Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Masing Flip-Flop "Bacu" Leader dared to Say This

This is the face of a flip-flop dayak leader who at one time I admired so much just like how the people of India admire their great leader Mahatma Gandhi. This perception changed after he failed to protect the interests of the dayak entrusted to him, by supporting Tok Uban and J*abu in the amendment of the Land Code. He also directly involved in the deregisteration of the dayak party PBDS. And today, he dared to condemn the peninsular based party for coming to Sarawak...I am telling you YB Masing the bacu (JJMB), you have no ground to condemn have been given the opportunity and trust to protect the interests of the dayak but you failed. We don't need such a bacu leader like you. We are are looking for a leader that we can trust and not a flip-flop leader like you. At one time we have DDT but you killed his political career and at this moment we only have DSAI or PKR to rely on. So JJMB with the demised of late DU , PRS political grip in LA is considered perished. The people of LA be wised and vote for PKR. Mupok aku "Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

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