Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some Land Devt Info Not Divulged-Tengah (Deception Plan By Awang Tengah and Cronies)

Bintulu, 20th April 2009. Awang Tengah when officiating at a two day State Level Land Seminar in Bintulu said that the goverment cannot simply annaunce every detail pertaining to the development of certain areas was because to stop speculations by certain quarters. Comment By Bukit Tunggal (Actual Reason). So that the land owners caught with their pants down thus easier for Awang Tengah and goverment agents like Land Survey and RELA to evict and demolish their houses easily, just like what they did to Rumah Nyawin,..etc.
He further added that the government could not avoid making changes to the state's land implementation and administration policy as it should be in accordance with the prevailing social and economic situation. Comment By Bukit Tunggal. Justification for government action to rob natives of their NCR lands. After this few more natives will be evicted from their longhouses.See what happen to the landless natives in Niah as reported by Dayaknation. In his speech Awang Tengah also said that the opposition failed to use the land issues during the recent by-lection in batang-Ai when they failed to win batang Ai. Comments By Bukit Tunggal. Even though PKR Lost the election in batang Ai but it did not mean that the natives support government land policies. There were so many factors that influenced the just concluded by-election. Some of the reasons that had been identified were corruption, abused of power, Tampering with14 boxes etc.... Among the dayak representatives that attended the seminars were James Masing, Wilson baya Dandot and Micheal Manyin. Comments By Bukit Tunggal. Those are the faces of the Dayak Traitors.Remember their faces..they are no longer belong to the dayak community... To all the dayak, be prepared for the next Wave of land develiopment by Awang Tengah and his cronies. Be prepared to be evicted from your longhouses and become landless on your MOTHERLAND. Until then..Mupok aku.
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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mati meh kitai gasak ka orang BN tu ila kaban.

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