Sunday, April 5, 2009

LA By-Election-Rift Widens Between Two Traitors Of Dayakism ?

Lubok Antu by election could see the rift between two leaders from Barisan Nasional Jemut Masing (PRS President) and Jabu Numpang (PESAKA head) widen. According to one of the volunteer that administers BN Ops room in Lubok Antu, the two leaders have been loggerhead with each other since day one LA by-election being announced by EC. The rift between the two traitors widen due to followings issues:-
(1) Disagreement over BN Candidate for LA By-election. Mussen was not a candidate submitted by Masing to Tok Uban. His name was was submitted by Jabu.
(2) Disagreement over campaign strategy –probably on a way how to explain on NCR land issue.
(3) Not Happy With BN Posters and Banners in LA- Jabu was not happy with BN posters/banners in LA because his photo was not included.
The rift between the two "dayak traitors" has been started since March 2008. According to the another reliable source met, the loggerhead between them started when the list of candidates for March 2008 election submitted by Masing to Tok Uban was rejected and replaced with the list submitted by Jabu. William Nyalau and Masir Kujat were both the PBB members. Their names were proposed by Jabu and Donal Lawan respectively.
Just a matter of time, subsequently as many believe, the rift between the two traitors sure will be exploded…. For all the people of LA, be wised when cast your vote…If you vote for Mussen mean you are supporting these Two traitors of “Dayakism”
Mupok aku
“Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban”

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