Thursday, May 7, 2009

Power Struggle In Perak - Democracy Vs Abuse Of Power

Victory through the most dirtiest way in Malaysia Politic.
Pakatan took over Perak from BN in March 2008 through a democratic way but 9 months later they were forced to handover Perak to BN through the most dirtiest (as far as I ever knew) way in Malaysia politic. Using Police, MACC and Pxlxce, BN lead by then DPM Najib wrest Perak and force its legal MB to step down. While the saga was still far from over, this morning ,Pakatan Speaker V. Sivakumar was removed from his seat by force with the help of government agents the police.

"The Situation Inside Perak DUN -Look like circus"
As usual using excessive force , the Police, backed by water cannon, deployed barbed wire around the state legislature in Ipoh, the capital of Perak state in northwestern Malaysia, while it held its first session since the state government was ousted.
Police stopped PAKATAN supporters from entering the building and cleared a 500-metre exclusion zone. They detained anyone wearing black, the colour chosen by the opposition to protest against the ruling coalition's cease of power.
Perak is the focal point of tensions between the opposition and the National Front government that has ruled Malaysia for 51 years following the takeover of the state government in a move orchestrated by Mr Najib Razak, the country's new prime minister.

Is this the way how the DUN Speaker should be treated ? In February, Mr Najib convinced three opposition lawmakers to sit as independents, a move that deprived the People's Alliance of its majority in the state, one of five ruled by the opposition. On Thursday, the National Front succeeded in ousting the speaker of the assembly and installing its own person in the post, effectively taking over the legislature, which was then officially opened by the son of the Sultan of Perak. The former speaker was pulled from the building by police after scuffles and arguments inside the assembly. The PAKATAN had wanted new elections, which were resisted by Barisan Nasional that has lost four out of five state and parliamentary by-elections since a March 2008 general election. A spokesman for Malaysia's Islamist party said that 65 had been arrested, including five MPs, although police would not confirm the figure. 'We are willing to lose in an election but not to be treated like this,' Salahuddin Ayub, an MP for the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party, told reporters before he was arrested.

Inhuman action by a group of men believed to be of Malaysian Police to the elect-DUN Speaker.

Being the member of PAKATAN sympatizer , I strongly condemn BARISAN NASIONAL for employing dirty politic to wrest Perak from PAKATAN. They used the same tactic in Batang Ai during the just concluded by-election. The police should stop from being the agent for BN government. They should remain positive just like the approach taken by the Malaysian Armed Forces. As for the palace, Sultan of Perak is one of the most intelligence Sultan in the history of Malay Sultanate , I believed that his royal highness will act neutral without being seen or showing his support to any of the coalition be it BN or PAKATAN..DAULAT TUANKU !

As for PM Najib, be a getleman, dissolve Perak's DUN and call for fresh election, let's the rakyat determine who their government is . As for PAKATAN in PERAK...Keep the fighting Spirit on , and...

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Mupok aku..

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Anonymous said...

Tell the world that this is not coup de'tat.
Most of the coup de' tat in the world is done by the army. but in Malaysia the police look more powerful.
Few people involved in remove the speaker by force were believed to be the member of the malaysia Police.
Cannot trust BN and Police.

David, KL

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