Sunday, April 12, 2009

Use Of The Word Allah - Iban Christians Risk Of Being Put Behind Bar

Will they Be Charged in Court For Using the Word Allah in their Prayer - Defying UMNO Instruction ??
Just like the other christians in this world, Easter Sunday was also celebrated by the christians in Sarawak. As for my family and I, we went to St Stephen Church Kota Samarahan. The church was full with more than 600 people. The services started at 8.30 AM and finished until 10.25AM. Different from St Thomas church , the services was conducted in one session and using Iban language. For more than 100 years, Iban language has been used by the church in Sarawak. Those who attended the church services this morning may be in risk of being charged in court for defying Federal goverment instruction on the use of the word Allah. Malaysia ex-Internal Affair Minister, Hamid Albar had last Month warned the non-muslim particularly the Christian not to use the word Allah in their publications.

Translation that may cause Iban christians
being charged in Court..
Cubbold Commission Report on Religious Matter
In Sarawak, in term of population Iban is the majority group. Prior to formation of Malaysia in 1962, the Cubbold Commission Report indicated that religous matter was one of the issue that was raised by the Iban leaders at that time. They disagreed with the idea that Islam should be made the official religion of the state. They proposed that the people of Sarawak be given the freedom to practice it own religion - fairly treated in term of development, financial support and so on.
The new cabinet that was announced by the new PM recently, Iban will be represented by Douglas Uggah of PBB and whose credibility to fight for the Iban cause is questionable and, another 2 Deputy ministers from PRS who had been in the cabinet for quite sometimes but have no gutts to propose for any idea in order to uplift the education and economic status of the Iban. Where as in the state level , Iban is represented by these useless ministers to name a few : James Jemut Masing, Jabu Numpang and Harden.
Malaysia is the only nation in this world that criminalised the usage of word Allah. All the Iban leaders be it at the state or at the Federal level were not dared to voice up our cause therefore we Iban as long as we go to the church, we will risk of being PUT BEHIND BAR....
As long as we still throw our VOTE to BN candidates in the coming election, our problem will be REMAINED the same..... Think about it as we need to reform.....CHANGE WE NEED...
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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