first time they are going to promote Colonel Ishak Ismail to a rank of Brigadier General. Singapore is one of the nation in Asia that practicing the policy of not giving the officers from the minority ethnic opportunities to rise to the highest ranks due to concern over their loyalty. Other than Singapore, the other nation that also practising the same policy in term of promotion in the army because of loyalty concerns is Brunei Armed Forces. In Brunei Armed Forces the non-Muslim Officers cannot hold the Commander job. They are only allowed to hold the Administrative and Logistic job. Malaysian Armed Forces should follow the footsteps of SAF by promoting Colonel Stephen Mundau to Brigadier General, thus will become the first Iban dayak to be promoted to the rank of general in MAF. MAF should not worry about our loyalty. Since Emergency in 1948 until today, the Iban Dayak have served this nation with full-hearted. This is evident by the fact , the number of the PGB and SP reciepient amongs us (the Iban soldiers/warriors) is exceeding the other main races in Malaysia such as Indian, Chinese and even the Malay if we may compare its with the total populations of Malaysia. If this is not sufficient, among all the races in Malaysia, which one had been looking high by the US general during the second world war ? was it not the Iban soldier ?
We are not asking for our son to be promoted straight to Armed Forces head but just request for Colonel Stephen Mundau promotion to the rank that he deserves , the Brigadier General at the shortest time as possible...
Mupok Aku
1Malaysia Slogan Must be heard and SEEN!
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Friday, June 26, 2009

Dayak Dilemma-Why We Are Still Not Recognised?

Tan Sri Sidek...Failed to understand the real issue that affecting the Dayak..Stupid and Blind!

I was not surprised with Tan Sri Mohd Sidek, the Chief Secretary answered to a question on the proposal to remove the term "lain-lain" from Official government forms. Accotrding to him the proposal could be considered and implemented if it could achieve the 1Malaysia concept that was advocated by PM Najib Razak.
But being the dayak myself , I just could not understand how such a high position goverment servant like Tan Sri Sidek still did not understand the main issue here, and the relation between 1Malaysia concept and the replacement of "lain-lain" with specific ethnics in Malaysia such as Dayak, Kadazandusun or Orang Asli. By catogarized us under lain-lain, we felt that our contribution to the nation has not been fairly recognized by the Malaysian government.
In Malaysian history for example, Iban has been involved in defending this country from its enemies since the first emergency in 1948 until now. This can bee seen with the numbers of Iban Officers and Soldiers being awarded with PGB and SP, whereby more than 35 of the total recipients of the two galantary awards are Ibans.
If this is still not sufficient what about the number of the Iban MPs? What will happen to Barisan Nasional if these MPs leave BN and join Pakatan Rakyat ? What about the seats won by Kadazandusun in Sabah ? Just imagine if Iban and Kadazandusun (the biggest groups in Sabah and Sarawak that are categorized as lain-lain by government) quit BN enbloc. Do you think that PM Najib can still be PM and Tan Sri Sidek services as Chief Secretary be extended ?
To BN and Tan Sri Sidek, before too late please replace the term lain-lain with Dayak or Kadazandusun NOW !

Mupok aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"
Borneo the Land of The Dayak!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Govt Spending Must Be Prudent ! What About The Minor Rural Project (MRP) Funds Allocated to YBs?

On 1st day of Gawai Dayak 2009, I went back to my longhouse to celebrate gawai with my mother and the rest of my siblings. This has been practiced by our family for many years. Gawai Dayak is celebrated in my longhouse and Christmas is celebrated in Kuching or Sri Aman. My longhouse is located in Sub-District Pantu and is about 4KM from Sg Tenggang. In term of political boundary, it is located in P202 and N25. We were supposed to leave Kuching on 31st May that was Gawai Eve as per our Our earlier planning but due to the health problem affected one of our family member, the trip was postponed to 1st June that was on the Gawai dayak dayitself. To cut the story short, without much problem along the way, we reached my longhouse at about 1015pm. We parked our vehicle at our usual car park located by Sg Kersik (a tributury of Sg. Sanjau). I had not been to visit my indai for the past 3 months. Within those three month, other than a concrete road where we parked our car, no other development project have been brought by the two YBs to the longhouse. Talking about the concrete road that I mentioned above, personally I felt proud with it. Why not I felt proud about it ? My longhouse in which at one time only can be reached by a longboat and 2 hours journey on foot, today has a 60 meters length and 21/2 meter width (Approximately) concrete road. For the people of the longhouse who have not been totally exposed to the real development, this concrete road is a big project....and for that , they owed Barisan Nasional their votes. In the next morning, I was told by my uncle who was also the longhouse head that the concrete road was a part of MRP project allocated by the Barisan Nasional YB this year. And a talk with one of the longhouses Security and Development Committee member during my gawai visit to his house , it was understood that road cost RM 40k to construct. With no briefing or information given to the Committee especially on the specifications of the project, his expanation did not convince me that the project cost RM 40K. This is not an isolation case . There were few MRP projects in the past such as (to list a few) the housing materials like zinc, and the chicken (the most popular MRP amongst Dayak Politicians especially to the two BN YBs for P202 and N25) provided by the two YBs where the information were not divulged to them. I am not accusing the two YBs of any wrongdoing in their MRP spending, but just want to highlight to the goverment that mechanism is required to monitor the MRP allocations (the tax payer monies) given to the YBs so that the monies are spend fairly and correctly by the YBs. Anothe point to be considered by government is to audit these allocations by atleast one in two years. Another query that I have for a government is about the excessive claims made by the MPs.The issue was brought up during one of the Parliament sitting years back, what happened to the case? We Voted the YBs For Their Services, So serve Us Correctly ! Mupok aku "Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Friday, June 19, 2009

Barisan Nasional Will Lose Iban Supports If NCR Matter Is Not Rectify-Najib Walk The Talk?

The most important asset for the Iban is land. If sarawak Government under the leadership of Tun Rahman Yaakub and Taib Mahmud did not stop surveying the NCR land, the condition of the longhouses will not be like as the are now, without access road, electricity and clean water.
PM Najib during his Working Visit to Sarawak recently, when talking to the Iban in Lubok Antu had promised that the government will not take away their lands, and further added that their NCR land issue which concerned them most will be tackled promptly.
He also informed the people of Lubok Antu that from the discussion that he had with Tok Uban, he was convinced that the State's model of NCR lands development would ensure a better future for the Iban. But what PM Najib did not understand or wrongly briefed by Tok Uban about the NCR Gaya Baru which is implemented on the NCR lands are :-
  1. The JV - 60% Company, 30% land owner and 10% to the state government agency Land Custody and Development Authority (LCDA) .
  2. After 60 years leased lapsed it does not guarantee that the land will be returned to NCR land owner.
  3. Most of the JVs so far (like in Kanowit, Empaling-Ubah-Tekuyung & Isu ) have not bared any fruit of success what to say managed to chang the life of the participants. For example, I am participating in Empaling-Ubah-Tekuyung & Isu JV, and so far I did not see that the JV is making much money to pay our dividents. Same goes to the JV in Kanowit as I may qoute. In 1996, Iban landowners in Sarawak agreed that their land in the Kanowit District be planted with oil palm. A joint venture between Boustead Plantations (60%), the villagers (30%) and the state government agency Land Custody and Development Authority (LCDA) (10%) was established.Through the agreement, villagers were promised roads that would connect the longhouses in the area, electricity and piped water supply, as well as 60-year land titles for the Native Customary Rights (NCR) landowners. However, it was reported that despite the fruits have been harvested for many years, NCR landowners have been paid no dividends except for an initial meagre advance paid in 1997. None of the other promises has been fulfilled. The natives could no longer bear the abuse and decided to take action to protect their interests. In April a blockade action was staged to stop the company from entering their oil palm plantation. At first it was carried out only by three longhouse communities but later on others followed up to 20 longhouses.
  4. The Concept is totally different from FELDA that his father, Late Tun Abdul Razak started - especially in term of the owner of the land being developed, and the duration of land leased.
PM Najib must understand that the NCR land for the Iban is like a tanah wakaf to Malay in Peninsular Malaysia. To understand our problem clearly, the federal government should try to develope the tanah wakaf using the Gaya Baru NCR land development concept in Sarawak.Let see how the Malay in Peninsular will responds...
Iban were stupid for throwing their votes to BN knowingly that BN Sarawak has taken and robbed their lands. But the time will come for sure, if not now , in the coming General Election we will follow the footsteps of our forefather, willing to die for our lands...remember that "Land is our Blood and Life".
To PM Najib and BN, you will see for yourself if you DON'T WALK THE TALK!
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Taib Mahmud Supports the Coward MPs That Do Not Speak-up in Parliament

Taib Mahmud, the Chief Minister Of Sarawak, Anti-Iban Politician, the most corrupted state head, the richest politician, member of the most successful Melanau family, the richest person originate from Mukah, and of course the longest serving Chief Minister said that he prefers Sarawak BN MPs to maintain their current approaches that is less talk in parliament, because he said, Action Speaks Louder than Words. If the constituencies that the Sarawakian BN Mps representing are very well developed, and the problem of the voters are handled properly, I am totally and 100% agree with Tok Uban. But with the development that Sarawak has achieved so far, the "Action Speaks Louder than Words" does not apply to Sarawak BN MPs. How can we are happy with our MPs who are just keeping quiet in Parliament knowingly that our developments are far behind from all the states in Peninsular? Pehin Seri Taib Mahmud sir. Please EXPLAIN AND ANSWER these Questions and statistics: (1) How many longhouses and kampongs are there in Sarawak that are still without electricity, clean water and the access road (federal or rural roads) ? (2) How many small towns are there in Sarawak without any government clinic ? Please check with YB Snowdan (N25) and YB Masir Kujat (P202) about Sg. Tenggang and Lachau ? (3) Do we have enough Primary and Secondary School especially in the Iban majority areas? Please also check with those two YBs. Sorry I've to quote them as an example because both of them representing one of the undeveloped constituency in Malaysia and secondly their constituencies are near to my heart. (4) Are you aware that 85% of Iban in the longhouses are living under the poverty line? Check my past posting on this subject here (5) Are you aware that Iban are the biggest number in term of school dropped-out or unable to continue their studies in the higher learning institutions due to financial problem compare with the other races in Malaysia? (6) Are you aware that most of the native especially Iban cannot mortgage their lands for business, education, housing loan purposes because their NCR lands have no title? Aren't you and your uncle Tun Rahman are responsible for the "No NCR Land Title Policy" approach since the 80s? I wrote a posting about the condition of one of the Iban longhouse in N25 which is under YB Snowdan, their plight about their housing loan which has not been approved until now possibly because their NCR lands have no title for mortgage. Please check the posting here The above points are not exhausted. How could you agreed with our cowards MPs by keeping quiet in Parliament when you know very well about the problem that we, the Sarawakian are facing? By keeping quiet the ministers responsible will be thinking that we have no problems and our developments in Sarawak are in the same pace with them in Peninsular. Or you have your own motives why you prefer them to keep quiet….possibly so that they maintain their YES MAN approach toward you? I would like to quote what you have said to the reporter when justified on the “Silent Approach” taken by Sarawakian BN MPs in Parliament :- “It’s not the same as anywhere else. You just imagine, Billy Abit Joo (Hulu Rajang MP) covers an area which is bigger than Pahang and has to use either the Bakun road or the Rajang River while crossing the Pelagus Rapids (to reach his constituents),” Please do not use the size of the constituencies that they represent as an excuse. We have been hearing such excuse for more than 46 years (since we were ruled by BN and with Malaysia). Because our constituency is bigger than the size of constituencies in Peninsular Malaysia, relevantly our MPs should ask for bigger allocation from the Federal Government. But if they are just keeping quiet in Parliament, as what had been said by our own MP who is also the Deputy Speaker of Dewan Rakyat, how can we convince the Federal Government to allocate bigger budget for us.

And if the Sarawakian BN MPs are satisfied with our current conditions, I have a strong message to them.. DO NOT SEEK RE-ELECTED in the coming general election. Lets the candidates that are more willing to speak-out become our representatives in the parliament. We have been suffering without developments for more than 46 years. We just don’t want and cannot wait for another 46 years of suffering under BARISAN NASIONAL ! For all Sarawakian, please see these photos properly, these are our coward MPs. Vote Them OUT in the Coming Election

Not all MPs are not performing. Based on my own observation, out of the 31 MPs from Sarawak that we voted to represent us in Parliament, these 4 MPs are always seen and heard loud in the parliament. They are the MPs that we Sarawakian should vote for in the next GE which is due in 2012 or 2013.
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

PM Najib Must Not Cover Up A Case Against Kelantan Prince That Had Tarnished Malaysian Image Internationally - No One is Above the Law

So much has been talked about a case involving Tengku Temenggong Tengku Mohammad Fakhry, the prince of northern Kelantan state with his teenage wife Manohara Odelia Pinot, 17 years old.

"The beauty"

Has she been forced to smile infront of the camera as alleged ?

Manohara met Tengku Fakhry in December 2006 at a dinner held by the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. The prince fell in love with Manohara and told the 15-year-old Manohara that he wanted to have a serious relationship with her. Given his courteous manner of address and noble background, Daisy Fajarina assented to the courtship. Despite some problems such as the absence of wali nikah (legal witness) and no legal letter from the Indonesian Embassy, Tengku Fakhry married 16-year-old Manohara in Malaysia on 26 August 2008.

Manohara gained widespread attention from the Indonesian media in mid April 2009 when her mother, Daisy Fajarina, alleged that Tengku Fakhry,abducted Manohara. The "abduction" saga ended on until Sunday, 31 May 2009 (While most of us Dayak prepared to celebrate Gawai Dayak) when Manohara escaped Kelantan Sultan’s authority in Singapore and returned to Indonesia with her mother. When talking to the Press in Jakarta, Manohara said that prior to escape the "abduction", she and Kelantan royal family were in Singapore to accompany Sultan of Kelantan as he sought medical treatment there. It was during this time that she had the opportunity to contact her mother Daisy Fajarina and told her that she was in Singapore. After knowing that her daughter was in Singapore she then flew there to meet her in the hotel where Manohara and Kelantanese royal family was staying. Manohara informed the press on how she escaped from the hotel, her ordeal in avoided Kelantan bodyguards that attempted to stop her on 3rd floor of the hotel. In distress, Manohara pressed the elevator emergency button to attract the attention of hotel security and the local authorities. Noticing the presence of CCTV camera in the elevator and the hotel corridor, Kelantan bodyguards withheld the use of force while in the evelvator. Manohara tried to contact the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore for help, but was failed to speak to anyone because there were no Indonesian embassy officials present on a Sunday. As her father is a US citizen, she then contacted the US Embassy and was successful in getting their immediate assistance. Her mother was managed to find her daughter on the third floor of the hotel. Under diplomatic protection, Manohara reached Changi Airport and finally succeeded in returning to Indonesia with her mother.

At a TV press conference on the 31 of May 2009, Manohara confirmed her mother’s allegations that her husband, Tengku Fakhry, had abused her both emotionally and physically. Please see the photos of Manohara injuries done by her "husband" as alleged by her and showed to the press.

The Injury! "Inhumane treatment by the prince toward his wife"

The Injury!

Her letter to her Prince husband!
Manohara informed the press that she would not return to Kelantan, also expressing her willingness to file for divorce from Tengku Fakhry. Manohara was only 16 at the time of her wedding and her American father, Reiner Pinot Noack, was said to have disapproved of the marriage.

"The people Princess"

"Loving Couple?"
The seemingly blissful life of a Malaysian princess soon became a living hell, Manohara said, as she was constantly guarded and spent most of her time in her bedroom in the palace.

"The Beauty and the Beast!"

Kelantan sultanate has a private jet ?
The teenager whose fairy-tale wedding impressed the Indonesian public said she would be tortured if she did not appear to be happy when she attended social functions with Fakhry

"Forcing herself smile infront of the camera ?

"KJ looking attractively at Manohara?"

"Manohara social life before her marriage to Kelantan's Prince"

Prior to her marriage to Kelantan Prince......Very social Life

"The people Princess"

This saga has recieved a lot of attention from the Indonesians. Some of them even suggested that they should retaliated as they believed that Malaysian government was covering the case and did not take any action against the prince.

"Cinderella Princess!"
PM Najib and Datuk Hishamuddin the Internal Affairs Minister must take serious action to ease the grievances of the Indonesian. Any action to cover-up the case in order to protect the prince from prosecution should be avoided, as such action can affect the bilateral ties between the two nations. If we study about World War one (WWI) in 1914 until 1917 which killed more than 14 millions people, both armies and civilians , you will find that it was triggered by the assassination of the royal, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Even though WWI was a global war, but at the beginning it was a war between Germany and Belgium. This case which involved the royal family, a Kelantan’s Prince, should be handled carefully and intelligently by Malaysian Government. There should not be anyone above the law. If the investigation found that there is a Case against the prince in black and white , the government should surrender him to the rightful authorities, be it the Indonesian or US government (Probably the USA government will take up the case as Manohara father is a US Citizen). Being the Malaysian Citizen, we would like to urge the Malaysian government especially PM Najib, Datuk Hishamuddin and the police, NOT TO COVER-UP the case as it could jeopardized our country image internationally and our relationship with our neighboring Indonesian !
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Non-Performing Sarawak BN MPs In Parliament - Datuk Peter Chin and YB Nancy In Denial

Dewan Rakyat Deputy Speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Tunku Jaafar revealetion on non-performing Sarawak BN MPs for seldomly participate in a debate in parliament recieved a negative response from majority of the MPs especially from Datuk Peter Chin and the novice MP, Nancy Shukri.

Datuk Peter Chin , Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water

Datuk Peter Chin when talking to reporters agreed with Deputy Speaker statement that Sarawak MPs seldomly speak in Parliament but added that debate is only one of many yardsticks to measure the performance of a BN MPs who could articulate the aspirations and problems of their constituencies. But in the opinion of the rakyat/voters, if MPs do not speak-up in Parliament how can the problem faced by their contituencies be known by the minister concern? In order to speak in Parliament, the MPs must really understand the topic that they are going to raise , and they must do a proper preparation and homework otherwise they will be caught with their pants down by the Pakatan Rakyat MPs. This has happened to Taib's Son when he answered the question raised by thye Opposition just by reading from the prepared text.

YB Nancy Shukri - "We don't shout. You don't expect us to speak like the Sabahan MPs, that is their nature.We did not speak in aggressive manner because we have our own way.." . Or Sarawak MPs are lazy to do their homework or they Just Master Yes Man !

Denial statements from Sarawak BN MPs in responded to Datuk Wan Junaidi Tunku Jaafar comment which said that Sarawak MPs Seldomly speak in Parliament ....
To all Sarawakian voters like it or not, these are the quality of MPs that all of us voted for. We have no one to blame except for ourselves.
In order not to choose the wrong MP in the future, make sure that you Vote Wisely by Voting all the coward BN MPs Out....
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Friday, June 12, 2009

Useless Sarawak BN MPs Seldomly Talk In Parliament

Sarawak BN MPs are among the least active when it comes to speaking in parliament, thus have very low rate of involvement during parliamentary debates, it was revealed yesterday. Because they are not as vocal or aggressive as their counterparts from the peninsula and Sabah, their mere presence is hardly noticed said Dewan Rakyat deputy speaker Datuk Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar.
“I dare say Sarawak MPs are the least interested to speak. They seldom speak. More often than not their presence in the Dewan Rakyat is never felt because they do not seize the opportunity to be noticed. They must realise that they are representing their constituencies as members of parliament, as such in the Dewan, they should be able to debate on policies and how these policies can benefit our state, etc. “Our MPs should be able to voice their concern over international matters such as disputed territories like the Ambalat islands and the Batu Putih. You must show yourselves as (knowledgeable) all-rounders,”.
Junaidi told reporters after recording a radio show at RTM Kuching yesterday. He further said that the state MPs must no longer isolate themselves from the mainstream of parliamentary practice, “otherwise they cannot be part of the whole system”. He said if they did not actively participate in debates in parliament or were seen as courageous or as aggressive as the MPs from other states, this could affect the people’s support for BN in the next election. In this respect, Junaidi said he admired Sabah MPs whom he described as “not shy to speak when debating motion of thanks to the Yang Di Pertuan Agong’s speech, policy speeches by ministers and any other motion in the parliament”.
“Just don’t sit at the back there so much so that people do not know where you are. You’ll be surprised that some ministers do not know you because you never speak … because publicity (as a consequence of your involvement in parliament".
These are the MPs that Sarawakian have been wasting monies and times on..Next Election remember to Vote them OUT.
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

PKR New Line Up-Is there any Place For Iban Dayak in PKR?

Iban Dayak has been losing our political platform since the deregisteration of PBDS 0n 21st October 2004, by few selfish Iban Dayak leaders within PBDS such as Jemut Masing, JE, Mong Dagang, to name a few. Those leaders in one way or another were responsible for the deregistration of PBDS when they challenged Daniel Tajem and Joseph Salang and their faction for control of the party at the 2003 triennial delegates conference. After the PBDS deregisteration, one faction led by Jemut Masing formed-up Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) whereas another faction led by few Iban Dayak intelectuals (numbering about 100,000) wanted to form Malaysian Dayak Congress, but the ROS (Registrar of Societies) rejected the application submitted on May 6, 2005 on grounds of security under Article 7 of Societies Act. But many believed it was due to Tok Uban and Jabu influence. Now appeal is still on to the Home Ministry. With the 12th General Election(12th GE) or PORU12 result shown that Parti Keadailan Rakyat (PKR) won few seats in Peninsular Malaysia especially in the Indian and Chinese majority constituencies, now more of the ex-PBDS members are joining PKR.” It first attempt to stand on PKR ticket failed when its Candidate ex-YB Jawah Gerang lost to novice BN Candidate Mussen Lamos in the Batang Ai by-election held last April following the demised of PRS Vice President Datuk Dublin Unting. Some political analysts believed that Jawah Gerang lost the election because of a rift between the two dayak factions in PKR, hardcore ex-PBDS members that used dayakism as their moto and the more liberal fiction which is more inclined toward multi-racial approach. The new appointment of Sarawak PKR office bearers recently, had clearly shown that PKR at Federal level was not happy with the "dayakism" fiction as none of the Iban Dayak leaders were entrusted with the important appointments. The appoitment of Chinese and Malay to the important posts in the new line-up clearly indicated that PKR will concentrates in the Chinese and Malay majority areas in the next general election. With this new development, Iban Dayak leaders in PKR should think carefully now whether to continue our struggle under PKR or to form our own party......?
PKR Sarawak Office Bearer 2008/2009
Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim PENASIHAT
Datuk Hafsah HarunDatuk
Michael Bong
YB Dominique Ng Kim Ho PENGERUSI
YB Gabriel Adit
Baru Bian
Nicholas Bawin Anggat
Granda Aing
Wan Zainal Wan Sanusi
Baharuddin Mohsen
Dr Micahel Teo
Jawah Gerang
Augustine Liom
Jimmy Donald
Abg Zulkifli
Abg Engkeh (Setiausaha)
Setiausaha : Piee bin Ling Timbalan SU : Mexlian Gombek, Zulhaidah Suboh Bendahari : Wong Huan Yu Timb. Bendahari : George Chen Penerangan : See Chee How (Ketua), Norhanim Mohsen, Zulrusdi Hol Wanita : Ibi Uding Angkatan Muda : Rahmat Aidil Biro Pilihanraya : Mustaffa Kamil Ayub (Ketua), Hj Baharuddin, Voon Shiak Ni, Boniface Willy Tumek, Munan Laja, Dr Mansor Husin, Loo Chao Min, Harrison Ngau,Granda Aing, Zulrusdi Hol Biro Strategi : Granda Aing (Ketua), Wan Zainal Wan Zanusi Biro Pendidikan : Mansor Husin (Ketua), Stanney Embat, Zurinawati Zaidel Biro Latihan : Lokman Aba Ibrahim (Ketua), Mumbang Hillary Mukit, Zulhaidah Suboh, Bobby Wiliam, Tan Tian Miine Biro Integrasi : Paul Raja (Ketua), Dr Francis Ngu, Dr Idwar Bakkarudin, Lawrence Dick Sakalai Biro Polisi : Dr Christopher Kiyui (Ketua), Angela Baginda, Frankie Bendindang Manjah, Abg Zulkifli Engkeh, Dr Lau Liak Koi, Mohamad Said @ Beti Gapur Biro Kebajikan & Kesihatan : Abang Oothman Abg Gom (Ketua), Dr Michael Teo, Lina Soo, Vincent Sijem, Hung Soon Huo, Ceceilia Stannery Biro Hak Asasi & Tanah : Augustine Liom (Ketua), Ali Basah, Henry Joseph, Desmond Khoo, Arif Ameran, Ahmad Nazib Johari Biro Alam Sekitar & Sumber Alam : Harrison Ngau (Ketua), Simon Tiong, Mexlian Gombek, Ong Fook Fong
After looking at the PKR Sarawak line-up for year 2008/2009 above, personally I felt that PKR is not a right platform for Iban/Dayak. We should form up our own party , truly and purely represented by the Iban Dayak. Let's learn from our brothers in Kalimantan Indonesia. Dayakism shouldn't be stopped. Let's rejuvenate dayakism by formimg our own party-Be it MDC or Sarawak Borneo Dayak Congress (SBDC) .
Mupok aku
"Let's Rejuvenate Dayakism On Our Own Platform"
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sarawak Government Did More to Ex-Communist Compare to the Ex-Army

In 1973 when Abdul Rahman Yakub then a Chief Minister of Sarawak, signed a Peace Agreement with Bong Kee Chok (PARAKU), all of the ex-PARAKU members were given a land and substantial amount of fund to start their lives. If one travel from Kuching to Serian, on the right side of Kuching-Serian highway (not far from Kpg Panchur), one will see the blue roof banglo. This banglo is belong to Bong Kee Chok. This is very much contrary with the condition of the houses belong to about 30,000 members of ex-army in Sarawak.
In the past few members of the ex-army had tried their luck to apply for a small piece of land from Sarawak government but rejected by Awang Tengah (Sarawak government) without any reason given.
The action of the Sarawak government above for rejecting the application by ex-members of the armed forces for a small piece of land, is a clear indicator that they had done more to the ex-PARAKU members compare to the ex-army members.
Another point to ponder......ever heard that any members of Sarawak MP especially from the Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) express their opinion publicly or reject the return of Ching Peng to Malaysia ?
This will never happen simply because most of the SUPP members in late 60s were Communist members. They CCO infiltrated and covertly took over SUPP. The top leaders of SUPP, Ong Kee Hui and Stephen Yong, may not be CCO sympathisers but below them, almost all the branches were controlled by agents of the CCO. Weng and Bong Kee Chok became founder members of SUPP. Another half a dozen CCO members also joined as founder members. By this time, the early 1960s, the British Special Branch were well aware of the threat posed by the CCO. The trigger to open hostility occurred in 1962 when AM Azahari launched his ill-fated attempt to take over the Brunei sultanate. Azahari had deep links with the SUPP/CCO and when the military uprising failed just before Christmas 1962, the Special Branch took the opportunity to launch an all out campaign to crack down on the CCO. All the key CCO leaders including Weng and Bong were round up.Many were deported back to China while other were banished deep into the interior. Many SUPP branches were proscribed.
Well , what is the different between SUPP and Chin Peng. If we can accept SUPP why can't we accept Chin Peng.
To all the ex-army in Sarawak, Next election DO NOT VOTE FOR BN..VOTE FOR PAKATAN!
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dayak Leaders In Sarawak Should Learn From the Dayak Leaders in Kalimantan Indonesia

Dayak in Indonesia, just like us under Barisan Nasional Government rule, they had also been marginalised since the 18th Century when Indonesia was still under Dutch rule. But following the collapse of Suharto regime in 1999, they started to unite under the dayak flag. The dayak associations in Kalimantan (Central Kalimantan -Kalteng, East Kalimanatan -Kaltim and West Kalimantan-Kalbar) have been used as a platform for dayak unity in politic. Nowaday dayaks in Kalimantan are politically strong and stable.
After being marginalised for century, with political power that they owned, the dayak leaders in Kalimantan started to help it communities by providing good basic amneties such as road and elecricity. Eventhough the size of Kalimanatan is about double of the size of Sarawak but they still manage to provide better roads and electricity to the dayak communities.
For example In March 2009,they signed an Agreement with Sarawak Energy Supply Berhad (SESB) for a supply of electricity to Kalimantan Barat (West kalimantan-Kalbar). The event was officiating by his excellency the Governor of West Kalimantan Drs Cornelis MH. SESB was reprented by its Chairman Datok Abdul Hamid Sepawi . Drs Cornelis in his speech said
“Selagi untuk kepentingan rakyat banyak bagi kita tidak masalah, karena secara ekonomis memberikan manfaat besar untuk meningkatkan taraf hidup dan kesejahteraan masyarakat khususnya di daerah perbatasan yang selama ini serba tertinggal,” (Translated -As long as the project will benefits the people, the cost is not a matter for us becauses economically it will uplift the living standard of the people and brings peace to the people especially those stay along the boarder who has been left behind)...
Dayak leaders in Kalimantan are willing to spent monies to upgrade the standard of living of the dayaks, contrary to the dayak leaders in Sarawak (especially Jabu and Masing) who are only keen to fill their own pockets. Everytime when the problem of electricity being raised, they will give 1000 excuses to their people and the most popular excuses are that the long houses are scattered and blaming the big size Sarwak. Is sarawak bigger than Kalimantan in size?
To all the dayaks in Sarawak, Stay United under Dayak Term....
Mupok aku..
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Friday, June 5, 2009

Gawai Dayak Celebration - MP and State Assembly Members Under Performing Prevails

Gawai Dayak is supposed to be celebrated in a very jovial and happy mood. But this only can be achieved if the basic amenities such as electricity and water are met.
This year Gawai Dayak, the first and second day were celebrated in my longhouse, and then continued with the celebration at my in-law house in Sri Aman on third and fourth day of the gawai .
In the longhouse where there is no electricity, during this hot weather, the celebration was like hell. The one panel solar energy provided by ex YB Jimmy Donald about 10 years ago was far from enough to provide 24 hours power to the household. Therefore to provide enough energy, some of them have to buy the generator for themselves. The cost to operate the generator for 24hours electricity is about 16 litres of petrol per generator/household. Because of the high cost so the generator is only operating from 6.30pm to 10.30pm daily. And they have to live without electricity for the rest of the day. Just imagine during this dry and hot weather without fan (what to say air-cond.) ??? Can the Vision 2020 be achieved nationwide. Jabu and Masing must be day dreaming...
At my in-law house in Sri Aman where there is no electricity problem, but the people here have been affected by water woes for the past 10 years especially during Gawai Dayak and Christmas. Just wonder, which one is more important is it the Water Front project or the basic amneties such as water?
Another problem whic has been faced  by the people in Sri Aman especially the Anglican followers is a place of worship. Since St Luke church was destroyed in fire (about 8 years ago, sorry I could not remember the exact year it was destroyed) the government still could not provide fund to re-build the church. About 80% of the voters in Sri Aman are christian. Why can't the government help to rebuild the church? Why there is a double standard between religions in term of government Assistance ? Why are assistances only to be provided to Islam only? Aren't we all Malaysian ?
To all the Dayak Leaders or representatives such as the followings, if all of you feel that you are not capable to work for your people, do not seek for re-election in the coming election.

YB Masir Kujat
Be yourself. All knew that he is a proxy for Donal Lawan. Don't waste people monies and times to vote for You. If you still cannot handle Electricity, Water and St Lukes Church in Sri Aman, DO NOT SEEK for re-election.

YB Snowdan Lawan
N25 Balai Ringin
Business Politicking. Keen in playing guitar only. Not a pure politician but enter politic because of father affiliation with Taib Mahmud.
Rectify electricity woes and Batang Strap Bridge or DO NOT SEEK Re-election.

YB Mong Dagang
N26 -Bukit Begunan
Lacking in all aspects. Must not seek re-election

Datuk Francis Harden Hollis
To rectify water woes and St Lukes Church constructions or DO NOT SEEK Re-election.

To all voters in P202 SRI AMAN, N25 Balai Ringin, N26 Bukit Begunan and N27 Simanngang, remember your representatives/YBs names and photos. Do not vote for them if they fail to rectify the problem of (1) Electricity (2) Batang Strap Bridge (3) Water (4) Construction of St Lukes Church. Remember do not waste your time on the leaders that are under performing.

Mupok Aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Chin Peng and Ex-Malayan Communist Party(MCP) Members Return to Malaysia-Ex-Servicemen Are Advised to Forgive and Forget

One of the reason why I joined the Army in the late 80s was because I wanted to fight the Communist Terrorists (CTs). At that time nearly 80% of the youngmen from my longhouse joined the army. And these soldiers when they came back to our longhouse for short leave they always told us about their army lives, especially how their comrades lost their limbs and their lives fighting the CTs. Their struggles had encouraged me to join the army.After completed my studies, I joined the military and attended the Army Officer Cadet training at Royal Military College (RMC), Sungei Besi. I was commissioned as a second leutenant to one of Malaysian Army elite forces, 6th Ranger Regiment.With 6th Ranger I did go for jungle operations in Malaysian "black area" such as Gubir, Lenggong, Biawak in Sarawak. During all the jungle operations that I went to, I was so unfortunate because I did not have the opportunity to meet with the Communist Party Malaya (CPM) or Parti Kommunis Malaya (PKM) or Parti Rakyat Kalimantan Utara (PARAKU) in sarawak members. To make the matter worst, in 1989 our government signed a Peace Aggreement with PKM and followed by another Peace Agreement with PARAKU in 1990. No doubt CTs has caused a lot of trouble to Malaysian especially to the members of the defense forces (Military and Police) and also to the populations that lived in the nothern states of Peninsular Malaysia and, in Sarikei and Sibu in Sarawak. To the soldiers , many of their members lost their limbs and lives and for the family members had lost their love ones. After the agreements, Malaysian economy and the quality of lives of the population had also improved termendously. Just use our imaginations what would happened to us and the economy of Malaysia , supposely if the PKM did not sign the peace Agreement with our government? Althought the contents of the Peace Agreement was not made public by the government, but one of the condition stipulated in the agreement was that Malaysian government must allows the Ex-CPM members to return to Malaysia. Personally I would like to urge all members of the ex-Servicemen to allow all the ex-CPM members to return to Malaysia. Please learn to Forgive and Forget... In making the above call, I would like everyone to look back at how we treated our past enemies :- (1) Japanese Cruelty During WWII. We were badly treated and tortured by our Japanese soldiers during WWII but now we accepted Japanese people as our close Business partner. There will be no Proton or Perodua without Japanese companies assistance. Please look back at the history, Japanese army during WWII had cost us more lives and casulty compared to the CPM. (2) First Peace Agreement with CTs. The first peace Agreement signed with CTs was held between PARAKU and Sarawak Government on 20 October 1973. To commemorate this event Simanggang was renamed Sri Aman. All the members of PARAKU and its Chairman , Bong Kee Chok were given huge piece of land and substantial amount of money to start their businesses. When Looking back on what the government had given to the ex-CTs in Sarawak, I am in the agreement with Lt Col(Rtd) Robert Rizal in his blog that suggested we should have joined the PARAKU in the first place. (3) Second Peace Agreement with Communist in Sarawak. Weng Min Chyuan, from China, issued instructions that the Clandestine Communist Organisation (CCO) should also open negotiations with the Sarawak government. A series of negotiations took place in Bintulu in July 1990. On 17 October 1990, a formal peace agreement ending the communist insurrection in Sarawak was signed in Wisma Bapa Malaysia, Kuching. The final group of about 50 guerrilla gave up their armed struggle . All the ex-guerillas were allowed to reside in Sarawak and also with the government Assistance. (4) History Rewritten for ex-Sarawak TYT. Sarawak's ex-TYT was the member of a group that opposed to the formation of Malaysia. He fought the British Army alongside the Indonesian Army during Malaysia confrontation with Indonesia. But after his passing away, "someone" rewritten the history. Instead of being the traitor he is now the freedom and Independent fighter. Didn’t we Forgive and Forget ? (5) Al-Maunnah and The Death Of Private Matthiew . Al-Maiunnah was the Muslim Extremist that waged war against the King , and shot Private Matthiew to death in year 2000 just because he was non-muslim. Its leader Mohamed Amin Mohamed Razali went to the gallows early Friday morning on 4th August 2006. Some members were punished by life imprisonement and the rest were detained under Internal Security Act (ISA). All 15 members that were held under ISA had been released in 2003, merely after 3 years in detention. My question is, why didn't the ex-servicemen Association and other NGOs especially those members that majority are Iban did not make any protest? Why didn't we protest for the cold blooded murder of our brother Private Matthiew by the muslim extremist just because he was non-muslim?

(6)Different Treatment of the Ex-PKM Members. Why Shamsiah Fakeh and Rasid maiden were allowed to return to Malaysia but not Chin Peng ? My friend who is also my senior brother officer of the Seventh Rangers (Mechanized) had written about this in his blog, therefore I am not intending to write it here in detail.
Once again I would like to beg all of the members of the Ex-Servicemen Association to try to FORGIVE AND FORGET and do not politice the matter. Chin Peng is just like the rest of us has his own reason why he joined the arm struggle of the PKM. Like us all also, he was and is also a Malaysian that willing to sacrifice his life for his caused. Please learn to FORGIVE AND FORGET and think positively on what he had contibuted (Signing of Peace Agreement) to the development of Malaysia. With that..Mupok Aku “Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban”

Monday, June 1, 2009

Penanti By-Election- Clear Indicator That Pakatan Rakyat Capable to Wrest Power From BN and Najib

Warning to BN and Najib....Your time is NEAR!
Mansor of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) is on the way to become Penang's new DCM after winning Penanti by bagging 6,052 votes. His nearest rival is Nai Khan, 494 votes, followed by Aminah, 392, and Kamarul, 56. The result of the by-election is a clearly indicator that Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is gaining it popularity among the voters in peninsular Malaysia. A bad sign for Barisan Nasional and the new Prime Minister Najib. BN was not contesting in the Penanti by-election because they did not want to be humiliated. The previous by-election that they contested, they lost both of the seats to Pakatan. Let's proof my word that BN is no longer relevant by dissolving Perak DUN.. I dare Najib to dissolve Perak DUN now! See if BN are coward or not... Congratulation to PKR and PR teams in Penanti.... As for the the voters in Sabah and Sarawak..let's learn from our brothers and sisters in Peninsular Malaysia...
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

"To Drop Term Dayak" Entulu Under Attack- One Page Explanation By Entulu in Local Newspaper

31st May 2009. Joseph Entulu, Deputy Minister under the dayak ticket, who had on 10th May 2009 proposed to the government for the term "dayak" to be dropped immediately, today had published one full page about what he really said to the BERNAMA reporter that he met after the function. Personally whatever explanation that he made, it was all bullshits. Entulu together with all the dayak traitors in Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) has been the anti-dayak establishment since they announced of their allignment with Tok Uban in late 90s. Their group were the culprit that supported the Land Code ammendment that caused the dayaks their NCR lands to Tok Uban and his cronies. Later on, their group also instrumented in the diregisteration of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak (PBDS) the only dayak based party in the whole world. Therefore when the same person/group proposed for the word "dayaks" to be dropped , I was not surprised. To Entulu, what ever damaged that you have done only the time will tell. You may cheat our people in the longhouses but not to the other 60 % of the dayaks. Lastly Entulu..damaged has been done. You disappointed us all and are the disgraced to the dayak communities. "Selamat Gawai Dayak, Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai" Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban
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