Monday, March 30, 2009

PKR Campaign to Wrest Sarawak from Corrupted BN Begun-Part 1

Batang Ai by-election will see a one-on-one fight between (YB) Jawah Gerang of PKR and Mussen from Corrupted BN coalition. The fight was supposed to be a three corner fight when Johnny Chuat, a popular Iban Blogger who hails from N29, 11 hours before the nomination day, had indicated his attention to stand in the by-election , on an independent ticket. But chosed to pull out from the race at the Nomination Centre, and announced his support for PKR.
Johnny withdrawal from the election is not a surprise for all of us especially the younger generation of Iban. We have lost our hope in BN and we want all of these corrupted leaders OUT….WE WANT TO VOTE THEM OUT. To Johnny Chuat, I only have this for you brother...BRAVO!

During the nomination day (27/3/2009) (YB) Jawah Gerang was accompanied by thousand of supporters who came from all parts of Sarawak to show their support to (YB) Jawah Gerang. PKR “Combat Team” was lead by a Charismatic and people leader Tan Sri Khalid who is also Selangor Menteri Besar. Other than Tan Sri Khalid, (YB) Jawah Gerang was also accompanied by YB Gabriel Adit, Dominique Ng and few more leaders from DAP and PAS.

In another camp, Mussen was accompanied by a band of corrupted leaders, such as to name a few Taik Mahmud or Tok Uban, JJMD, the disgraced Chinese leader Georgy, disgrace Kadazan leader Joseph Pairin Kitingan and the Shafie Afdal the federal minister from Sabah who betrayed the people of Sabah by bringing-in UMNO to Sabah.

BN campaign machinery in LA has made a grave mistake by allowing Tok Uban to lead BN team during yesterday nomination day. People of LA, just like the people of Balleh (where JJMB came from) will never forget what has Tok Uban done to them, their NCR lands, their trees, their river , their political survival etc.

Tok Uban the Greed
Tok Uban in the press released made during nomination day confident that BN will retained N29. He added that BN would maintain a “Sarawak Way” of campaigning.
Let me explain the REAL meaning of Sarawak way” of campaign which was said by Tok Uban.

(1) “Instant Noodle” Project
Since the demised of (ex) YB Dublin Unting, BN promised millions worth of project in LA such as (to name a few) the tar sealed road RM12 million –for Batang Ai dam Resettlement Scheme, RM50 million for Lemanak/Ulu Engkari road, ICT project, just no me a few.

(2) Instant Disbursement of MRP
As we read in the local newspaper almost all Iban MP betrayed the people that they representing by diverted their MRP allocations to Batang Ai. The latest news that we got from the newspaper was involving the disgraced PRS youth Chief (who one day will be kick out from PRS by Donald Lawan) who disbursed RM5000 MRP to the people of LA.

(3) Abuse of Power and Corruption By BN Assemblymen
From our relliable sources on the ground, it was informed that all the TRs in N29 had been kidnapped by BN and given RM 1K to be distributed among their people. BN also went further by threaten the TRs that they will lose their RM450 monthly allowance if they don’t vote for BN. As for their people, if they don’t vote BN, they will be deprived of the MRP. The popular MRP projects among the longhouse people are the free building material such as zinc, nail etc, and also the chicken..that why some of the BN YBs in the rural areas of Sarawak sometimes are called YB Manok or literally means Chicken YB.

Money politics is not a new phenomenon in Sarawak. Even J*bu himself during one of the election in the 90’s , a night before the election, the Army Field Intelligence came out with the report that J*bu had lost in almost the longhouses, so this Ball Player politician ,immediately instructed his agents to distribute the RM 50 notes to the voters in their longhouses. This was done discretely after midnight. Well the next day this Ball Player won the election with just simple majority.
Like father like son! is the best word how to describe this politician. Sn*wdan Law*n the MP for Balai Ringin, just like what his father did in the 90's, he also bribed the TRs and their anembiaks to get their vote. The Newspaper dated 23/3/2009 reported that Sn*wdan Law*n treated (or what he called “leaders-meet-the people”) 39 TRs and their anembiak from N29 constituency(representatives) to a dinner in one of a leading hotel in Kuching. Snowdan must have learned this from his father. His father ex-YB Don*ld Law*n in the 90’s during one of the election, bribed the TRs by giving each of them a handphone, and then treated them dinner at his own hotel, the L*ngho*se Hotel.

Instant Noodle Project From Federal Goverment (Federal Goverment Intervention)
On 22nd March 2009, the disgraced Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister, Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad (who had just lost his post in UMNO), launched the Community Drumming Project at Batang Ai jetty . The project was aimed to standardize the patrol and diesel price between the rural and town areas. A good project that will benefit the long houses people particularly in N29, but I doubt government sincerity in launching the project…Project Done in Bad Faith & the main agenda is to buy vote !

That it for today. Next I'll continued with Conspiracy Theory by Rahman and Mahmud on how to bring down the powerful Iban assemblymen.

Until then..Mupok aku

"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Friday, March 27, 2009

Barefaced Liar Masing

The people of Lubok Antu should not/never trust this Bacu Minister from BN. Yesterday he denied the allegations made by DSAI, on the dirty tactic employed by his party (PRS/BN). DSAI earlier accused JJMB given away the "instant Noodle" projects , and also on the letter sent by the Land Survey Department of Sri Aman (Agent for BN) to all the voters in Batang Ai asking for their bank account number ( I srongly believed that PRS/BN inteded to bank in substantial amount of monies to their bank accounts). He arrogantly demanded DSAI to show the proof.
Well JJMB you asked for it ! Today one of the popular blogger Brokenshield had managed to get a copy of supposely letter from the Land Survey Department Sri Aman to all the voters in N29(to be specific) requested for their Account Number. Well Masing the JJMB, the onus is on you to proof that the letter was not true....If you cannot provide the proof that the letter is not have to relenguish your self-appointed BN's Director Of Election post IMMEDIATELY !
The voters in LA should never trust this barefaced liar (means one who displays no shame about lying even if they are exposed ). We have been cheated by this JJMB + barefaced liar for more than 22 years. Get rid of him by throw your support to PKR candidadte (YB) Jawah Gerang.
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pighead Iban Deputy Minister Thanking his Boss in Borneo Post For Nothing

This pigheaded and pokey looking guy minister from the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional , in conjunction with his Boss 28th Anniversary’s as a Chief Minister Of Sarawak, once again trying to impress his master by publish his thank you note in Borneo post.
Being a Sarawakian myself Tok Uban ONLY contributions are : Successfully turn himself and all his family members’ status from an ordinary people (a fisherman) into the most powerful and richest family in Sarawak and for the dayak we had lost our NCR and our right to live comfortably.
People Of LA, think wisely, VOTE FOR PKR
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

PKR Battle Ground-Jawah Gerang Is The Man!

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim (DSAI) yesterday made an announcement that PKR has chosen (YB) Jawah Gerang as it candidate for Batang Ai by-election which will be held by 7th April 2009. Jawah Gerang is not a new face for people of Lubok Antu. Prior to March 2008 election he was the MP for Lubok Antu for five terms. In March 2008 election he was replaced by a stupid Iban politician William Nyallau which most of PRS members believed was a work of PBB senior members behind the scene. Whereas Jawah opponent Malcom Mussen Lamoh from BN contrary to the claimed made by BN's Election Director James Jemut Masing the Bacu (JJMB) which said that he is the most qualified candidate in term of education and experience, but has zero experience in politic. He was plucked from the "street" by JJMB, just like what he did to Lantak Amin during March 2008 election. DSAI has announced the name of the PKR candidate officially therefore its time for both fictions to patch-up the differences with an open arm and to put one’s foot down in order to win the election against the mighty BN. BN is superiority to us in term of financial, Logistic support and the other resources. They started mobilizing all the government agencies and disbursed all the MRP projects and assistance , way before the announcement by EC. I have been informed by the reliable source that Snowdan Lawan a MP for Balai Ringin on 22nd March 2009 had called all the long house heads from Batang Ai for a study trip in Kuching, the state capital of Sarawak. Is this not a corruption or abuse of power? Party member and volunteers on the ground must work extra harder and to strain every nerve to capture Batang Ai from BN so as to end our more than 35 years suffering and humiliating under the BN. To all my brothers and sisters from Lubok Antu, I only have this to say :- PEOPLE OF LUBOK ANTU,
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Iban Leader Join James Jemut Masing the Bacu (JJMB) and Jabu the Passenger and Balls Player (JP&BP) to Condemn Peninsular Based Party

Datuk Francis Harden who is also Assistant Land Development Minister yesterday condemned Peninsular Malaysia based party for competing in the coming Batang Ai by-election. Francis Harden who inherited the Simanggang Parliamentary seat from his father, the late Ex-YB Hollis Tini on SUPP ticket since 1996. Datuk Francis is a low profile Iban politician who seldom talk about the interest of the dayak. The reliable sources said that he is the proxy for SUPP. Yesterday, 22nd Feb 2009, when officiating at a River Cleaning Program for the three long houses under his constituency said :- “The people (Sarawakian) know that only Barisan Nasional can assure Development in the state and country” You and the other Iban crooks in the BN have reminded us and the long house heads enough on the politic of development. Well we all knew that after 35 years under BN rules , over 80% of the long houses in Sarawak are still without basic amenities. Is that what you and the other Iban politicians in BN mean by politic of development. In this posting I am not going to talk about development because the whole Malaysians (except for our poor and illiterate long house heads - as they have been brain-storm by you and the other Iban politicians in BN) know that we are far behind Peninsular Malaysia in term of development. Today I would like to talk about these three important issues that all the BN politicians are alfraid to talk or to share with their supportes in the longhouse as follows:- (1) He (Harden) and the rest of Iban leaders in BN are part of Tok Uban strategy to divide our strength. Just look at the composition of Iban MP and DUN in Sarawak . We count for 30% (8 of 28 seats) MP and 25% (16 of 62 seats)DUN members. Please check your history book and compare the number of constituencies between Iban and Malay ? How many percents different ? What have all the Iban politicians in BN done ? NOTHING. Because they are afraid of Tok Uban. (2) Iban are the highest number among the races in Sarawak that live in poverty line and hardcore poor. According to the data provided by Economic Planning Unit (EPU), the number of Iban living under poverty and hardcore poor household in year 2004 – 10,300 and 1900 respectively ( Poverty line –RM 765 & Hardcore Poor RM 482. What have the politice of development done. Please continue reading on where have all the monies gone to. (3) NCR Land Issues. BN Assemblymen for LA Nyallau said in Borneo Post that NCR should not be surveyed and given the land title (One of the stupid Iban leader in BN) . Did he know that the NCR land is remained a state land even though the code allowed the native to apply for the land title (Section 18(1) of the code ).Of course this will subjected to approval from Tok Uban. Another point that Harden need to explain to the long house heads is on the owner ship of “pemakai menua” and the “reserved virgin forests” within their “pemakai menua” locally referred to as “pulau” . Being the minister himself he should also explain to all the longhouse heads on the court case of Superintendent of Lands and Surveys Bintulu vs Nor ak Nyawai & others [2005] 3 CLJ 555 . How many more NCR land will be affected by this ruling? What have you and the othe dayak leaders done to protect the NCR ? Become an agent for Tok Uban just like what Nyallau told the voters in LA the other day . Continue reading and continue reading here.. YB Datuk Francis Harden , late is better than never and it is still not too late for all of us to change. Like you, majority of Iban members in PKR were a strong supporter of BN in the past. But we changed after realizing that BN is not sincere in helping our people, it is in the nick of time that we , the Iban should follow a correct path by joining PKR.
There are tons of reason why Iban should no longer throw our support to BN. BN is no longer a right platform for us to protect our rights. As for the issue of Peninsular Malaysia party coming to Sarawak, please do not use this point anymore. But if the three of you (the 3 stooges) insist to use the point, first of all Remind your colleague from UMNO to GET OUT from Sabah, otherwise the three of you better KEEP YOUR STINKY MOUTHS SHUT! Mupok Aku “Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban”

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Iban Of Lubok Antu Very Crucial Mission in March-April 2009

To All my Dear Friends in Lubok Antu....Please remember that we the Iban have been suffering for more than 45 years. We must end this pain NOW and when come 7 April 2009 make sure that everyone...orang bujang, indu dara, apai&indai orang serta aki enggau ini we all must vote for PKR. Mupok aku "Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

PRS Man Selected as BN Candidate For Batang Ai

BN meeting held yesterday, unanimously selected Mussen, who is JJMB nominee and a PRS man as a BN candidate for Batang Ai by election.
JJMB who met outside the meeting room revealed the name of the candidate to the reporters. He was so jovial when met by the reportes outside the meeting room but immediately changed his mood upon realised that J*bu the balls player was looking at him from inside the meeting room.
The PBB supporter who was waiting outside the meeting room and who prefer to be remained anonymous informed the writer that Mussen is going to lose the election thus will loss everything such as his senior position in goverment and also the pension just like what happened to one of Masing nominee during last year election.
Well PKR, you know there is a limbo in BN thus is their weakest point or vulnarability. Attack them at their vulnerable point to subdue them as what Sun Tsu said it :-
" Invincibility lies in one's own hands but the enemy's vulnerability is of his own making. Thus, those skilled in war can make themselves invincible but the enemy's vulnerability is provided only by the enemy himself".
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Low Quality Material For Road Signage at Greenwood Park

After waiting for almost 10 years for the road signage, atlast by beginning of March 2009 the people of Greenwood feel relieves as Majlis Perbandaran Kota Samarahan (MPKS) had installed the road signages at their housing estate.
But after merely less than a week , look at the condition of all the road signages now. MPKS should not paying the contractor of the project, or if payment has been made, the matter should be reported to MACC for investigation on corruption.
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Friday, March 13, 2009

Another Flash Flood Hit Greenwood Park

Within Less than 4 days another flash flood hit Greenwood Park located at 91/2 Mile Kuching-Serian Road (where OUM Sarawak Campus is located). This evening flash flood, the water level in some of the areas were believed to be at 3 ft deep compared to about 2ft during previous disaster. The flood was believed to be caused by a poor drainage System in the housing estate. Just like what happened during the first disaster, this evening flood once again the two YBs who are the brother and son of Tok Uban were also nowhere to be seen. According to one of the house owner that badly affected by the flood, after the first flood that hit last Wednesday, they had notified the Majlis Perbandaran Kota Samarahan(MPKS) but until this evening no officer from the council had came to investigate or Sympathized with their hardship. When asked whether the two YBs had visited their houses after the first flood, "they only showed their face during the election" that how he described those two YBs to the writer.
So far no casualties have been reported due to the flood in the housing estate but this record may change in the future if relevant parties do not take appropriate action to mitigate the flash flood as the level of the water keep increasing from occurrence to another
To all the residents of Greenwood Park, especially those affected by the floods, next election lets show them the way out by VOTE for PKR.
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Try To Champion Iban Cause and Very Arrogance

You dont mislead all the Tuai Rumah's with your short sighted opinion. Iban is known for our hospitality towards our guest. Our forefather taught us that we ought to treat our guest with hospitality and full hearted regardless of their origin or background for example our guests from Peninsular Malaysia or any other part of the world. Will you say what you said in the news today to your corrupted boss from UMNO ? You and JJMB are the same..always manipulated Iban custom to stop people(when they are not BN) from coming to the long house. All this while you have misled the Iban to vote for BN. But the trusts that we had given to you and JJMB have cost us of our NCR land....Go to Hell with JJMB and your arrogance attitude. To all the voters from LA....remember to vote for PKR candidate. Mupok aku..... "Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Flashflood In Greenwood Park-Behind Open University Malaysia Regional Campus Sarawak

Flashflood occurred again in Greenwood Park. According to one of the house owner whose house was badly affected by the flood, this evening flashflood is not the first one that had occurred in the housing estate. Few complaints had been made to Majlis Kota Samarahan but fall on deaf ears and no action had been taken by the council so far. When asked about the response from both the members of MP and DUN for P197 Kota Samarahan and N15 Muara Tuang about their complaints , another house owner said that both nephew and uncle (Who are also Tok Uban son and brother) never bother to visit them or responding to their plights.
For Tok Uban, Sarawak is his Kingdom, he can do whatever he wanted to do. Just look at the member of MP and DUN for Kota Samarahan and Muara Tuang..both conquered by his family members.
Next election we must make sure that out Constituencies, both Parliament and DUN do not fall to Tok Uban kingdom by VOTE for PKR...
Mupok aku
"Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"

Masing Flip-Flop "Bacu" Leader dared to Say This

This is the face of a flip-flop dayak leader who at one time I admired so much just like how the people of India admire their great leader Mahatma Gandhi. This perception changed after he failed to protect the interests of the dayak entrusted to him, by supporting Tok Uban and J*abu in the amendment of the Land Code. He also directly involved in the deregisteration of the dayak party PBDS. And today, he dared to condemn the peninsular based party for coming to Sarawak...I am telling you YB Masing the bacu (JJMB), you have no ground to condemn have been given the opportunity and trust to protect the interests of the dayak but you failed. We don't need such a bacu leader like you. We are are looking for a leader that we can trust and not a flip-flop leader like you. At one time we have DDT but you killed his political career and at this moment we only have DSAI or PKR to rely on. So JJMB with the demised of late DU , PRS political grip in LA is considered perished. The people of LA be wised and vote for PKR. Mupok aku "Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban"
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