Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Barisan Nasional The politic Of Doom - Alfred Jabu The Leader that Had Never Fulfilled

Tan Sri Jabu -The Dude of Dayak Politic

Tan Sri Alfred Jabu ak Numpang has been in the politic for more than 35 years, long enough to help the communities out of  its "black era". Unlike his "beloved Chief Minister” who had transformed Melanau into one of the elite community in Sarawak, but he had failed to do so to his community. His approach to tackle Iban backwarness is through critic without  action (or NATO -No Action Talk Only approach). From day one in politic he has been representing the Iban majority area and this can be translated that he has been the leader for Iban community for more than 35 years.

In his speech at the function organised by Rurum Kelabit Sarawak (RKS) he lamented that some of the Ibans , who formed the majority of the dayaks, still spents their time and money in the wasteful habits such as drinking, cock fighting and gamblings which had hindered the community from producing many successful people like the Kelabit did.

I admit that Kelabit with total population of about 6500 is one of the most successful native in Sarawak apart from Melanau. The community has produced few PHD holders, professionals, corporate figures and increased the number of graduates.
Drinking , cockfighting and gamblings (what it anything to do with Toto, Magnum, Big Sweep and Da Ma Cai ) have been blended with our lives . But to blame such habit totally for our backwardness is a fallacy , and I am in the disagreement with Tan Sri Jabu on this. American, Korean, Japanese and the rest of the much developed communities in the world, they do drinking and gambling. Likewise in muslim countries in the middle east, their governments forbid drinking and gambling but it does not make them becoming  the most successful communities in the world.
Therefore the main reason why we are still behind in every aspects compared to the other groups in Sarawak is not because of our social life. The main reason is because we had been MARGINALISED by Barisan Nasional. This can be seen by looking at the basic aminities provided by the government (BN) to the minority groups such as our Bidayuh and Malay friends compared to the one provided to the Iban longhouses. Based on the statistic in year 2004, more than 85% of the Iban longhouses were not linking with roads and about 90% have no electricity. In the past the BN government always gave these two excuses for not linking roads and electricity with the Iban Community :
(1) The longhouses are scattered
(2) Sarawak is bigger compared to the other states in Peninsular thus difficult to develop.
Please do not use those lamb xcuses anymore as we are getting feedup with it.
Other than those two excuses, education such as condition and availabilty of schools also play an important role. To Jabu, do the survey, and find out what is the ratio between Iban population and the number of scools in the Iban majority area. Dont forget to look at the condition of the schools especially their hostels. After more than 35 years serving the Iban communities, do you think you have done enough (Please do not repeat the same bluffs made during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Sarawak Dayak Graduates Association (SDGA) on 21 Feb 2009.
If not than I (and majority of the Iban community) would like to urge you TO STEP DOWN NOW !

Mupok aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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