Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Construction Of Batang Strap Bridge - Between Reality and A Political Gimmick For Closing Ceremony of Pesta Tapah?

Snowdan during the Closing of Pesta Tapah Pantu.
Where are YB Mong and James Jemut Masing ?

Pantu, Sri Aman, 26th April 2009

YB Snowdan Lawan announced that a bridge crossing batang Strap will be built within this year. According to Snowdan, the allocation for the bridge totaling RM 19 million has been approved. The tender for the project should be opened in middle of this year and the bridge is expected to be completed by next year.

These tapahs, are they from here or elsewhere ?

Pesta Tapah panrtu had been held from 24th April 2009 and ended on 26th April 2009. According to Snowdan, the objective of Pesta Tapah pantu is to attract tourists to this small/cowboy town thus help to provide another avenue of income for the residents of Pantu and it surrounding. The opening ceremony was officiated by Francis Harden whereas Closing by Snowdan himself. PRS President James Jemut Masing and YB Mong the PRS Youth Chief were not seen during the opening and closing ceremony of Pesta Tapah. Some PRS supporters met during the Opening and Closing ceremonies informed that there was a rift between JJM + Mong & Donald Lawan/Jabu .

Where are Masing and Mong ?

With the implementation of SCORE in Nothern part of sarawak , whereby most of the development funds been channeled to Mukah, making it impossible for SNOWDAN to start construct the bridge within this year.
Probably the annauncement made by YB Snowdan during his closing speech was just a gimmick and  meant to make the Closing ceremony more merrier. To the people of Pantu or those who are going to benefit from the bridge dont hope too much , the annauncement could be just an empty promised by BN. But if the construction still proceed to YB SNOWDAN, I SALUTE YOU.....but if the promised is empty, to YB Snowdan and the rest of BN YB, I only have this to say to all of you...
" Stop Acting like an empty can"........

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