Friday, April 3, 2009

PKR Will Spread it Wings In Sarawak..LD is Lubok Antu/N29

LA...The history repeat again for Lemanak/batang Ai/Lubok Antu!
7th April 2009 is going to be a very important day for all the Iban in Sarawak particularly those who are from LA.
Oral history which has been passing from generation to the generation, about the migration of Iban from kapuas to sarawak hundreds of years. According to the oral history, Iban first came to Sarawak through LA before they spread all over Sarawak to where we are today. On 7th April 2009 the history will repeat again but this time it is more incline to our migration in politic, Yes..we will spread our political strength to the other part of Sarawak through PKR....Jawah is going to be the first dayak leader to use PKR ticket..If we win, just like what our forefather done in the past, PKR will spread it wing to all parts of Sarawak...God willing
Yesterday together with the others PKR supporters from Kuching we went to LA. The main reason was to give morale support to our brothers and sisters in LA and also to listen to the important speech by our leader -DSAI . We were supposed to arrived in LA on time before 8.00pm but due to the condition of LA road without, any street lights (despite Batang Ai hydro capability to supply the electricity to Kuching and Peninsular but its still cannot provide electricity to it own people ).
Those who read this posting by now should realised the that BN had done nothing to develops its people..just imagine after 46 years in Power, it stll could not provide electricity to the people of Sarawak particularly in LA..This coming election you have power to VOTE BN OUT !

Until then .......

Mupok Aku

:Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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