Monday, April 20, 2009

Masind Admits that Dayak are Stupid

Sri Aman, 17 April 2009. When speaking at an Easter dinner organized by PRS Bukit Bangunan division, Masing admitted that Dayak still lack the element of smartness. The antonym of smart is stupid. So in another word James Masing admitted that we , the DAYAK are stupid. I repeat James Masing said dayak are STUPID.

In his speech he said “Politic within the community (Dayak) , particularly the rural areas, is fluid until now because there is lack of smart factor (translated Stupid). And because of that they will listen to instigation and get manipulated by certain individuals”.

100% Agree. This has been proven so many times. Lubok Antu for example, majority of the dayak there realized that they had been cheated by Barisan Nasional especially their land taken from them, empty promised on development , but during the by-election election, BN just need to throw few hundred ringgits to each of the voters, had made them changed their perceptions for 360 degrees and voted for BN.

I am also in the agreement with you Masing Sir,  that we the dayak are stupid , because we can easily got cheated by BN even though majority of the villages heads (Tuai Rumah) know very well that BN leaders are corrupted.

YB Datuk Sir, even if we don’t tell the whole world that dayak  are stupid in politic, our counter parts in Semenanjung /Peninsular had already knew about it especially after 7th April By-election in Batang Ai.
You may need to explain these two observations Made by Us Regarding A Rift in PRS + Jabu :-

Based on our observation, there are two groups in your party PRS. One group is aligned to you and another group aligned to Donald Lawan , a strong supporter of PBB (YB Jabu Numpang).

Please help to explain these two observations :

(1) Why YB Mong was not involved in organizing the Pesta Tapah Pantu to be held from 24th to 26th April 2009?

(2) Why YB Snowdan and YB Masir Kujat were not invited to the Easter Dinner Organised by PRS Bukit Bangunan ?

(3) Can I say that there is a rift between your fiction (Yourself + YB Mong ) and PRS/PBB group ( Jabu, Donald lawan) ? Can I say that PRS is going into Crisis again ?

Until then Mupok aku....
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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