Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ari Gawai Dayak Wishes From Bukit Tunggal

I would like to wish all of my dayak readers a Selamat Ari Gawai Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai and as for my non-dayak readers this is the time where you can get to know your dayak friends better. Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Friday, May 29, 2009

Joseph Entulu Under Attack For His Stupid Proposal To Abolish the term Dayak


Gawai Dayak is just around the corner. In conjunction with the celebration, I would like to write an article on the Dayak Community... Lately so much has been discussed about the term dayak. It all started when Datuk Joseph Entulu, a Rural and Regional Development Deputy Minister on 10th May 2009, proposed that the term dayak should be dropped and replace with Iban, Bidayuh, Kenyah..etc. He made such a stupid and uncivilized proposal when met by the reporters after witnessing the installation of the Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) Rajang Branch new committee members led by its chairman Maj (Rtd) Mosses Ripai. According to Entulu, the term should be dropped because it conveyed negative connotations like being uncivilized, uncouth and “low class. Other than that according to Entulu, the term dayak had not been acknowledged according to their respective ethnic groups. According to Entulu, the term dayak should be also abolished because it was not nationwide recognized. He quoted an example where Dayaks working in the peninsula were turned away when they wanted to invest in the Amanah Saham Nasional or when they applied for low-cost housing because some people there thought they were not bumiputra. To strengthen his call, Entulu said that some leaders of Sarawak non-Muslim communities had some years ago suggested that the government stop using the term. He strongly believed that the suggestion has the tacit support of the leaders and the people concerned. Response From The Dayak Communities Most of the dayak community leaders and individual that met and asked to comment on Entulu proposal, had in total disagreement with him. Some even suggested that Entulu should be stripped off his deputy minister post. They believed that Entulu is holding the post on dayak ticket. Some of the dayak leaders (political and NGO) that met and opposed to Entulu proposal were :-

Dato Sri Dr James Jemut Masing

  • Self-Proclaimed PRS President
  • Responsibled for diregistration of Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak
  • Entulu Boss
  • Comments - Disagreed with Entulu and added " The colonial powers could not have coined the term Dayak because it was an existence long before they set foot in Sarawak. The term used in this context is a generalised term that covers three main non-muslim bumiputeras - Iban, Bidayuh and Orang Ulu.

Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu ak Numpang

  • Deputy Chief Minister of Sarawak
  • Responsible for Dayak Marginalisation by Taib Mahmud government
  • Comment. Not available for Comment as he was still in National Heart Institute (IJN)
Datuk Peter Minos
  • Secretary General of the Dayak Cultural Foundation (DCF) and President of Bung Bratak Heritage
  • Comments - Since time immemorial, the Bidayuh have referred to themselves as Dayak that literally means people. The notion that the word was coined by anyone, or for that matter, the colonial power, has little basis.

Dato Celestine Ujang ak Jilan

  • Former State Minister
  • Comments - The term Dayak has been been widely accepted and establihed in this country. Whoever suggests that it should be dropped must be crazy.

Patrick Rigep Nuek

  • Author and Expert on Bidayuh Culture
  • Comments- As a Bidayuh, If I were to say the term Dayak was uncivilised, uncounth and low class, then I would be suffering from inferiority complex. It shows I am not proud of who I am and What I represent.

My Comments

As far as the history is concerned, the term dayak has been used by the Dutch, Portuguese back in 1600s to describe the natives of Borneo ; in Kalimantan and Sarawak.

The best example for us to look at in the usage of term dayak is our brother in Kalimantan Indonesia. During Suharto rule, just like us, they were also marginalised. Their land were taken away from them for timber, oil-palm plantation and gold mine by Suharto and his cronies.

But after the fall of Suharto , with the new order, they formed-up Dayak Association. One of such association that has been very succesfully in unite the Dayak is Lembaga Musyawarah Masyarakat Dayak dan Daerah Kalimantan Tengah ( LMMDD-KT) in Kalimantan Tengah. Nowadays Dayak in Central Kalimantan (or Kalteng) has better representation in the government, even the governor is a Dayak.

The top Dayak Communities -Iban, Bidayuh, Orang Ulu etc.., should forget about politicking for personal gain but start to work for the communities. At present most of our leaders are willing to sacrificing the survival of our communities in order to gain personal interest. The best example is Jemut Masing himself. He has willing to sacrifice his political ambition (of course to fight for the right of the Iban community) after given the ministrial job by Pehin Seri Taib Mahmud, Malaysian longest serving Chief Minister/Menteri Besar.

As for Joseph Entulu, for his stupid proposal he deserved with the most severe punishment that is on exile to the "no man land" (as he is no longer belong to the dayak).....

Please stay tune with my next posting entitled " Dayak Marginalisation by Taib Mahmud’s Politic of Development Could Trigger Communal Violence in Sarawak – Lesson learn from Madurese and Dayak Conflict in Kalimantan Indonesia 2001"

Mupok Aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Penanti By Election - PKR VS PKR Traitor +2 Inds

Penanti By Election is going to make history in Malaysian Politic as it is the first time that the  Barisan Nasional did not nominate any candidate in the contest. As for the reason why BN did not contest , no matter what reasons the new PM Najib gave but everyone knows that they are afraid to lose the losing battle or in another word , they are COWARD.....
Penanti is one of the State Assembly under Permatang Pauh constituency, and  one of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) stronghold. One basis of BN cowardness here is because they failed to fulfill few promises made during Permatang Pauh by-election held last year. In the election, Datuk Seri Anwar humiliated BN Candidate with bigger majority.
This by-election of which many believe is just an endorsement for PKR candidate. The PKR Candidate in this by election is a Penang PKR deputy chief Mansor Othman . Mansor, holds three Masters degrees, including two from Yale University. He is currently pursuing a PhD in philosophy. He had served as the political secretary to Anwar when he was deputy prime minister in the 1990s, and moved on to joined Keadilan after Anwar was sacked from Umno and the government in 1998. The former Keadilan Penang chief was also heavily involved in negotiations undertaken between DAP, PAS and PKR within the Pakatan coalition.
He is challenged by 3 Independent Candidates ; former Parti Keadilan Nasional (KeAdilan) Penang Wanita chief Aminah Abdullah, also 56, company manager and former Gerakan Telok Wang Branch Youth head Nai Khan Ari, 41, and motivational expert Kamarul Ramizu Idris, 42.
Although many believes that PKR candidate will win with comfortable majority, but personally I would like to urge all the PKR supporters in Penanti to work hard and win with bigger majority.

Good luck to PKR Penanti..

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Friday, May 22, 2009

PAS Assemblyman Passed Away- Will UMNO Doning Another White Feathers ?

Manek assemblyman Ismail Yaacob, died early this morning at the Kota Bharu General Hospital here after suffering from a heart attack. YB Ismail Yaacob , 50, who was PAS Deputy-president, is survived by his wife, Siti Zaharah Ibrahaim and 10 children He had been hospitalised since end of last month due to the pain that he was suffering on his leg.

In the last general election held in March 2008, Ismail Yaacob won the predominantly Malay seat after defeating Zulkepli Omar of United Malay National Organisation (UMNO) with a 1352-vote majority. He had been the Assemblyman for Manek for five terms (except in year 2004) since year 1986.

On behalf of Bukittunggal, I offer my condolences to his family.

Another By-Election - Will Cowardice BN Standing in Manek By Election? With the death of YB Ismail Yaacob, EC is expected to make a Press Release to announce whether the by-election is going to be held. If EC decides to hold the by-election, this is going to be the 3rd by-election in Malaysia in year 2009. First by election was held last month, where Pakatan won 2 seats out of 3 seats contested. Second election will be held for Penanti seat, on 31st May 2009. Nomination day for Penanti will be tomorrow, 23rd May 2009. Barisan Nasional (BN) had already decided that they are not going to nominate any candidate for the election. The New PM, Mr Najib had blaming the opposition parties especially KEADILAN for exploiting the election process . Penanti is one of the state constituency under Permatang Pauh (DSAI stringhold). Let’s see whether BN is going to nominate any candidate for Penanti by-election..... To all the PKR supporters in Penanti..All the best to all of you from Sarawak Mupok aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

YB Chong Chieng Jen to Face Committee Of Previleges - DAP Under Attack By SUPP

Kuching, Sarawak, 18 May 2009. Will there be an another Abuse of Power and Misuse of a DUN Process by SUPP in order to Shun Minority Opposition Assemblymen in Defending the Chinese Communities and the Rakyat from Corrupted and Liar BN Assemblymen? When delivering his winding-up speech, the Environment and Public Health Minister, Dato Seri Wong Soon Koh threatening the Kota Sentosa Assemblyman YB Chong Chieng Jen to retract his statement concerning the flood mitigation issue and an alleged suicide of a *Gambier Street Hawker ( Late last year all the Gambier Street hawkers were forced to move their business to Stutong New Market in order to give way for the development of the Old Gambier Street area ) or face being referred to DUN Privileges Committee and susequently suspend from DUN. Last week another Democratic Action Party (DAP) Assemblyman, YB Wong Ho Leng was suspended for 12 Months for uttering the word “camouflage” against the same Minister during a DUN (Dewan Undangan Negeri or State Assembly) Sitting in November 2008. Since winning the 6 Chinese majority Constituencies from SUPP in 2008 election, all the DAP Assemblymen have been very vocal against Sarawak United People Party (SUPP) . SUPP had been accused as "Mr YESMAN" or just follow the instruction of Tok Uban and failed to protect the interest of the Chinese communities especially in the urban areas. Presently DAP is represented by 6 Assemblymen in Sarawak DUN, namely:

YB. ENCIK WONG HO LENG (N.45 BUKIT ASSEK) - 12 Month Suspension

First Casualty of BN Power Abuse and Misuse Of DUN Process


Next Casualty ? Threaten by Dr Wong Soon Koh to retract his statement or face the consequence


Could he be next ?

She also in risk...

When is her turn ? YB. CIK TING TZE FUI (N.40 MERADONG)
YB. ENCIK CHIEW CHIU SING (N.59 KIDURONG) Definitely he is also in Risk.... With the suspension of YB Wong and fate of YB Chong still not known, there will be only 4 DAP Assemblymen in DUN. I am not surprise that SUPP will abuse and misuse the same DUN Process to get rid of all the remaining DAP YBs from DUN. The public especially DAP supporters in Sarawak should stop SUPP from misuse and abuse the DUN Process to deny them the services of their elect representatives. I URGE ALL DAP SUPPORTERS OUT THERE TO MAKE A POLICE REPORT just like what the BN supporters did against V.SIVAKUMAR IN PERAK.
"[T]he powers of government should be so divided and balanced among several bodies . . . as that no one could transcend their legal limits without being effectually checked and restrained by the others."
Thomas Jefferson
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Breaking News - Jabu is Admitted to Hospital For Heart Surgery

Get Well Soon !
Kuching, 16th May 2009.

I was quite surprised last week when I read in the local newspaper that Deputy Chief Minister Tan Sri Jabu was not involved in the one year suspension of
Bukit Assek Assemblyman YB Wong Ho Leng from DUN.

Last week 60 BN Assemblymen suspended YB Wong Ho Leng for using the word “camouflage” against Datuk Wong Soon Koh during DUN sitting November last year.

YB Wong suspension which I called as “May the 13th” for Sarawak politic was proposed by Jemut Masing. All this while, Tan Sri Jabu has been known as the hard critique of Opposition especially in defending his boss. He will do whatever it take to humiliate them.The question of Tan Sri Jabu absent from Sarawak politic was answered this morning when the reliable sources informed Bukit Tunggal that Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Alfred Jabu had been admitted to hospital for an emergency heart by-pass operation.

If the new is true, I hope that Tan Sri can recover soon from the operation and be able to give his Gawai Dayak advise to the Dayak particulay Iban which gawai Dayak is just around the corner.

This hope is not so much about the vacum that he is going to leave supposely he is bedridden for the rest of his life , as the BN government still have few Iban leaders (with the same caliber) that can take up his role as the "great Iban leader" of his time. These Iban leaders such as Jemut Masing, Mawan Ikom..etc. are always ready to play the role.

To all the dayak especially the Iban , let's all pray for the fast recovery of Tan Sri Jabu so that EC doesn’t has to call for another by election. Being the Iban myself, I dont want to see another split in the Iban community just like what Mussen and Masing had done in Lubok Antu (Batang Ai.

Mupok Aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Friday, May 15, 2009

First Case of Swine Flu In Malaysia - Anticipate Drop In Demand Of Pork Meat

KUALA LUMPUR, Friday, 15th May 2009 - Acting Malaysian Health Minister Kong Cho Ha confirmed the country's first case of H1N1 amid fears that some of those exposed to the infected patient could have gone on to Indonesia. Kong Cho Ha, who addressed a hastily-convened press conference later, said the patient was a 21-year-old male student who arrived on a flight from the United States on May 13, giving no further details as to his identity. He said the patient came down with fever, sore throat and body aches the next day and was admitted to the Sungai Buloh quarantine facility in central Selangor state on the same evening and is now in stable condition. According to him, five family members who live with the patient have been placed under home quarantine in order to monitor their condition. The government has urged all passengers who travelled on Malaysian airlines flight MH091 from Newark in the United States to Kuala Lumpur, that landed at 7.15am on May 13 to contact the ministry of health for further instructions. 'No passengers have been quarantined, we are still trying to trace them,' Mr Kong said of the 199 passengers and crew onboard the flight. 'We will segregate them (when located). If they have no signs (of the disease) they can go after a certain number of days,' he added. However, he said there was a fear that some of those exposed to the infected patient may have gone on to Indonesia. 'We mention Indonesia because that flight is a code share with (Indonesian carrier) Garuda so the assumption is that there could be some passengers going to Indonesia,' he added. Officials could not immediately confirm how many Indonesians were on board nor if any passengers continued onto Indonesia. Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Misused Of DUN Process and Abused Of Power Involve In Wong Ho Leng Suspension For 12 Months From DUN

" YB Wong Ho Leng (Mr Lim Kit Siang of sarawak) ....We are Behind You !"
Kuching, Wednesday, 13th May 2009

Wong Ho Leng, a Democratic Action Party (DAP) Assemblyman for Bukit Assek was suspended from the State Legislative Assembly (DUN) of Sarawak for 12 months starting from yesterday, 13th May 2009 until May next year.

The motion was tabled by the most controversial, stupid and coward Iban leader a.k.a Disgraced PRS President (Dr.James) Jemut Masing and seconded by Roland Sagah (Make a guess why the motion was not tabled and seconded by the Chinese BN MPs ? Why only the stupid dayak/Iban leaders were willing to do it?).

The motion was tabled against YB Ho Leng for the word "camouflage" that he uttered against Dr. Wong Soon Koh when debating and seeking clarification from the later on 23 November 2008. The motion was supported by all the 60 BN assemblymen.

With this suspension orders, YB Ho Leng will be absent from DUN for 12 months until May next year and therefore will not be able to discharge the duties entrusted to him by majority of the voters in Bukit Assek.

Ho Leng is one of the best people leaders that Sarawak can produce so far. Supposing if the Iban/Dayak have the leader with the same caliber as YB Hong Leng, we will not be suffering just like what we are now.

YB Ho Leng was charged under Section 14(1) of the Dewan Undangan Negeri (Privileges and Powers) Ordinance for uttering a “camouflage” remarks against the senior minister.

Yesterday, 13th may 2009, marked another black history of Malaysian politic. Barisan Nasional blatantly misused the DUN process and abused their majority power in suspending YB Wong Ho Leng. I don’t mind if the same process and abuse of power being used against the non-productive leaders such as Jemut Masing, Mong Dagang, Snowdan Lawan, and the rest of the useless Iban MPS, but to use it against the effective and good YB like YB Ho Leng is a waste . Uttering the words “camouflage” should not be punished with 12 months suspensions[ in the army, the word "camouflage" is used regularly especially in the Defense Orders]. Such punishment look too harsh and the rakyat will look at it, as the speaker abused his power. As for BukitTunggal, we look at it as another “May the 13”  incident.

For YB Wong, KEEP UP THE SPIRIT…they misused DUN Process…bring the matter to the next level and fight them in court. Let the court decides and teach BN MP the lesson.

As for Iban/Dayak MP, stop acting like a coward and stupid politicians. Stand Up and fight for the people that had chosen you. Remember tok Uban did not vote for you, the rakyat did !

Mupok aku

“Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban”

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Truth Prevails – Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin is The Real Menteri Besar of Perak ( Third coup d’état By BN That Failed )

About 40 years ago, BN (UMNO) succeeded in overthrown Datuk Ningkan the first Chief Minister of Sarawak from his position. Then in 1994, by mean of “dirty politics” and corruption, PBS the Kadazan based party was removed from power.
Last February, using the same way, they overthrown Pakatan Rakyat from it power in Perak. But this time with the support of majority of the population of Perak, Pakatan Rakyat fought back. BN uses whatever resources that it has, be it the Police, the palace and all government machineries but Pakatan Rakyat never gave up. This morning their effort started to bear fruits as the High Court recognised Datuk Seri Nizar as Perak's legitimate Menteri Besar.
Judge Datuk Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim said in his ruling that Pakatan Rakyat’s Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin is the real mentri besar of Perak , and the only way the mentri besar can be removed is through a vote of no-confidence that must be taken in the state legislative assembly. “Once a mentri besar is appointed, he is answerable only to the assembly,” he told the court, noting both political factions, PR and Barisan Nasional (BN) each had an equal number of 28 seats in the Perak State Assembly.
“Therefore, based on democratic practice, any measure of loss of confidence in the mentri besar of Perak leadership should be taken by vote of no-confidence against him on the floor of the state legislative assembly. Only in this manner can the mentri besar be forced to resign,” he added. The judge noted that the provisions under Article 16 of the Perak Constitution – specifically under Articles 16(2) and 16(6) respectively – dealing with the ruler’s royal right to appoint an MB and to dissolve or not to dissolve the assembly were “plain and obvious” and did not give the ruler any right to sack the MB.
Justice Abdul Aziz pointed out that because of the “lacuna” (Latin for “loophole”) in the law, the court could not read it to mean something that did not exist. He added that the only way to correct the loophole was for the law to be amended. He also noted Nizar was not challenging the Sultan’s royal rights as a constitutional monarch but was suing Zambry for usurping his post as MB when he had not quit or been dismissed by the assembly.
Turning his attention to Zambry, the respondent in the lawsuit, the judge explained there had been a clear way out. “If the respondent’s claim in this case is truly undeniable, that he has 31 majority, after the three ADUN expressed support, commanded the confidence of the majority and His Royal Highness had refused to consent to the request of the applicant to dissolve the assembly, why the BN did not request His Royal Highness to summon the assembly for a special sitting so that a motion of no-confidence can be made to pass against the applicant?” quizzed Justice Abdul Aziz.
“That would have been in accordance with the democratic process,” he highlighted. The High Court also rejected an oral appeal from Barisan Nasional’s (BN) Datuk Seri Zambry Abd Kadir to suspend the declaration as he was planning to file an appeal with the Court of Appeal in Putrajaya.
But Justice Abdul Aziz told Zambry’s chief counsel Datuk Cecil Abraham he could still make a written application to the High Court after checking with the authorities.Nizar’s chief counsel Sulaiman Abdullah explained to reporters later that if the High Court had granted Zambry’s request for a stay of the declaration, Nizar would not be able to immediately seek an audience with the Sultan and as the lawful MB ask for a dissolution of the assembly. Nizar, who attended the court hearing today, looked stunned when he heard the judge decide in his favour.
He was immediately engulfed in hugs and congratulatory handshakes from his wife Fatimah Taat and peers from the three-party PR alliance, including Pas election director Datuk Mustafa Ali, PKR’s vice-president Azmin Ali and Perak DAP chief Datuk Ngeh Koo Ham. Speaking to reporters after disentangling himself from the multiple arms around his neck, Nizar said he was going to seek an audience with the Perak sultan and ask for the assembly to be dissolved, paving the way for fresh statewide elections.
“I’ll be approaching the palace for dissolution almost immediately on arrival to Ipoh. I will seek an audience with Tuanku,” he said. But Nga Kor King of the DAP believes Sultan Azlan Shah is now in the United States. He told The Malaysian Insider the Perak PR alliance will hold a meeting tonight to discuss the next step while waiting for an audience with the ruler. “We must give the Sultan time,” he stressed. Meanwhile, Bernama reported that the police have warned the public not to gather near the state secretariat here to prevent any untoward incident. Perak police chief Datuk Zulkefli Abdulah said police would take action against those who defied the order.
The police, including the Federal Reserve Unit, have been stationed at the building, he said when contacted today, and insisted that the situation was under control. Pakatan Rakyat must not be carried over by the judge decision. Even with this high Court ruling, it does not mean that datuk Seri Nizar can dissolve the assembly. One must remember that the Speaker V. Sivakumar has been removed from his position and replaced by BN nominated speaker. With this, BN still can call for Vote of no confidence against Nizar therefore removed him from office. It seem that the High Court decision this morning looked like a pre-planned decision.
Let’s move on and see the latest development in Perak.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Barisan Nasional Politic Of Development - The Best DUN Building in Malaysia VS Delipated and Without Electricity Long Houses

The most expensive State Legislative Building (DUN) in Malaysia. The building which cost RM 300 millions is expected to complete by July 2009

Is it necessary to construct the new facility if the existing one is still in a good condition and fit for occupation.

Look at the condition of one of the longhouses in N25 Balai Ringin. Most of the houses look old and not fit for occupation. Application for housing loan was submitted 2 years ago but until now no response has been recieved from the government.

Vision 2020 is aimed to transform Malaysia into a developed nation. Jabu said that Sarawak will be able to achieve this vision. Do you think so ? Can it be achieved by spending RM 300 million on DUN and billion of ringgit of basic development budget diverts to nothern part, to be specified to Mukah a Tok Uban hometown ? Personally I felt that vision 2020 is just a dream for Tok Uban as it will not be able to reach majority of the longhouses.. Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Power Struggle In Perak - Democracy Vs Abuse Of Power

Victory through the most dirtiest way in Malaysia Politic.
Pakatan took over Perak from BN in March 2008 through a democratic way but 9 months later they were forced to handover Perak to BN through the most dirtiest (as far as I ever knew) way in Malaysia politic. Using Police, MACC and Pxlxce, BN lead by then DPM Najib wrest Perak and force its legal MB to step down. While the saga was still far from over, this morning ,Pakatan Speaker V. Sivakumar was removed from his seat by force with the help of government agents the police.

"The Situation Inside Perak DUN -Look like circus"
As usual using excessive force , the Police, backed by water cannon, deployed barbed wire around the state legislature in Ipoh, the capital of Perak state in northwestern Malaysia, while it held its first session since the state government was ousted.
Police stopped PAKATAN supporters from entering the building and cleared a 500-metre exclusion zone. They detained anyone wearing black, the colour chosen by the opposition to protest against the ruling coalition's cease of power.
Perak is the focal point of tensions between the opposition and the National Front government that has ruled Malaysia for 51 years following the takeover of the state government in a move orchestrated by Mr Najib Razak, the country's new prime minister.

Is this the way how the DUN Speaker should be treated ? In February, Mr Najib convinced three opposition lawmakers to sit as independents, a move that deprived the People's Alliance of its majority in the state, one of five ruled by the opposition. On Thursday, the National Front succeeded in ousting the speaker of the assembly and installing its own person in the post, effectively taking over the legislature, which was then officially opened by the son of the Sultan of Perak. The former speaker was pulled from the building by police after scuffles and arguments inside the assembly. The PAKATAN had wanted new elections, which were resisted by Barisan Nasional that has lost four out of five state and parliamentary by-elections since a March 2008 general election. A spokesman for Malaysia's Islamist party said that 65 had been arrested, including five MPs, although police would not confirm the figure. 'We are willing to lose in an election but not to be treated like this,' Salahuddin Ayub, an MP for the Pan Malaysian Islamic Party, told reporters before he was arrested.

Inhuman action by a group of men believed to be of Malaysian Police to the elect-DUN Speaker.

Being the member of PAKATAN sympatizer , I strongly condemn BARISAN NASIONAL for employing dirty politic to wrest Perak from PAKATAN. They used the same tactic in Batang Ai during the just concluded by-election. The police should stop from being the agent for BN government. They should remain positive just like the approach taken by the Malaysian Armed Forces. As for the palace, Sultan of Perak is one of the most intelligence Sultan in the history of Malay Sultanate , I believed that his royal highness will act neutral without being seen or showing his support to any of the coalition be it BN or PAKATAN..DAULAT TUANKU !

As for PM Najib, be a getleman, dissolve Perak's DUN and call for fresh election, let's the rakyat determine who their government is . As for PAKATAN in PERAK...Keep the fighting Spirit on , and...

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Mupok aku..

Barisan Nasional Sarawak: Sarawak For Sale to UMNO -History Repeated

Sarawak is BN "Fixed Deposit" Said Abang Jo

About 35 years ago, 1976 (Tun) Abdul Rahman Yaakub signed an agreement with (Petronas) Kuala Lumpur to give it full authority to undertake oil exploration and in return, SARAWAK was given a 5 % oil royalty annually.The question is where most of Sarawak leaders at that time (inclusive of James Wong) requested for 15% but Chief Minister at that time, (Tun) Abdul Rahman agreed with 5% oil royalty.One must remember that Taib Mahmud, who is a niece of Tun Rahman , in 1965 was dismissed from his post as a Minister of Communications and Works by Datuk Stephen Kalong Ningkan , who was then the Chief Minister of Sarawak. Taib was dismissed for his role to initiate the vote of no confidence against Ningkan but with the help of Federal government Ningkan was overthrown from his Chief Ministrial job and Taib once again made a minister but with more important potfolio as a Development and Forestry Minister.

Many people believed that the 5% agreement was part of Tun Rahman payment to UMNO for the roles that the party played in ousting Iban Chief Minister Datuk Stephen Kalong Ningkan 10 years back.

Yesterday once again the history repeated. Dato Abang Johari Tun Openg announced that Sarawak is a "Fixed Deposit" for Barisan Nasional. Many believed such announcement was made as a payback to Federal government for a role it played during a just concluded Batang Ai by-election. During the election, Federal government had promised to allocate more fund to Batang-Ai. The promised helped BN to win Batang Ai with bigger majority. And last week just before DUN sitting, new Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) Mahyuddin came to Sarawak to deliver the promised......We had been sold to Najib.

Mupok Aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Barisan Nasional The politic Of Doom - Alfred Jabu The Leader that Had Never Fulfilled

Tan Sri Jabu -The Dude of Dayak Politic

Tan Sri Alfred Jabu ak Numpang has been in the politic for more than 35 years, long enough to help the communities out of  its "black era". Unlike his "beloved Chief Minister” who had transformed Melanau into one of the elite community in Sarawak, but he had failed to do so to his community. His approach to tackle Iban backwarness is through critic without  action (or NATO -No Action Talk Only approach). From day one in politic he has been representing the Iban majority area and this can be translated that he has been the leader for Iban community for more than 35 years.

In his speech at the function organised by Rurum Kelabit Sarawak (RKS) he lamented that some of the Ibans , who formed the majority of the dayaks, still spents their time and money in the wasteful habits such as drinking, cock fighting and gamblings which had hindered the community from producing many successful people like the Kelabit did.

I admit that Kelabit with total population of about 6500 is one of the most successful native in Sarawak apart from Melanau. The community has produced few PHD holders, professionals, corporate figures and increased the number of graduates.
Drinking , cockfighting and gamblings (what it anything to do with Toto, Magnum, Big Sweep and Da Ma Cai ) have been blended with our lives . But to blame such habit totally for our backwardness is a fallacy , and I am in the disagreement with Tan Sri Jabu on this. American, Korean, Japanese and the rest of the much developed communities in the world, they do drinking and gambling. Likewise in muslim countries in the middle east, their governments forbid drinking and gambling but it does not make them becoming  the most successful communities in the world.
Therefore the main reason why we are still behind in every aspects compared to the other groups in Sarawak is not because of our social life. The main reason is because we had been MARGINALISED by Barisan Nasional. This can be seen by looking at the basic aminities provided by the government (BN) to the minority groups such as our Bidayuh and Malay friends compared to the one provided to the Iban longhouses. Based on the statistic in year 2004, more than 85% of the Iban longhouses were not linking with roads and about 90% have no electricity. In the past the BN government always gave these two excuses for not linking roads and electricity with the Iban Community :
(1) The longhouses are scattered
(2) Sarawak is bigger compared to the other states in Peninsular thus difficult to develop.
Please do not use those lamb xcuses anymore as we are getting feedup with it.
Other than those two excuses, education such as condition and availabilty of schools also play an important role. To Jabu, do the survey, and find out what is the ratio between Iban population and the number of scools in the Iban majority area. Dont forget to look at the condition of the schools especially their hostels. After more than 35 years serving the Iban communities, do you think you have done enough (Please do not repeat the same bluffs made during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Sarawak Dayak Graduates Association (SDGA) on 21 Feb 2009.
If not than I (and majority of the Iban community) would like to urge you TO STEP DOWN NOW !

Mupok aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sarawak The Land of The Gambling

All of the 4D enthusiasts in Sarawak will have to increase their budget on gambling as Da Ma Cai, a peninsular Malaysia based gambling company had started to open their outlet in Sarawak.With the inception of Da Ma Cai, Sarawak has became the only state in Malaysia that allows 4 gambling companies to operate.

While all the Menteri Besars in Peninsular Malaysia are trying their best to ensure that their rakyat (people) spend their monies wisely, but Jabu's beloved Chief Minister encourage us to spend more monies on gambling.

Is this the type of government or leader that we we are suppose to choose ? Is this the leader of the people ,for the people and by the people that we should continously support ???

Mupok aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Religious Telorance Among Muslim An Acid Test For Najib 1Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR - MALAYSIA needs to enact a law to ban forced conversions, a controversial issue in this mainly Muslim country, rather than just relying on rulings from ministers, according to lawyers for a women fighting custody.
An ethnic Indian Malaysian woman, Indira Gandhi, whose estranged husband embraced Islam and converted their children to the religion, is fighting to get them back. Malaysia's law ministry last week said that it had banned forced conversions, saying the religion of the parents when they married applied to children, but Gandhi's husband has said that civil laws do not apply as the conversions were approved by a sharia court. 'If they (Muslims) do not submit themselves to the civil court, where is the remedy for the non-Muslim? where is the equality in law?,' Ms Gandhi's lawyer, A. Sivanesan, told a press conference.
Islam is the official religion in Malaysia, but non-Muslims are allowed to practice their faiths. Muslims, who make up around 65 per cent of the Southeast country's 27 million population, are bound by Islamic family laws, while civil laws apply to non-Muslims. There has been growing unease among Malaysia's mainly Chinese and Indian ethnic minorities who are mostly Buddhists, Christians and Hindus over numerous complaints of discrimination and unfair treatment by the authorities when seeking legal redress following cases of divorce and religious conversions. The disquiet built up during the case of Lina Joy, a Malay Muslim who converted to Christianity at the age of 26 but was forced to endure a long legal battle to have her conversion legally recognised by the Malaysian courts. Reuters
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